Exposes Recurly API objects as Drupal entities.

Recurly is a platform for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. This module lets Fields be attached to Recurly objects. The Recurly API doesn't have any mechanism for storing custom data, so to extend a Recurly object it must reference data in your Drupal database.

Currently supported entities include:

  • Subscription Plans
  • Subscriptions

Under development:

  • Coupons

Not needed:

  • Accounts; the base Recurly module lets you map accounts to any entity type including a user.

For example, using this module it's possible to add a text description to Subscription Plans, or to list Recurly objects in Views, or to use entity reference fields to associate Recurly data with multiple Drupal entities.

As well, this module provides a common API for loading Recurly objects either from the local cache or from Recurly directly.


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