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Publishing information

The publish module allows you to create channels which other Drupal sites may subscribe to using the subscribe module. Both push and pull publishing models are supported. Communication between the publishing and subscribing sites is accomplished via XML-RPC.

Version 6 of this module uses Views for the creation of channels and is under heavy development. Testing and feedback are welcome.

D6 features:

  • Key based security modeled after the services module.
  • Flexible filtering of nodes using Views.
  • Subscribers can further refine the selection of nodes using exposed filters.
  • Propagation of the deletion of nodes from publisher to subscribers.
  • Easy 3rd party integration via module specific hooks.
  • Supports transferring of files uploaded with the Upload module.
  • Works with CCK (Text, Number, Node reference etc). User reference is unsupported.
  • Can add older nodes matching the channel to a new subscriber.

Work in progress / planned features / caveats:

  • Filefield support.
  • Better validation of forms.
  • Better taxonomy handling.
  • Documentation.

The development of the D6 branch is sponsored by

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