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screenshot of rubens theme

Rubens is a clean, responsive and flexible drupaltheme that uses the power of bootstrap 3 to its limits.
The site uses html5 markup code and is build with drupal standards. It’s very lightweight and speeding fast.The theme is not dependent on any core theme. The clean design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc.

Theme Live Demo

DMC Foundation

Foundation 5 theme for Drupal

Corporate Life

Corporate Life Theme

CA Theme

A sandbox for a California Theme


Dmc theme with Foundation 5 framework

Respo Bootstrap 3 Theme

Learn-drupal.com Team created for you free Drupal 7 Bootstrap 3 theme.

Check also nice tutorial how to create module for slider on www.learn-drupal.com

Adding a span tag to main menu and nice menu sub items in drupal 7

function THEME_menu_link(array $variables) {
  $element = $variables['element'];
  $sub_menu = '';
$switch = $element['#original_link']['has_children'];
  if ($element['#below']) {
    $sub_menu = drupal_render($element['#below']);
  $element['#localized_options']['html'] = TRUE;
 #This adds the span only to the parent Title: If you need the span on all text Titles Just remove the if else statement and leave  $linktext = '' . $element['#title'] . ''; : 
 if($switch == 1) {
  $linktext = $element['#title'] . ' ';
 } else {


Batik is a free Drupal theme base on Omega theme

LoongKylin Love

LoongKylin Love,中文名龙麒之爱!是一个美丽的主题,使用颜色模块,采用响应式设计,开始的设计基于MOYO,喜欢的朋友可以安装。


Accessibility for Taiwan

Accessibility for Taiwan screenshot

The Theme is due to be set by the Taiwan government web accessibility specifications and design, It was able to convert the contents of the node or block, to meet the requirements of the specification.

For more detailed information about Taiwan government web accessibility specifications and design, please visit http://www.handicap-free.nat.gov.tw/Accessible/Category/7/1.


A responsive Drupal 7 theme to aid in development of Drupal site structure

Scaffolds is not intended to be a production theme. Instead, it's designed as a development tool, to help you put together an intial version of a Drupal site. Start your site with Scaffolds as your theme, and build the pieces -- views, panels, modules, content types, taxonomies -- all that stuff. Get it functional, and then at the end choose or build your final theme to produce the finished product.


New Theme

Supply Peace


Bay Area Drupal Camp 2013

This is the theme that was used on the BADCamp site in 2013. It was specifically developed for the Bay Area Drupal Camp and is not guaranteed to work on any other site.

It is a sub-theme of Zen.


This is the theme that was used on the BADCamp site in 2014. It was specifically developed for the Bay Area Drupal Camp and is not guaranteed to work on any other site.

It is a sub-theme of zurb_foundation.


Esteem is a simple, clean and responsive theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel.


  • Responsive layout
  • Responsive Slider
  • Minimal Design
  • Social media URL
  • Multi-level dropdown

Utilized Modules:

  • Nivo Slider
  • Ckeditor

Galaxy Flat


Galaxy Flat it is a simple mobile first-layout theme that base on popular theme Bartik. This theme fully created in flat style.
Galaxy Flat build for Drupal 8.


Just download archive with theme and uncompress it into core/themes folder.

Bootstrap Administration Theme

This is the start of a Drupal 7 Bootstrap built admin theme, created to work best with the new Navbar Module.

The theme is still been actively worked on and is not production ready. Please feel free to download and test it out, feedback is welcome. If you'd like to get involved please get in touch.


Panda logo

Panda 8.x-1.0

Under development

The theme is currently under heavy development. The 8.x-1.0-dev version is the current default branch, since no stable version has been released. 8.x-1.0 will become the default branch once a stable 8.x-1.0 version has been released.


This theme is simple and attractive looking.


This theme implements the Materializecss framework for Drupal.


Drupal 8 theme


monoset theme

The theme uses mobile-first, responsive approach and encourages component-based theming through the creation of well structured sass partials and reusable UI elements.


lazy theme

lazy theme. simple. 3 regions.