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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


Gordon warm theme

Gordon is a three column, tableless layout theme sponosored by Premium CMS Themes.


Lava Drupal Theme

Lava theme is designed and developed by Drupar.com

Lava is very light weight but very powerful and professional Drupal theme with modern look and feel. This theme is perfect for Business websites, Corporate websites, Portfolio, Personal / Blog websites.


A simple theme that incorporates the best of HTML5 and CSS3 to give a great user experience. Uses CSS animations, transitions, transforms, and other juicy properties that should be utilized on every site.

This theme is not for the likes of IE8 and below. Thank you Drupal 8.

  • CSS coded with SASS/Compass
  • No bloated grid libraries
  • 100% responsive with built in minor breakpoints
  • Full screen
  • UI for uploading videos in the header

To Do

Showcase Lite

Showcase Lite, free Drupal 8 theme by More than Themes

Showcase Lite is a free mobile-first, Bootstrap 3 based theme for Drupal 8, based on our popular Premium Showcase+ theme distribution, which helps you create great looking business and product/service portfolio sites.

Showcase Lite is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to make top quality themes available for Drupal 8.


Web solution for hospitality companies using Drupal theme


Hotel, a Nucleus based Drupal theme, is best suited for any company in the hospitality services.

With 3 subtle color to customize (brown, red, light orange), Hotel create 3 different style (cozy, romantic, bright), which user can change to fit which style their site want to create an impression on customers


Drupal 7, Nucleus basetheme

Recommended modules


Typebased - modern recolorable blog theme.


Theme features:

  • 8 predefined color schemes
  • 6 regions: header menu, content, sidebar, footer menu, footer first column, footer second column
  • Extensive stylings for all core modules: blocks, nodes, forums, books, profiles, etc.
  • Supported standard theme features: logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in comments
  • Drop-down menu with unlimited number of submenus
  • Configurable layout width (new in Drupal 7)
  • Configurable base font size (new in Drupal 7)
  • Tested on Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4, Opera 10.10, and IE8
  • Strictly follows Drupal coding standards


FortyTwo - Administration theme

Content overview

FortyTwo Administration theme is a well balanced Drupal 8 admin theme, designed with the content editor in mind, making Drupal an attractive option for users and editors.

Gratuitous use of whitespace, clean icons and consistent design make the FortyTwo Administration theme a perfect choice for novel and experienced users.

Combined with the companion module FortyTwo - Administration toolbar it greatly enhances the editing experience.


This is a Drupal implementation of one of the most recognizable WordPress themes: Tarski.


Theme features:

  • Simple and clean design
  • Extensive stylings for all core modules: blocks, nodes, forums, books, profiles, etc.
  • Supported standard theme features: site name, site slogan, user pictures in posts, user pictures in comments, shortcut icon
  • Drop-down menu with unlimited number of submenus
  • 11 regions: header menu, content, content top, content bottom, first sidebar, second sidebar, footer menu and 4 footer columns
  • 1-, 2- or 3-column layout with flexible width
  • Sidebars and footer columns automatically collapse if there are no blocks assigned
  • Configurable position of each sidebar
  • Configurable layout width
  • Configurable base font size
  • 6 header images to choose from
  • Can be used as a full-fledged admin theme, also inside overlay
  • BiDi/RTL support (tested with Arabic and Hebrew scripts)
  • Print stylesheet
  • Tested on Chrome 4, Firefox 3.6, IE8, IE7, Opera 10, Opera Mobile and Fennec



    Update: Development has resumed with new co-maintainers! Stay tuned for new releases!

    Zentropy is a flexible, highly-optimized and Responsive HTML5 Base Theme which attempts to bring the best of a couple worlds together:

    Sales Zymphonies Theme

    Sales Zymphonies Theme

    Sales Zymphonies Theme is a free Drupal responsive theme with modern and clean design. It has custom slider with advanced theme settings option. it is fully responsive and retina ready. This theme design suit for any kind of business or corporate websites.

    Live Demo Advanced Themes

    MD Minimal

    MD Minimal preview

    General description

    MD Minimal Drupal Theme by MegaDrupal. This is free minimal theme for Drupal.


    • Cross-browser tested in IE7+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome
    • You can change logo, favicon, title, add Google Analytics code, custom CSS in theme setting page

    Open Omega

    An Omega Subtheme for OpenPublic.



