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A responsive theme for the Restaurant Distribution.

Drupal Restaurant


  1. Radix
  2. Radix Layouts


Personal Blog

Drupal is a good solution for anyone to build a personal blog. Try and be amazed

Note: As of 2014-03-09, this project appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #2431237: Personal Blog appears to be unsupported.



Beauty Theme

Beauty Theme

Beauty Theme is a free blog and magazine Drupal theme created by Devsaran. This clean and modern theme is great for websites with a magazine, news, or blogging focus. The fully responsive design means that your readers can access content on any device. With minimal and unique modern design, Beauty Theme is a great option for a blog or news oriented site.


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
  • Simple and Clean Design
  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Mobile support (Smartphone, Tablet, Android, iPhone, etc)
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • A total of 12 block regions
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • Google Font, Minimal design and nice typography
  • Ideal for blog, news and magazine sites
  • Extended footer area with 3 footer blocks
  • Detailed CSS rules for Typography, Forms Elements, Node Teaser, Comments, etc.
  • Supported standard theme features: site logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon

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Sir Bones

SirBones is the basic of basic themes. It has the most barebones possible unless you don't have a theme!

A few commonly asked questions.

Is SirBones HTML5?

It certainly is my fellow friend! But it doesn't make your HTML4 HTML5. Nor does it come with funny functions that do funny stuff.

Can SirBones map my something to my funny widget?


Portal Theme

Screenshot of Portal Theme

THIS THEME IS ONLY FOR THE FOLLOWING THREE PAGES:(user/login) (user/register) and (user/password)

This project comprises a very simple theme designed to accompany a particular use-case scenario.

The Portal theme is designed for websites which are members only and functions best with the aid of a couple of other projects.

The ideal use-case scenario is as follows:

Then install the theme and setup as follows:

  • Setup r4032login to redirect Access Denied errors back to the login
  • Setup an access control module to prevent 'anonymous' users from accessing any content
  • Setup ThemeKey to use the Portal theme for 'user/login', 'user/register' and 'user/password'
  • Setup Login Destination to send users to your 'home' page after login.
  • Setup user/login as the front page for anonymous users. Set your usual home page as front for other users as required


Zenger Theme

This is a generic theme for the White House Petitions project.



This is the theme used in the ERPAL distribution

More information on this d.o project to come. Stay tuned at http://erpal.info !

This project is developed by Bright Solutions. We also offer paid Drupal and ERPAL integration and process consulting


Adelante Theme

Adelante Theme

Adelante Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns made by niGraphic Design.



Tamal Installer

Tamal is a clean installation theme. This theme is ideal for distributions to present to end users a professional and fancy installation process.

The Tamal theme is currently used by the distribution Plato Típico


MD Foto

MD Foto is simple and clean photography Drupal theme. It comes with 2 skins: light and dark. You can also customize site background, photo overlay, text/typography, change sidebar position... with just some clicks. The theme is also fully responsive and mobile ready.

If you are a photographer looking to showcase your beautiful photos, or if you are a blogger looking for simple morden theme, then MD Foto is great choice for you!


Drupal Summer Holidays

Drupal Summer Holidays

Drupal Summer is a valid HTML5 & CSS3 based nice Drupal Theme.

Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers, Drupal Summer was originally designed for Wordpress by EZwpthemes and ported to Drupal by Azri Design .


Pirate Party Drupal Theme

The drupal theme of the Pirate Party UK.

The Pirate Party UK are moving to Drupal. As part of our commitment to using open source software and permissively licensed material, we will be publishing our theme as it is put together, as well as more information regarding the modules and configuration used to create the parties web presence.

At present this project is at an early stage, expect many updates, but that this theme will not be fully functional for some time.




Un•se•man•tic ['ənsə'mantik]

The unsemantic Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable grid base theme that is 100% configurable.

Primary Features:

Fully Responsive Grid layouts based on unsemantic.com standards.

Every region/block size and placement configurable.

Browser Support:

Unsemantic supports all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (7+), Opera, and Safari.
For more info: http://unsemantic.com/


Cloudy theme on a mobile device

A mobile-first, reponsive base theme for the Recruiter distribution based on Omega 4.x.

Cloudy uses SASS/Compass mixins and the fluid, semantic, responsive Susy grid to provide a slick out-of-the-box experience on any device.

You can see it in action on drupaljobs.epiqo.com and find out more by reading the following blog post:
DrupalJobs responsively relaunches on Recruiter RC1 and Omega 4.


  • Cloudy has been tested with the release 4.0-beta7 and will not work with older versions.


Cloudy is geared towards the Recruiter distribution and its features: Recruiter cloudy includes tweaks for the theme as exported block classes and alter hook implementations. Recruiter menu positions the required blocks into the navigation region.

Still, you can try the Cloudy theme with any other Drupal installation. You will want to make sure that blocks are positioned within the regions defined by the theme and apply block classes similar to those from Recruiter cloudy.





