Download redhen-7.x-1.13.tar.gztar.gz 132.85 KB
MD5: 9f4f8731166ab943f450051d03dffaf6
SHA-1: f5203074c6e52459a23aad647add8fa1eb2b1884
SHA-256: 5ff9893b0f9bcf3e649e40c0f4a6691a8311876013e4e584c3bb19710a0a26b3
Download redhen-7.x-1.13.zipzip 182.46 KB
MD5: e972873ff133181270599df15c331195
SHA-1: 5008ed9c4e566d8cc3a894b20203fe0afec5ab46
SHA-256: 1f8f2589ab4b773ef573fc21e1259316adbd978fbcf0814f2f8935b7cb84a3a8

Release info

Created by: gcb
Created on: 31 Dec 2016 at 00:11 UTC
Last updated: 31 Dec 2016 at 00:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

This release is primarily a bugfix release, especially around some of the installation & upgrade behaviors, with some minor feature additions. One significant change concerns the Redhen Registration module, which now requires that you use the 2.x branch of the Registration module (currently in Beta). Converting from the 1.x branch to the 2.x branch of Registration requires some work, so proceed with caution if you need to make this upgrade.

Changes since 7.x-1.12:

  • #2685601 by alez.k: Missing a check on empty email on redhen_contact_user_registration_validate
  • #2748257: Make redhen contact info block translatable. Remove Bundle from label.
  • #2767963: Uninstallation of RedHen relation raise error
  • #2777887: PHP Error Redhen and Relations - Undefined offset: 0
  • #2832526: Refactor redhen_relation_update_7101 to preserve role data.
  • Misc coding style.
  • #2767965: Fix redhen_note uninstall behaviors.
  • Coding style fixes.
  • Coding style.
  • #1794948 by asherry, jhoffmcd: RedHen Orgs and field_group support
  • #2682481 by rsmylski: Fatal error (WSOD) after upgraded to a latest dev release (2016-feb-27))
  • #2834335 by chertzog: Missing permission in new Role admin UI
  • Assert correct version of registration module for redhen_registration.
  • #2815267 by wxactly: RedHen Registration compatibility with Registration 2.x
  • Refactor relation form logic. Updates #2428227.
  • #1688588: Additional display handler options for email field
  • #2662294 by nikunjkotecha: Redhen relation patch still showing errors on $relation_types
  • #2806759 by dbt102, krina.addweb: Add_redhen_help
  • Don't insist on redirecting to contact when using redhen_contact_contact_form_submit.
  • Add option to auto-delete connected users when a contact is deleted.


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