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Gallium is the theme used in the OpenAid distribution, moved to a separate project for potential use in other contexts.

OA Radix - Responsive Sandbox

OA Radix + some responsive stuffs for Open Atrium 2.

Chips (COD theme)

Placeholder for default theme of http://drupal.org/project/cod


startwork theme coming soon...


Candidate theme for Drupal core inclusion.
More to follow.


this is really my first theme! how exciting!


Lightweight responsive marketing-friendly theme based on Tweme.

Vanilla sandbox

HTML5- and responsive-ready. SASS on it's way. Simplicity is key. Use this theme as a base for your custom theme.


A basic theme built on Omega.

Panelitist Subtheme

Select Image Sizes for a Panel Pane

A subtheme based on the Omega 4.x theme which incorporates a Panels styles plugin allowing you to better control image sizes and breakpoints. Build with Sass & Singularity.

There are also a couple responsive Panels layouts built in for demonstration purposes.

This theme is still a work in progress! This is here for you to play with and learn, use at your own risk.


This project has been made on semantic.UI. We are trying our best to improve it.

You can get more information about semation from her http://semantic-ui.com/

Very simple html5 theme for photo studio

Welcome to Flash Portfolios, the exclusive personal boutique makeover and budoir photographic studio for singles and couples. Flash Portfolios is a cutting edge boutique photographic studio based in the heart of the City of London’s trendy Shoreditch, amongst the bustling nightspots and some of London’s renown arty cafés, nightclubs and places to eat and drink. We pride ourselves in being able to give you a truly relaxed and enjoyable experience tailored to whatever your imaging needs may be.


This theme will be a base theme based on ZEN or Omega (not decided yet). The main goal is the "DRY" CSS.


Bootstrap - Compass Screenshot

A Compass-based subtheme of https://drupal.org/project/bootstrap

Based on Thomas McDonald's https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-sass/

Info on standard Bootstrap subtheme: http://drupal.org/node/1978010

Dependancies: https://drupal.org/project/bootstrap, bootstrap-sass, compass, jquery_update (1.7 enabled)

Wheke responsive theme

Artwar Admin

Simple, flat admin theme. Period.

Artwar Editor was built with content editors, and site builders in mind.

Semantic Africa

Content modeling, taxonomies, vocabularies, ontologies, information architecture dealing with Africa and the Diaspora

Testing theme sandbox



Free responsive HTML5/CSS3 website templates, Designed by @cherrynastor. We have ported it for drupal

Original HTML Template can be found @ html5templates.com/iridium

Flexible Theme

Flexible Theme will be a boilerplate for a responsive layout. It will use Sass with a choice of Compass or Bourbon.


The 2014 theme for OpenMusicFestival.


Starcaller theme


tigefa theme

[D7] Vukodlak

Vukodlak theme for drupal 7.x with 2 columns.


Mixed London and Twig logo

Theme Twigondon under Twig template