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Alquiler de Barcos en Ibiza

¿Por qué el precio es tan importante al alquilar un barco?

Si tienes pensado alquilar un barco, habrá algunas cosas que deberás tomar en cuenta, por ejemplo, el precio el cual es un factor determinante a la hora de elegir a la compañía que nos alquilará el barco para navegar.

A lo largo de este artículo, y de otros más, tomaremos los puntos más críticos en cuanto a la toma de decisiones del alquiler de un barco o cualquier embarcación por lo que tomaremos en primer lugar al precio el cual será algo bastante determinante en la decisión del alquiler.


React theme for Drupal 8

React Admin

Drupal Admin in client side ReactJs.


Drupal Theme for building applications

Designed and implemented by Metadrop.net

Blue Citron Theme

BlueCitron Screen Shot

Blue Citron actually provides two themes, one fixed width and one fluid width. I always build themes like this so that you can use the fluid width version for the admin areas of the site.

It also changes the CSS for the Jquerymenu module a little to make the theme match (if you happen to be using that module).

I can be contacted for customizations of this theme or for other projects through my contact form or at www.PixelClever.com.

PS: This theme is for Drupal 6 only and will not be backported.

Riebel Theme

Main Title

This is my first theme for Drupal which I started in early 2008 and are still working on it. It was developed for a social community site which is currently offline.

Main Features:
- many new block regions
- web 2.0 design
- three columns layout.
- tabs in the header
- an always visible taskbar
- using theme settings in admin panel to enable/disable theme features easylie

Upcoming Features / todo:
- customizable via color module (currently only the header is changeable)
- rounded corners via css instead of images

Kiwi Tree

Kiwi tree is a smart Drupal theme, that implements the OnePage layout concept.

This theme is suitable for:

- Corporate websites with simple content.
- Startups who need to display their portfolio.
- Websites that have separate sections that are chronologically connected.
- Designers who have a series of ideas or contexts in the look and feel.
- Individuals who would like to have a twitter-like home page.

Kiwi tree is a very powerful theme, that can be used as both OnePage theme and regular Drupal theme.

Bones Theme

A Drupal 8 theme with all the bells & whistles, without the fluff. We've kept the codebase as slim as possible to help you get your custom theme up and running as quickly as possible. This theme has been developed by Xequals for the Drupal community.


Bootstrap Administration Theme

This is the start of a Drupal 7 Bootstrap built admin theme, created to work best with the new Navbar Module.

The theme is still been actively worked on and is not production ready. Please feel free to download and test it out, feedback is welcome. If you'd like to get involved please get in touch.


The bridge theme contains a sane set of default templates for starting a new project.



Hops screenshot

A Drupal 8 starter theme focused on fast coding with sass and gulp.
It provide the proper structure to follow Drupal guidelines on css architecture using the SMACSS system.

It encourages BEM methodology for a reusable component-based approach.

Hops is coupled with Fractal to provide themers an interface for styleguide driven development.

Contacts Admin Theme

This is an admin theme for the dashboard pages provided by the contacts module.


Starlight is a ready to use theme. It has a flexible design suitable for use on a variety of sites.

Vision includes:

Login Code OTP

The Login Code OTP, module provides an additional layer of security to authenticated user. This module will sent Login OTP on Email address or Mobile Number. This module will create the mobile number fields during the installation.

What you can configure from module settings:-
1. Provide the interface where admin can configure Login OTP authentication based on user roles.
2. Send OTP on email address or mobile number.
3. Enable or disable Login OTP to Domain URL.
4. Configure OTP SMS & OTP Mail template.