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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


Camaleón - Colourfull theme for Drupal

Colorful and custom theme based on Omega 4.x.

With Camaleon you can build a basic site in a few minutes.


  • Custom colors for menus, links

Admin Theme

Admin Theme

My Library

A responsible Library Theme.


Templator is the beautiful and great theme made by Spinnext, and good template design for Drupal. Templator is responsive Theme and using "Bootstrap" the most beautiful framework css (but with slight modifications). Use Templator on your website and enjoy it!


DrupalEasy D8 Theme Training

This theme is used for the DrupalEasy D8 Theme workshop. Details coming soon...


Glad Fagskole Theme

Theme used for www.gladfagskole.dk and subsites. Also base for www.gladerhverv.dk and www.gladjob.dk.

Theme options:
Upload logo and banner.
Adjust slideshow speed.



EvolutionWeb theme is a simple starter theme.
Responsive: MobileDetect PHP library and CSS3 Media Query integration.


EvolutionWeb theme demo


I am still developing this Drupal 8 contributed theme. It is not ready for primetime.

My goals with the Atomic theme are to create a base theme that provides an approachable starting point for sub themes. Atomic uses Sass and a number of Compass gems: by making a few initial global design choices, you can get up and running with some sensible defaults. Partials are broken down to let you easily provide essential base styles for elements or regions, while focusing on component styles, and keeping those styles separate from layout styles.

Responsive Bartik Flex

Experimental solution to Issue #2293295. Uses CSS3 Flexbox to place Sidebars above the Content area at smaller screen sizes.


This is a simple and clean zen based theme for basic drupal sites.


Ideate theme is a Mobile-Friendly theme that is perfect for all small business and corporate websites.


The start of a great responsive theme.


ArrowDrupal Logo

A Theme for Main or Auxillary ArcherDrupal Sites (ArcherVMPeridot-based Drupal Sites) That will have some neon blue and many other colors

AT Skir

AT Skir

This is sub-theme of the AdaptiveTheme base theme, you must first install the base theme first before enabling this sub-theme, and then enjoy it! is a dark design with CSS3


AdaptiveTheme based admin theme for Drupal 7. Includes left and right sidebars, Overlay support and all AT's theme setting goodies.

Bootstrap Ignitor

Bootstrap Ignitor

Bootstrap ignitor is a sub theme of the
[Bootstrap Drupal theme](https://drupal.org/project/bootstrap). It facilitates
speedy development by taking care of the mundane tasks usually associated with
setting up the Bootstrap theme.

You should create a subtheme of this theme to use as your actual theme or use
the "Bootstrap Starter" theme as a subtheme of this theme (recommended).


Bootstrap Starter

Bootstrap Starter

This is a starter theme to be used with Boostrap and Bootstrap Ignitor. You can
rename this theme. Make sure to change all references in template.php to the
new theme name if you do.


The theme directory contains SASS and CSS folders. Theme developers should only
edit files in the SASS directory and use the SASS command
`sass --watch sass:css` to compile the CSS files.

Responsive Custom theme

This is a beginner/learning theme

Terabit - Responsive Admin Template

Terabit is a small theme made to make the administration page look a bit nicer.
It will only be available for Drupal 8 and developed along side it's changes.

This is Derived from "Seven" but will actively change during Drupal 8's transition

Feel free to use this theme and give feedback and suggestions. It's not anything fancy, but its usable.

More features will come in if requested.

Theme - NanYang

Simplify Theme

Simplify is a Responsive Drupal theme, it's simple, clean Professional theme.
This theme is suitable for Blog, Portfolio,
Company and Business.


Backend theme tailored for UX.

Integrates Angular.js for UI enhancements.