This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Security: This module is considered insecure by Drupal security team and all of it's releases have been unpublished. You are strongly encouraged to disable the module on your site.

Quota by role is a module that confines certain roles to defined quotas by content type.

For example, if a user belongs to the "marketing" role, you can limit that role to 5 new story/page per day, but unlimited comments and images. Should the user exceed that limit, they will be denied on their 6th attempt, until a day has passed, at which time the quote will be reset.

Should a user belong to more than one role, the roles will be evaluated using a weight system, and then the most restrictive quota will be used to check for content creation limits.

You can also override the module default, by specifying your own error message. The module will then redirect the user to the error message page, instead of showing the module error message on the page the user is attempting to create the content on.

The module also shows any quotas the user has applied to them on their My Accounts page, and show how may posts per content type is left.

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