This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Public Bookings allows registered and unregistered users to book predefined resources. These booking requests can then be approved, rejected, or modified by an admin, with notifications to the user.

Available and unavailable dates and times can be specified for each resource.

Requires the Bookings API module, the Date API (and its submodule Date Repeat API) and Views. Use the corresponding Bookings API release! Never ever mix DEV and STABLE between those two modules (e.g. dev from API, alpha from Public or vice vesa).

This module will undergo a major rewrite (using node-based resources instead of the currently used custom ones) - please feel free to state whatever wishes, ideas or needs you have!

The new release 6.x-3.x is unstable.. The 3.x-ALPHA-release should be okay.

If you like testing new software - feel free to test the dev-release. But be aware: ANY release of this might break all functionality or delete all your data. Anything might change in between two commits.

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