    Havasu is a clean, bright theme for Drupal 7 that includes a built-in jQuery image slideshow.

    Havasu demo site


    • A CSS-based, tableless theme
    • Built-in image slideshow
    • 1, 2 or 3 column layout
    • Footer with 3 regions
    • Supports custom logo and favicon
    • Tested for compatibility in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 7+

    Navin Theme

    Navin Theme Screenshot

    Navin is the default theme included with the Open Enterprise distribution. It is a sub-theme of and requires the latest recommended release of Omega 7.x. Navin features an overall clean design and a simplistic approach for displaying a modern site. Like with any theme change, you may be required to reposition blocks according to the additional regions provided by Navin.

    Issue Queue

    Navin is included by default with the releases of Open Enterprise 7.x-1.0-beta7 and above. It is currently in beta stages for test purposes. It is highly recommended that any issues found with Navin be put in this issue queue.


    See: #1604730-18: Best Practice Question: Should I sub-theme Navin?


    LevelTen Interactive

    Fusion Prosper

    Fusion Prosper Screenshot

    Fusion Prosper is under new management and under active development!

    Fusion Prosper, formerly known as Acquia Prosper, is a sub-theme of Fusion.


    Tapestry Screenshot

    Tapestry is a theme for Drupal versions 5, 6 and (new)7, Drupal 5 and 6 version was created by RoopleTheme. Tapestry provides Drupal users with many advanced features including:

    • 20 Different Color Styles
    • 30 User Regions
    • Custom Block Theme Templates
    • Suckerfish Menus
    • Icon Support
    • Advanced Page Layout Options
    • Simple Configuration
    • Custom Typography
    • IE PNG Fix (only Drupal 6 Version)

    Tapestry 2.x is completely revised, it is now fully compatible with Drupal7.

    some things has been changed and improved.

    • removed the icons which are released under Creative Commons
    • added "GNU" icons
    • removed icons-ie6.css

    for use the Custom Block Theme Templats you need Block Theme module

    To view a live demo of Tapestry(D6), visit the Tapestry Demo Site. Complete instructions for installing and using Tapestry can be found in the Tapestry Handbook.

    Tapestry's tableless CSS design validates to XHTML and CSS specifications according to the W3C web standards. Tapestry is fast-loading and compatible with most modern browsers including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Most of Tapestry's advanced features will work even in older browsers like IE6.

    We've validated many Tapestry pages with the Accessibility Valet, and we believe that Tapestry generates markup that is generally in compliance with Section 508 web accessibility guidelines.

    Tapestry is designed to take particular advantage of two Drupal contributed modules. Using the Theme Settings API Module(only Drupal5), Tapestry provides a simple interface for managing it's many features and options. And Tapestry provides a large collection of custom block themes for use with the Block Theme module.

    for Drupal 6 or older version only
    You can also download Tapestry from the Tapestry Project Page on Drupal.org but with out icons. However, drupal.org rules prevent us from including the Tapestry icons (which are released under Creative Commons) in this distribution.

    Tapestry is available for download on the Tapestry Demo Site Download Page(only for Drupal version 5 and 6).



    Selecta for Drupal by More than (just) Themes is based on the Selecta theme for Wordpress, which was designed by Obox design.

    Selecta has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to bring quality themes to Drupal.

    To stay tuned with new theme releases, updates to existing themes, offers and other goodies follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Check out our blog too.

    Live Demo

    Screen shots


    • Ideal for video blogs
    • 2-column layout
    • Footer with 3 regions
    • A total of 11 regions
    • Javascript “Featured Videos” Implementation

    Drupalace Theme

    Drupalace Theme screenshot

    Drupalace Theme is an ideal bright theme for the blogging site. Here is basic features:

    • 11 regions for blocks (including node top and node bottom!)
    • Configurable layout
    • Social sharing of nodes
    • Nodes navigation
    • Popup login
    • Configurable search text
    • Great design
    • Good readability
    • Works properly in all browsers (except IE 6 and lower)

    Theme has one-column layout, but you easily may change its aligment, width and unit (% or px).

    960 Robots

    960 Robots Theme

    960 Robots is a theme created by Lullabot for its Drupal theming videos. This theme, based on the 960 grid system, features two columns on the right side of the page, a two-column footer, and calendar-page dates for posts. The theme also uses Twitter's search API to display a random message based on a configurable search string as the site's slogan (PHP5 required).

