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Refine by taxonomy is another taxonomy browsing mechanism.

It is best explained with an example. Say you have five posts all of which are tagged (have taxonomy terms):

  • Cara Pils tincan, beer, cheap
  • Duvel bottle, beer, expensive
  • Water cheap
  • Wine bottle, expensive
  • Coffee mug, cheap

Lets assume someone looks at a list of all items tagged 'cheap' (this is built-in Drupal functionality and not offered by this module). She would see the posts:

  • Cara Pils
  • Water
  • Coffee

Refine by taxonomy will offer a sideblock now, that presents common tags, to refine your list. In our example we would see "refine" links for:

  • beer (would show her all "cheap beer")
  • mug (would show her all "cheap drinks in mugs")

A refine link lives in a sideblock. There is a sideblock for each vocabulary. A link, in a sideblock, is nothing more then a link to a page which has better filtered posts.

There are loads of options and tweakings possible, one is to change way they filter (OR or AND), one, is the way they look up relations (above example is 'through nodes', but it is possible to set relations in the taxonomy interface) and it is possible to relate through hierarchy (refine blocks will show children).

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