The Registration Validation module allows site administrators to configure custom validation rules for the user registration form.

Why would we need this? There are plenty of modules available to thwart spam bots from successfully registering an account on Drupal website installations, but human spammers are a breed of their own. This module was created to add additional validation rules for the most commonly known human spammers.

Installation and configuration

  1. Install and enable as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.
  2. Visit admin/config/people/registration-validation to configure module.
  3. Enter the e-mail domains you would like to blacklist in the "Blacklisted e-mail domains" textarea, one domain per line.
  4. Enter the usernames or strings in usernames you would like to blacklist in the "Blacklisted username strings" textarea, one string per line.

That's it! PERL style pattern matching is used to determine if the e-mail domain or username is blacklisted, the same way Drupal matches patterns in core modules. An example is matching paths blocks are visible on.

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