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INF5275 project


A theme for a political candidate's website

Responive starter theme

very basic responsive starter theme


Demo site Iluminada

El theme es para Drupal 7 y usamos Bartik como base theme.

El theme Iluminada lo hemos utilizado en los talleres Intro a Drupal como parte de un demo site que los asistentes construyen durante el taller. El theme nos ha servido para explicar:


Silver Theme
Responsive, Skeleton Based + Sass

Paddle Admin Theme

Work in progress...

Made with love by Paddle as a contribution to the 'Paddle Drupal distribution' (aka kañooh CMS) for the Flemish Government.




basice theme for iranian , support (rtl) and responsive ...

coming soon ...



Minim is a lightweight theme that uses the Twig template engine. It's also a personal experiment in separating as much logic from the presentation layer as possible. Minim is not meant to be a complete theme, but a fast and clean foundation.

Minim might be a good fit for you if:

  • You want to keep logic out of the presentation layer (separation of concerns).
  • You are interested in using a DRY, KISS and OO CSS approach.
  • You want template parity between PHP and Javascript (to be able to render the same template with either language).
  • You want to fiddle around with Twig before Drupal 8 launches.
  • You are comfortable with Drupal's theme layer.


  1. Install ReneB's Twig for Drupal. If you don't want to modify core you can place the engine file in sites/all/themes/engines/twig/twig.engine. Then perform the following three hacks to TFD
  2. In sites/all/libraries/TFD/Extension.php Delete bad theme call on line 12.
  3. Rename sites/all/libraries/TFD/Nodevisitor.php sites/all/libraries/TFD/NodeVisitor.php
  4. Rename sites/all/libraries/TFD/Node/functionCall.php to sites/all/libraries/TFD/Node/FunctionCall.php


A bartik modified theme

Seven Twig Conversion

Convering Seven Theme to twig see:

Modern UI

Modern UI Theme logo

Omega html5 subtheme for Drupal & inspired by Modern UI (Windows 8 look).

Theme is not ready for production yet (more informations, roadmap & documentation soon)



This is a testing ground to try new mods.


The main website for Springs of Life church, Colorado Springs.


Bartock is a Bartik sub-theme for Drupal 8 that's hacked together for bloggers who don't want their content to expand to 1290px. Used on http://alex.vit-al.com

Events Conferences Theme

Events Conferences Exhibitions Theme for Drupal 7

This project is for a Theme to be used by websites catering to organizing Events, Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions.


For A&M eSports

CoderDojoed XHTML

Omega based 2-column theme suitable for document import


A very simple base theme with no css. Just simple and clean HTML5 markup. This theme is meant for advanced themers looking for a bare-bones base to start a new project with.

More later...

Geo Bootstrap


Geo is a timeless Twitter Bootstrap theme built for the modern web.


SG First Test Page


Matrimonial Theme

Matrimonial Theme for Drupal is a responsive theme built on clean HTML5 markup and extensible CSS classes and ID's for unlimited theming possibilities
It has content first (top-down) load order for improved SEO.

Main Features


HTML Kickstart For Drupal

HTML Kickstart Drupal Theme

HTML Kickstart For Drupal is an ultra–lean theme that utilizes the CSS and JS helper framework from Lime99. It is a responsive layout system with optional 12-grid columns. It utilizes vector Font Awesome Icons!

In the spirit of Mothership and modern standards a lot of the Drupal frontend has been cleaned up in this theme. Though it is not as comprehensive as Mothership this theme may cause layout issues. This is mitigated by the responsive layout system. So far I have found the layouts to be remarkably robust considering how little CSS is behind it.


After using various approaches to theming different sites (base themes, starter themes & custom themes from scratch) Bismuth* was my first stab at a base theme.

It is an HTML5, source ordered theme with some mobile optimizations out of the box.

I'm working on D8 branch which will obviously have to be significantly reworked for Twig.


So, yeah, I decided to name my first Twig theme, "Forest."


Teletext screenshot

Teletext is a Drupal Theme that emulates the popular TV signal information retrieval service.