    Rapidly build responsive, mobile first Bootstrap 3 driven subthemes with our easy to use and one of a kind subtheme generator or with something more familiar like drush. Kalatheme does the heavy lifting for you so don't worry about HTML5, CSS3, media queries or what your theme looks like on Internet Explorer 8. Plus, leverage the entire spectrum of Bootstrap themes, from Default Bootstrap, to Bootswatch to Custom-built Bootstrap themes. We even have support for Third Party bootstrap libraries so you can choose a start state from a myriad of styling options.


    BaseLESS HTML5 Core Theme

    A base theme dependent on LESS CSS preprocessor for hardcore themers. This base theme gives you full control over your css, no more tons of css overriding, and write less css with lessphp.



    BusinessTime is clean, responsive HTML5 theme by NeptuneThemes that limits images and relies on CSS and CSS3 techniques for much of it's style. It has five levels of responsiveness:

    1200px (Modern desktops and laptops)
    960px (Tablet landscape)
    768px (Tablet portrait)
    420px (Phone landscape)
    300px (Phone portrait)

    At the lowest levels, all menus are converted and combined into a drop down form.



    About Theme Screenshot

    About is a theme that displays a single landing page with a photographic background, a brief amount of text, and links to various social media outlets. This theme is designed to take over your entire domain at the frontpage and turn it into a single landing page.

    The links (and icons) provided by default are:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Flickr

    Additional links can be provided by other modules that implement hook_about_links()


    Ginkgo training


    This is a Ginkgo subtheme which should be used on a training/demo copy of an Open Atrium site.



    A responsive administration theme based on Radix. Under active development.




    Radix Unary

    Radix Unary


    Corked Screwer

    Responsive Corked Screwer Drupal theme

    Corked Screwer by More than (just) Themes is based on the homonymous PSD template, which was designed and published by Vladimir Kudinov.

    Corked Screwer has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to bring top quality themes to Drupal community. Corked Screwer comes with a responsive grid layout.

    To stay tuned with new theme releases, updates to existing themes, offers and other goodies follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Check out our blog too.

    Live Demo


    • Responsive layout
    • Drupal standards compliant



    A starter theme for the Restaurant Ditribution based on Radix.

    Chef theme for Restaurant


    1. Radix
    2. Radix Layouts




    KandS is a Zen sub-theme with a heavy 19th-century influence.
    Features include:

    • Webfont support through the theme settings page
    • Custom splash image, also through the theme settings page
    • Responsive layout with SASS and Zen-Grids
    • Off-canvas menu for mobile

    There are two layouts: regular and mobile. Mobile is designed to be viewed on
    anything the size of an iPad or smaller and will resize to fit the viewing area.
    It uses Zen-Grids which is built into Zen 5. The regular layout goes up to
    1280 px.

    In the mobile layout, the sidebar turns into an off-canvas menu. It will
    automatically resize to fit the viewing area, and also to fit the contents
    of the region.

    See below for more info on how to use the features.


    1. Install Zen 5.x
    * NOTE: * You must use the latest version of Zen. KandS will not work with
    Zen 3.x or earlier.
    2. Install KandS like a regular theme
    3. Configure theme-specific settings at admin/appearance/settings/kands
    (See below for more information)


    If you want to customize this theme, you should use SASS. For more
    information: http://drupal.org/node/1548946

    Webfont support

    Webfonts is a relatively new technology that lets you use any font on a web


    Acta HTML5

    Acta HTML5

    Acta is Latin word. Acta means sea beach.
    Acta HTML5 theme integrate sea beach concept in design and built upon advance bleeding edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.

    'Acta HTML5' is a two column fixed design (optimized for width 960px).

    Features of theme

    • Table-less design.
    • Implement new advance cutting edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.
    • Minimum use of images in theme design. So it's become more light weight and execute faster than old version.
    • Six regions to put blocks.
    • Design of Sea Beach at footer.

    Upcoming Feature

    • Responsive. Next version will be Mobile friendly and device responsive.
    • Changeable background image/photo for entire theme through theme setting.

    Quick step-by-step

    Just install and follow the step-by-step guide and your simple but still good looking clean website is running within the hour.

    Setting up a Drupal site involves many steps. This is some of the steps I usually go through when setting up a Drupal site with Acta Theme:

    Install Drupal 7.x


      SeeD Theme

      This is the base theme we use at SeeD EM.

      It uses HTML5 markup, and tries to incorporate what we usually need when theming for Drupal.
      We see it as mostly a collection of hacks we need in order to do CSS properly.

      NOTE: You need SeeD Tools for this module to work!

      Among the changes, mods, hacks and things it does:

      • Almost NO CSS! It has what we think is just the basics! (plus normalize.css)
      • Better markup for Selects and File fields (For better theming)
      • Better theme_pager() (for us at least)
      • Move H1, breadcrumbs, logo, and messages to blocks (You NEED the companion module, SeeD Tools)
      • Shamelessly ignore the size of textfields (PLZ use CSS for this).
      • Some other things I don't remember right now.
      • Pretty Cool Libraries! to make life easier