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RelatedContent in action

RelatedContent enables site maintainers to easily select on a per-node basis what nodes should be displayed along with it. Nodes that are available for selection are provided by one or more views, provided by the Views module. How the nodes are displayed is configurable, as well as themeable. The module also provide a small but powerful API for advanced users.

Some examples of what can be accomplished with the module:

  • The module can be used to embed into a node's body the teasers or bodies of nodes with related content.
  • In conjunction with the Simplenews module, RelatedContent can be used to compile newsletters out of already existing nodes.
  • Using its API, the module can made to display a block with content related to the node currently being viewed.

Read more about the RelatedContent module in the handbook.

RelatedContent was developed by Thomas Barregren. The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting, installation and development. The development of this module has been sponsored by

RelatedContent was ported to Drupal 6 by Peter Boeren. In comparison to the D5 version, this one supports a simple block that shows the related content. For feedback report an issue .

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