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~ In living, loving memory: ~

Related Content will make it so easy to relate two pieces of content on a site that people who have never participated on a website before will make connections between information, ideas, or actions that make a positive difference for everyone in the community (and maybe even change the way we think or act).

Planned features:

  • Connect this content:
    • to an item I just saw (if a history tracking module is enabled)
    • to an item on my favorites list (if a favorites module is enabled)
    • to an item of content matching the keyword(s) [___________________]
    • or, put this item in my basket (I know I'll find what I want to connect it to soon enough)
  • Related Content will by default be shown in the upper left-hand corner of any node that has been connected to at least one other node. It's useful for people to expect a given placement, but this can be configured to display in a block instead.
  • A relate-and-tag submodule (add a taxonomy term to both pieces of content while connecting them).

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