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Project cloned from https://drupal.org/project/console originally Posted by jlt on November 25, 2006 at 10:31am

Console tries to look like a text console window. It's a very simple and fast theme.
It uses a fixed font (Courier New) but it's a "fluid design" style like some say.
Only one css file is loaded (drupal.css is not used) and i'm trying to make it shorter.


A journey to create the perfect base theme begins here...

SimpleCorp SASS

Completely rewrite of the SimpleCorp for Drupal to use SASS and Compass.

For more information access the SimpleCorp Theme project's page.

PP Distro Theme

PP Distro Theme

Drupal Theme using Zen Child Theme

Drupal custom theme development using Zen theme

PSD to Drupal 7 Theme conversion.

Uses following Modules and API's

  • Views
  • Rules
  • CCK
  • Date API
  • Users Registration

Custom Login block tpl file and use theme functions

Step1: you can use theme() and preprocess_FORM_ID function in template.php file



Druponsive is a theme based on Zen. It incorpores many features like the color module and use the most of the ZenGrid plugin.
The objective is to create a smart base theme that adapt to wathever you put in it. The project is still in an active development and should not be used as it stand now.

Bootstap: GDS Design Principle

Bootstrap: GDS Design principle is a based on the Bootstrap framework for drupal.


The base theme has been modified to adhere to the design principles outlined by the UK Goverment Design Service.
- https://www.gov.uk/design-principles


Drupal 7 theme starter


This is just a placeholder for the theme Kartheme. Code to come!

Glenn Gawron's quirky theme

This is a theme that has little to offer...don't use it!


A simple and elegant theme for Drupal 8 that is also responsive.


This theme works on Drupal but the CSS that it is based on also works for CKAN and Geonode.

It is based on Bootstrap and uses the less compiler.


Kappa is an Omega 4 based theme for use with the Open Enterprise distribution. It is highly opinionated with

  • Support for panels everywhere
  • SASS integration
  • Minimal HTML5 markup

Kube | Professional CSS-framework

Kube is built with integrity and technology in mind

Kube is one of the world's most advanced and flexible CSS-frameworks. It gives you full power of choice, creativity and beauty, while handling all of the technology behind it. No more boring routine, just concentrate on something big and wonderful, and let Kube provide the rest.

Cascade Framework

Powered by Cascade Framework

Although the overall look and feel are most definitely inspired by Twitter Bootstrap, Cascade framework is not just another Bootstrap clone. Where Twitter Bootstrap puts its focus on delivering shiny user elements that can be dropped into any project and takes control of your project's overall look-and-feel, Cascade Framework is intended to do the opposite.

Free base

Base theme integrated with Bootstrap 3 library.

Inspired by Bootstrap contrib theme from https://drupal.org/project/bootstrap


Dependencies jquery_update module https://drupal.org/project/jquery_update

drush dl jquery_update
drush en jquery_update


Lust is a a responsive administration theme based on the first version of the Ember theme that was built for use with the Spark distribution.

Lust uses sass and compass and inherits Ember's improvements to work with Navbar module (Toolbar in Drupal 8) and includes module style overrides for Views, Ctools, Panels, Media, Workbench and Features.


Development is sponsored by Taller Web Solutions

Helios responsive html5

Helios desktop

A responsive theme, for Drupal8, templated by HTML5 UP and drupalized by Belle Epoque.

HTML live demo here


Admin theme

AT Macky

This is sub-theme of the AdaptiveTheme base theme, you must first install the base theme first before enabling this sub-theme, and then enjoy it! Only uses a few pictures, this sub-theme only use 1 picture, everything else is done with CSS3.

You can edit via theme settings.



Simple theme, great for build a business site with clean and elegant style
It was thought to fit to landscape screens but it also is very fitable for almost any screen resolution (responsive design)

Nearly Headless Drupal Theme

NHD Theme is for use with the Nearly Headless Drupal project. Read more about the philosophies and initiative behind it here: Nearly Headless Drupal and here: Drupal Groups: Headless Drupal.