Integration with Reepay .

This module provides building blocks for building integrating with Reepays API. You only need this module if you want to build your own integration and use this modules building blocks or if another module depends on it.

The building blocks

  • A "Reepay Token" field type. The field type will expand into the following input fields:
    • Card number
    • Month
    • Year
    • CVV

    Input in these fields will be converted to a Reepay Token prior to submission.

  • Backend configuration of:
    • Reepay Public API token
    • Reepay Private API token
    • Reepay API URL (defaults to
  • Helper function to get a configured and ready to use API class from the Reepay PHP library:
    $api = reepay_get_api_client('Subscription');


The module depends on the Variable and Librarie API modules.

You must download the Reepay PHP library from and place it in a folder named reepay in the libraries folder.

You can download and place the script with drush reepay-download-libraries.

If you build your site with drush make and add the Reepay module to your make file the script is downloaded when you run drush make.

The module maintainer is not affiliated with Reepay.

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