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VSC Whitelight


White Light / White Heat. For the Rock-n-Roll Animal in all of us. This is the negative of Dark Matter.

MUI - Material Design CSS Framework

Drupal 8 base theme with MUI CSS framework.
MUI is a lightweight CSS framework that follows Google's Material Design guidelines.

Under active development

gorros de navidad

Conoce el origen de los gorros de navidad

Muchas veces desconocemos el origen de las cosas que usamos comúnmente, ya sea por temporada o en un día común, por lo que conocer un poco de su historia nos permite entender de mejor manera su significado en algunos casos comprender cuáles serán sus cambios en el futuro no muy lejano.


Drupal 8 theme

DEMO: http://dev-zetagraph.pantheonsite.io

monoset theme

The theme uses mobile-first, responsive approach and encourages component-based theming through the creation of well-structured sass partials and reusable UI elements.

Canvas Admin

Canvas Admin is a Bootstrap admin theme for Drupal 8. At present this is a very basic theme and is in active development.

Canvas Starter Kit

This is a starter theme for the Canvas Drupal install distribution.

Drupal Application Theme

DrupalApp is a Drupal 7 theme developed to be used for web-based software based on Drupal CMS. It is primarily developed for Lumos Children Protection Institute in the UK and it is released with some modifications. The zip contains a README.txt file with instructions about the theme.

Milligram - Minimalist CSS Framework

Milligram is a minimalist CSS framework. This base theme acts as a link between your theme, the Milligram Framework and Drupal 8.


Drupal 8 admin theme that goes to 11

Development is done over at github https://github.com/thememachine/eleven

Nature 3d

Nature 3d theme is in Drupal 8 And the theme inherit feature from classy theme (Base theme) .


Minimum theme for drupal admin


Adminic Theme

Adminic Drupal 8 administration theme.

Young Blog

A Blog theme for Drupal 8

Dance Template

Dance 2.0 screenshot

21/06/2010 - Updated the project, the previous version was not uploaded correctly

Dance template is a simple Drupal Theme with two regions (header, sidebar and content). It has been optimized for a minimum resolution of 1024x768. and it is easily customizable from the CSS.

You can see it in action on the demo website.

Author Home Page


Es barato y fácil. De hecho, con un poco de práctica y esfuerzo, puede viajar de forma gratuita.

La idea de que los viajes son caros y difíciles es una tontería vendida por compañías de turismo, cadenas hoteleras y medios corporativos. La industria del turismo quiere que compre paquetes de cruceros y que se aloje en resorts con todo incluido. Ellos quieren que usted elija una experiencia de viaje del mundo de la misma manera que usted elegiría una chaqueta nueva en el centro comercial. Quieren su número de tarjeta de crédito.


erp theme

To fully utilise the drupal release system, themes must be a seperate project.

This theme goes with the drupalerp installation profile - which packages up the erp module and associated other modules that erp uses.

This theme is only designed for use with erp, not as a general site theme. It was based originally on bluemarine.

Bootstrap Plus

Bootstrap Plus theme is a sub theme of Bootstrap. It extends the core theme by adding the following:-

  1. Fully accessible and responsive front page slideshow
  2. A total of 15 regions
  3. WCAG complaint markup


How to


An opinionated admin user experience for Drupal 8+


Grid based base theme with prototyping options.


Blog theme is one designed for the professional bloggers who need to create a simple and light weight blog site.
To Do
More details to be added.