    The background of this theme
    This theme was originally built for Drupal 6, to teach Drupal's theming concepts in Lullabot's Theming Basics and Advanced Theming videos.

    The theme was upgraded to Drupal 7 for the next set of videos: Theming Basics For Drupal 7 Series and Advanced Theming for Drupal 7 Series.

    Note: The 6.x-1.0 release is an old version that it matches up with the examples on the videos. If you're downloading this theme to reference while watching the video, get 6.x-1.0. Otherwise, get the latest 6.x-2.x or 7.x-1.x releases. The 7.x-1.0 release matches the theme in the Drupal 7 version of the videos.

    Nokia Mobile Theme

    Nokia Mobile Theme screenshot

    This a theme designed for a mobile experience, it provides different presentation layers to best serve basic devices and high-end smartphones.

    This theme is based on the original work of teemule and his Mobile Plugin and the design is based on the official Nokia templates that can be found on Forum Nokia, Nokia Mobile Web Templates - Introduction to the templates. Download is free, but might require free registration.

    This theme and integration were done by Andrea Trasatti and kindly sponsored by Forum Nokia.
    This theme is meant to work great on ALL mobile devices.

    Special features

    1. Integrated detection of device families (low, mid and high end) specific for Nokia, but supporting many popular devices such as iPhone, Android-based and Palm Pre/Pixi
    2. Show different theme features depending on browser capabilities (use accordions to hide areas that are not used frequently, use of shades and CSS to make the look nicer, more)
    3. Tweaks for touch devices
    4. Specific tweaks for some specific Nokia devices such as the N900



    Dartik is a dark version and a sub-theme of Bartik - Drupal 7 core's default theme.
    It is basically an override of all color styles from Bartik leaving all other styles untouched, to be inherited from the original theme.



    The Dossier theme encompasses a manilla folder style layout with tab navigation at the top. It is a fluid div based layout with a number of regions that allow site flexibility.

    If you like this theme follow us on twitter: @rapiddoodle, @edelachev, @p_rip

    Dossier was sponsored by Rapid Doodle Designs


    Scrrenshot: Home of Groundwork Front-end Framework

    Presenting Groundwork version 2... A progressive mobile first front-end framework for Drupal with modular scale typography and powerful layout engine for faster and more effective web development.

    The groundwork has already been laid. Reduce your custom theming time! Use the starter theme as is, as a theme with simplistic/minimalistic design, or easily create your own sub-theme for faster theme development.

    Here are the key features of Groundwork :

    • HTML 5
    • Responsive design (mobile-first) with configurable breakpoints. Defaults to 768, 960 and 1152
    • Typography using modular scale.
    • Web accessibility optimized with ARIA roles
    • Semantic markup with separation of style with content.
    • Bulletproof flexible grid system with 24 columns (units) as default.
    • Configurable grid
      • Configurable number of columns in the grid
      • Configurable gutter width
    • Comes with its own special font "Noceda Font Pro", a light, elegant and open sans-serif font built in with 304 Gwikons (Groundwork icons)
    • Supports both sidebars
    • 17 regions with a special "Aside" region visible only in nodes.
    • Optimized typography for all standard elements
    • Block source ordering per region
    • Powerful layout engine provides unlimited layout possibilities
    • Collection of preset CSS classes
    • LESS CSS enhanced with loads of Drupal-specific mixins and bundles.
    • HTML5 polyfill to support older browsers
    • Drush support - Create your custom theme with advanced options in just one command.
    • and many more.

    What is Groundwork?

    GroundworkGroundwork is a front-end framework especially made for Drupal. It was built to help you design beautiful websites faster and more efficient. As its name implies, it's a groundwork which comes already with sensible generic style defaults, CSS browser hacks, collection of mixins, bundles and more. Because of Groundwork's basic generic style, you may also wish to use its starter sub-theme as is, as a structured minimalistic theme or design your own.

    Fusion Marina

    Fusion Marina is under new management and under active development!

    Fusion Marina, formerly known as Acquia Marina, is a sub-theme of Fusion.


    Boldy screenshot

    Boldy for Drupal is based on the WordPress' Boldytheme, which was designed designed in-house by Site5 for its range of FREE premium WordPress themes!.