This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Releasemonitor is a Site Administrator Module that assists with keeping contributed modules up to date and summarizing their upgrade availability. The Release Monitor reads the current version information of enabled contributed modules from the file if they are available, from CVS/Tag and the CVS $Id$ string. Using cron, it gets the current version information to determine if there are minor or major upgrades available. The Monitor displays this information on a single page and creates watchdog events when an upgrade is available. To make downloading easier, it gives links to the Drupal project page, and the CVS repositories (if appropriate).

Given that update_status is in 6.x core, the cvs_deploy has been release, and I am overwhelmed with other work, I am discontinuing all support for releasemonitor. I do believe that releasemonitor has the potential to offer something a little better and different than update status, but I simply don't have the time to do it. Please do not create any issues for this module, they will be ignored and not appreciated.

The monitor currently gets version information from, but future versions whould get this information from the project.module. The monitor pulls module information once per day, although this is a configurable option.

To quickly determine your contrib module upgrade availability for the next major release, install this module on your current site and check the warnings at the top of the page. If most/all of your contrib modules are available, then it's time to upgrade your site using the handy download links!


Copy the module to your module directory and then enable on the admin modules page. View the release status at admin/releases.


  • get information from project.module instead of; see
  • add email option to notify system administrator when new versions are available
  • add support for themes

This module is partially supported by CivicActions.

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