This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Q-Views is currently in Alpha and has a couple of security flaws that need to be sorted out before being released as beta. Note that Alpha releases should never be used on production sites. Please also note this module has multiple critical security flaws.

Query-Based Views (Q-Views) provides the Views-like functionality of generating reports or content feeds, but starts the process with a raw SQL query. In Views, the query is constructed through setting up configuration, but in Q-Views you supply the query directly. This can be a more rapid, reasonable solution in some situations. Q-Views is very AJAX-y by default, with ajax-based pagination and searching, which also means rapid browsing through data. Views is much more mature, so it's encouraged that you use Views when you can, but Q-Views can provide a lot of functionality with low configuration overhead when you would normally build a feed or report outside of Views.

The Q-Views functionality shortlist

  • Create ajax-refreshed, sortable, searchable tables without any coding
  • Display data in a table, as a grid, or supply your own simple code to create another kind of list.
  • Build reports based on any data in the database
  • Edit data in-line without any page refreshing
  • Customize any aspect of the feed with simple CSS and themeing functions
  • A feed can produce any number of blocks. Pass varying arguments to the different blocks to produce varying lists of content.
  • Each feed can have it's own custom URL and get added to the menu system
  • Use static pagination instead of ajax-based for search engine friendliness
  • Modules can hook into Q-Views to supply administrative or front-end feeds. These feeds can then be edited by users to include additional data or themeing. If the feeds get's mangled, there is a built in restore function.
  • Import / export feeds for easy addition to a module installation or to create backups.
  • Add filters to help users find the data they want fast. Types of filters include date, checkbox, select and text, and several kinds of operators, including a range.
  • One easy-to-use form for editing / creating feeds.
  • Advanced tools are available for creating custom columns or content themeing.

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