This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Repoview showing a directory in an SVN repository.

A repository viewer for Drupal, building on the Version Control API. This builds on the unstable, unreleased 2.x branch of Version Control API, so it will break in horrible ways and eat your children. (Won't be backported to Version Control API 1.x because the API doesn't support this functionality there. In fact, I'm building up the required functionality in tandem with this module, don't even think about a backport.)

Repoview only works with VCS backends supporting direct repository access, which are (at the time of writing) the CVS and Subversion backends. Oh, and have I mentioned that the functionality is currently pretty incomplete and not usable for the public? No? Ok, then that's sorted out now. Don't download this (yet) unless you want to help with development - which would in fact be highly appreciated.


  • VCS independent
  • Directory contents view
  • Text file view
  • Downloads for binary files

Not (yet?) implemented: sticky dates/branches/tags/revisions, image file display, diffs, more and better organized links to various file views, history logs for a file or directory items (will be done by the Commit Log module anyways), and whatever other advanced features you can think of.

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