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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


Sparkling is a clean and simple theme for Drupal designed by Gilli. The theme reuses a lot of features from the Skeleton theme but visually it is very different.


Features for this theme includes the following:

Blown Fuse

This project aims to be a starter kit for Drupal 7 theme design.

General principles:

  • Create a starter kit, not a base theme.
  • Where possible, rely on Drupal's default templates.
  • Provide SASS mixins that I found lacking in other frameworks.
  • Centralize media queries.
  • Provide integration with breakpoints module.
  • Samples, not styling.
  • Documentation, not code.


Infini is a professionally designed Fusion-based theme.

Fusion must be added to your themes folder and enabled before using Infini. CSS customizations and overrides should be added to local.css to ensure a smooth upgrade path. You can rename local.css found in the css folder to activate this file. It is also highly recommended that you install the Skinr module, as well. This will provide for simple block and region customizations.

Basic Features:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 validated
  • Web 2.0 styling - easy on the eyes
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • 1 or 2 column layout
  • Fixed width layout
  • Primary and secondary links

Installation and Configuration

  • Download the Infini and Fusion themes
  • Extract them in your themes directory.
  • Enable Infini and Fusion Core on your themes page and set Infini as your default theme
  • Download and enable the Skinr module (optional, but very strongly recommended)
  • Set any necessary permissions for the Skinr module (/admin/user/permissions)
  • Go to the Infini theme configuration page (admin/build/themes/settings/infini) to set your main theme colors and other aspects of layout, typography, etc.



SAS1 is a simple one/two column drupal 7 theme with the following features. Uses CSS3 (no image at the background image).


Theme to be used only with Integral CES module suite.


This is a sandbox project for developing an Omega 4.x based add-on theme for the pushtape distribution.


Latto is a responsive Drupal base theme that comes with minimal styling and a couple of theme settings. It uses a zen grids based grid system.

It was developed as a base theme for the danish libraries project Ding2.



Archimedes Server Theme

This is based on twitter bootstrap and is the theme recommended to be used with the Archimedes Server module.

Starter TukTuk Responsive Theme

Desktop Appearance

The goal of this project is to incorporate the features of tuktuk to a Drupal theme.

** http://drupal.org/sandbox/toleillo/1875576 is created to improve block administration on Tuktuk themes. **

This isn't another frontend framework... it's a way to create sites and extend them with your own style.

Not trying to compete with Bootstrap or Foundation because they play in another league. Just worry about creating responsive and fully extensible sites easily.


  • Ready to use theme - Get a ready to use theme with no css/html/any other configurations
  • HTML5 Integration
    1. New content-specific elements, like , , , ,
    2. Override Drupal's Form with calendar, date, time, email, url, search
  • CSS3 Integration - Theme built with CSS3
  • Responsive Integration - Web, Mobile, Tablets, anything else!!! Theme works in all the devices!
  • HTML4 & HTML5 Tags settings in place - All the HTML tags will have settings where we can set the styling for each of the element on the website
  • CSS2 & CSS3 features settings in place
    1. Settings for Border Radius, Box Shadow, Text Shadow, Border
    2. For each element of HTML we will have the setting to set the CSS related things
    3. For each section on the website(Header, Footer, Blocks, Panels,etc.) will have settings for CSS related things
  • Handy Website Breadcrumb settings
    1. What seprator to use?
    2. Home page - I don't want to show the breadcrumb.
    3. I want to show the Page title in the breadcrumb.
    4. I want to show the Parent Menus in the breadcrumb.

Omega 4.x Layout Builder

This is a sandbox for developing functionality that will allow users to create and modify "layouts" in the 4.x version of Omega.

my site

my demo base theme for drupal site


Spock is a theme working upon the baset heme mothership.
Shipped with the latest version of bootstrap, this baby get's you up in no time!

Basically, Spock is a mixture of assets, resets and defaults I need whenever I start a new project.


GlewTiles is a port of DropTiles code to Drupal 7 as a theme with active Modern UI tiles similar to Windows 8. The current development version includes tiles for service at glew.org.uk but these can be customised in the Tiles.js and AppStore.js files.

The theme currently works in Chrome and Firefox browsers with some development still required for Safari and IE9+ (IE8 support is also targeted). It includes a Tiles AppStore where custom tiles can be added to the main UI by the user.

CoderDojo Theme

CoderDojo theme based on Omega (XHTML)

Adminizio lite

Adminiziolite simple HTML5 admin side theme with collapsible left sidebar and full themed admin side pages. Drupal theme created by coollider.com based on html template by adminizio.com.


AIESEC theme made with Drupal 7.

Developed for AIESEC Africa.
Maintained and developed by WISE (Web for Innovation Science and Education) in collaboration with

AIESEC Mozambique
AIESEC Burkina Faso
AIESEC South Africa
AIESEC Botswana
AIESEC Namibia
AIESEC Cameroon
AIESEC Nigeria

For any questions please contact us.


This is going to be an admin theme.

Itoggle poc

What is this about?

This is a prove of concept extension of the seven admin theme that replaces all checkboxes with itoggle switches.

How to install:

  1. Download the theme into an arbitrary themes directory.
  2. Apply the core patch (from the patches/ directory)
  3. Activate the "Itoggles prove of concept" theme in your settings

Known to work in:

  • Recent firefox versions
  • Recent chromium versions


Bootstrap powered brand new responsive theme with various options. This theme provides multiple skinning fordifferent web sites. Sub theming will be avaliable as well once roots become stable


A minimalistic base theme.



Placeholder project page for Vitellius.

Blank Theme - For Embedding

This is a VERY simple theme that can be used when embedding a page inside an iframe from an outside website. (Or something similar.)

This is posted for easy reference for a couple of modules that I have been working with, but is freely available to anyone that wants to use it.

Blank Theme with Messages - For Embedding

This is a VERY simple theme that can be used when embedding a page inside an iframe from an outside website. (Or something similar.)

This is posted for easy reference for a couple of modules that I have been working with, but is freely available to anyone that wants to use it.

NOTE: This theme only shows the main content area AND any messages (such as error) that need to be displayed.