Provision CiviCRM is an Aegir module to automatically manage Drupal instances with CiviCRM, a constituent relationship management (CRM) solution geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations.

Main features

  • Automate the installation of new CiviCRM/Drupal instances,
  • Easy interface to backup & restore the instance (database and files),
  • Upgrade or clone instances (including upgrading CiviCRM itself), perfect for automating maintenance upgrades, testing on dev sites, etc.
  • Supports localized installations in other languages, based on the Drupal core language.


  • Required: hosting_civicrm module for the Aegir front-end. This manages the CiviCRM cron and other features.
  • Required: Provision/Aegir >= 2.x, Drush >= 5.x
  • Recommended: CiviCRM >= 4.2 (although it should work with older versions, up to 3.3.5);
  • Supports Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 (Drupal 8 will be supported)


  • Install a copy of the code of provision_civicrm in your /var/aegir/.drush/ directory
  • In Aegir, create a platform with CiviCRM located in sites/all/modules/ (or in an install profile)
  • In Aegir, add the platform inside Aegir (Node -> add -> platform)

When new sites are created in the platform, provision_civicrm will detect that CiviCRM is available and will automatically install it.

The hosting_civicrm_cron module, part of hosting_civicrm, will take care of running crons.



For more documentation, see:

The README.txt may also have more information.


Please use the issue queue and report with as much detail as possible, including the Drupal/CiviCRM/Aegir/drush version. If possible, include a full listing of the task run.

Test with the latest git version before reporting an issue. The latest git 6.x-2.x branch is usually stable.

Automatic functional testing is being worked on in the vagrant_scripts_aegir_civicrm project.

For commercial hosting, support and development, see the supporting organisations below.

Known issues in provision_civicrm 6.x-2.x that we do not plan on providing a work-around

See the issues queue for other unresolved issues.

Financial support

This project is made possible thanks to the people and organisations using it. Supporting a wide range of versions of CiviCRM, drush, Aegir, BOA, etc, is a lot of work. Please consider supporting the project if possible by contacting one of the supporting organisations, or send the project maintainer a beer.

Supporting organizations: 
Lead development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support

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