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The RDF SPARQL Proxy module allows to instantiate RDF resources on demand (lazy loading) via SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries. Site administrators can define profiles which specify the mapping rules of the remote data schema to the local Drupal RDF schema defined by the RDF API and RDF CCK. When visiting a node, it is synchronized with the RDF endpoint where the data originates from. Although this module can also act as an import module, it performs more than a regular import as it is able to keep track of the source of the data. An example use case is the ability to instantiate lists of publications from the DBLP SPARQL endpoint.

By leveraging the capabilities of RDF, this module will be able to instantiate complex structured data (graph) allowing for mass import of heterogeneous instances and their relationship. One query could instantiate all the pubs located in Paris with their address, picture, beers available, owner; this would create a node for each pub and each owner, and link the relevant pub nodes to their owner nodes via CCK Node references.

In the longer term, this module opens the door of distributed RDF update where the data can be pushed back towards the endpoint it comes from. (with required policies and appropriate version control).

Note the module is still unstable and its API can change with prior notice. It should only be used by experienced users until a more stable version is released.

Development has been sponsored by the Initiative in Innovative Computing at Harvard University, the Massachusetts General Hospital and DERI Galway.

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