This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module creates 'recent content' blocks, similar to the ones provided by tracker module and comment module, but better ;)

It works only for node-types. You start with one block and can add new block on the fly, with one click.

This module is very simple and small, if you need anything more sophisticated you might want to check Views module.

This module is now being maintained. I will be focusing on 5.x but can set up a 4.7 site for testing patches if needed. There's also a 6.x version in the works.

Each block displays 'recent content' in the form of a list, and can be configured:

  • block title to display
  • which node types are considered (forum, page, books etc)
  • whether consider comments (replies) or not
  • how many items to display
  • what elements to display (title, date, replies)
  • custom link
  • sort by what
  • [common block options] on which pages display the block, etc

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