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Omega 4 dasjo

sandbox for omega patches


This theme is inspired from the TopTomato.in layout.
Please do suggest any bugs or comments you might have to improve it...


hello this sample


Inspira Drupal 7 Theme

Inspira Theme is a beautiful Drupal 7 theme. As an adaptive theme it is designed to work well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Here you can try a live demo

The Inspira theme is a HTML5 sub-theme of Omega.

Developed and maintained by @Kaasi.


Dynamic is a fully responsive Drupal theme based on Twitter Bootstrap for business, blog, portfolio, corporate and commerce websites.


Sandbox for an admin theme


Bartik based clean theme.

General features:

  • based on Slate color scheme,
  • 1096px width,
  • removed rounded corners,
  • Open Sans font,
  • other theme tweaks, etc.


Minimalism, a simple HTML5 template

Minimalism is an HTML5 and CSS3 template that is minimal and beautiful in its simplicity. Combines multiple-column groupings and newspaper style column.


Needs review http://drupal.org/node/1826698


A base theme using bootstrap to format drupal pages.

Bootstrappy is being used by This Little Duck as a starting point for custom bootstrap themes. It is not designed as a final theme. It uses LESS as its CSS preprocessor, mainly because Bootstrap does (Otherwise we would go with SASS).


Bootstrappy currently:


stone is a nice drupal 7 theme it has two columns (content,sidebar) with a very flexible footer(three regions)also there's a region for the slider called "Highlighted"
Try this template and give me your comments and suggestions
note that this is my first attempt in the theme design

HAML Basic

The HAML Basic theme is a basic theme using the peroxide theme engine.

You must download and install the peroxide theme engine which can be found at https://github.com/rastasi/peroxide

The author's website: http://teletype.hu


another twitter bootstrap, start from 6.x


Adaptive Skeleton Panels (ASP) is a theme based on the Skeleton HTML/CSS framework, which is panels active and includes a number of panels layouts ready for use.

ASP also supports Panels everywhere, and has an implementation for a panels-everywhere page.tpl.php giving you full control over the html being outputted by panels everywhere.

Layouts included:

RoboSmart Theme

A Responsive theme for a Corporate Website.

Max Professional Theme

Max Professional Theme is a clean Drupal 7 theme.

Tristan's Portfolio

This is a low poly model created for the game that I am working on.

This is Tristan protfolio???

960grid theme

Projetc theme 960grid

Design skins for Drupal 7 using famework 960.gs, the project will fully implement obejumować graphics, graphics preparation for publication (cutting and optimization), encoding template with html5 and css elements and execution of skins for Drupal version 7.

The project is scheduled to present the content in the system container_12 with the following networks: grid_2, grid_3, grid_4, grid_9, grid_10 and grid_12.
The total number of regions in the crust: 11
Skin in 5 different color scenes.


This is the theme that was used on the BADCamp site in 2012. It was specifically developed for the Bay Area Drupal camp and is not guaranteed to work on any other site.

This theme is meant for the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal 6.

It is a sub-theme of Zen.

Famous Theme

Its a testing theme.

MM Construction

This is an under-construction theme that will allow different skins to be set in the settings screen.

I want this to remain a sandbox project for the foreseeable future

h0mer theme

Testing sandbox features

Drupac touch

This theme is intended to be used with drupac distribution for libraries


The Beginner Theme is the "Hello World" of theming. If you've never tried to write a theme before, and are somewhat unclear about what that even means, you can start here. The code is extremely short, extensively commented, and meant to be understood by somebody who has never looked at a theme before. Dive right in!

ERPAL Base Theme

This theme is obsolute as we developed a new ERPAL theme