This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a simple module that allows you to change the order and titles of the child pages of the node you are currently on. It does this by providing a link to a page similar to the 'Edit order and titles' page for books, except that it has only the child pages of the current node.

This module has now been merged into the Outline Designer module. That module has features that were complementary to this one, so to reduce module clutter it was agreed to include this modules's functionality as a subset of Outline Designer features. For any future development, please refer all issues to the Outline Designer issue queue.

Note: you can also generate rearrange pages using the book handler for the Draggable Views module. The Rearrange Child Pages module used Drupal's native book handling and looks like Drupal's standard rearrange page, which means that you can edit multiple titles on the fly. On the other hand, you can add whatever fields you want to the draggable view, including a link to the rearrange pages of child nodes.

Module developed by Vasudeva Server and first used on the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team website.

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