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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.

Ergon Logic Theme

Acquia_slate sub-theme for ergonlogic.com



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It's a platform independent language.



screenshot of Margid theme symbol Magrid (Short for "My grid based theme") aims to be a neat, lean and from scratch neutral looking Drupal 7 theme, with intent to keep as much flexibility as possible from the bottom to the top, delivering free choice of css grids, columns, layouts, responsive webdesign (inkl. IE 6-9), vertical rythm, sprites and many on/off configuration options by default.

For support or if you would like to co-maintain feel free to post in the issue queue.


A base theme based on bootsrap http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/.


Fossis is a genesis sub theme which resembles like http://data.gov.uk .In order to use this theme genesis base theme should be enabled.
This theme is current in development stage so it will be soon available for download


HAGO 0.1 is a Holy Grail version of the Basic theme. It uses the borders of a container division to provide the backgrounds of the sidebars, per http://www.alistapart.com/articles/multicolumnlayouts/ . This uses cleaner markup than providing a separate background division for each column per http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/equal-height-columns-cross-browser-cs... , and is a more lightweight solution than grid-based themes.
HAGO can be installed as a subtheme of basic, a standalone theme, or a hybrid of the two techniques.


As the sidebar backgrounds are supplied by a border and not a division, it is difficult to provide background images and borders that completely fill these columns. In three-column use, the border of one sidebar will not extend fully down unless the content column is shortest.
Also, (surprise, surprise) IE6 compatibility is imperfect if you use borders.


  • 0.4: current three column layout, IE6 compatible w/ minor issues.
  • 0.5: Automatic column detection.
  • 0.6: Add distinctive appearance features.
  • 0.7: Add SASS.
  • 0.8: Cross-browser testing.
  • 0.9: StarterKit
  • 1.0: Stable release.
  • Possible future additions or future projects:

    X09 Theme - The lightweight and easy starter theme

    X09 is Drupal's toolkit for kickstarting websites. It includes base CSS styles for typography, forms, buttons, and more.

    To get started -- checkout the demo at: http://drapul.com

    More Features

    Better Core Drupal Styles
    Drop Down Primary Links
    Built in JQuery Cycle Plugin (sliding header image)
    Based on BluePrint CSS Framework


    A rather direct rip-off of the Fjords Wordpress theme, for Drupal 7.

    Woefully incomplete, created as an exercise. Use at your own risk.

    Awesome Labs

    Simple and yet professional looking HTML5 theme based on Omega.


    A basic theme incorporating CSS3 and HTML5.


    This theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap but with some alterations.

    This theme is a similar idea toTwitter bootstrap however the implementation and design of both are slightly different.

    General styling is offered by the twitter bootstrap CSS but the following have been styled up with overrides (these are what makes it different from the existing twitter bootstrap theme):


    Blue drupal 6.x theme


    Grid based base theme with prototyping options.


    Home Page

    Impulse is an easily customizable and light weight theme for Drupal 7.x,The main feature is you can edit the basic colors for your website like header,footer,links,sidebar,title and slogan color etc.It has 15 regions so you can customize your website in any form.The highlight of this theme is its navigation it is

    very neat and mashable.com like navigation.

    Main Features :-


    The first GPL theme by awiyem.es


    Tableless design
    Strict XHTML and CSS validation
    Eight additional and fully collapsible regions
    One level of suckerfish dropdowns
    Two or Three Sidebars

    Udena Project

    Hello World

    Bartik Plus

    Bartik Plus is a sub-theme of Bartik, and it adds Superfish-enabled drop-down menus. Use it if you like Bartik, but need the main menu to offer more than basic tabs. The code is efficient, minimalistic, and can save you hours of searching and fiddling.

    A long discussion about Bartik + dropdown menus can be found here.

    To use this theme, just enable it and make sure your parent links have "Show as expanded" selected.


    Business Site is simple, blue/orange and beautiful theme for Drupal 7.x. This theme includes a static skyline image.


    A four column Drupal 7.x theme created with 960.gs

    Blossom (Seven sub-theme)

    A sub-theme of the Seven admin theme. Blossom includes UI and UX improvements on top of Seven. It is the default admin theme used in Drupal Gardens.

    MW Vector

    MediaWiki Skin : Vector ported to Drupal.

    Zen Subtheme : Based on Zen 2.x.

    Drupal 6


    A sandbox project for nineEngine, a theming framework for theme developers.
    Project is based of Framework & HTML5 Base/HTML5 Tools.

    Some key features:

    • Semantic markup
    • Good configuration options (Chrome frame, Modenizer, Viewport, Breadcrumb etc.)
    • Set to a 12 column grid of 960px
    • Clean and simplified code and file structure
    • Uses HTML 5 structural markup

    Sponored by: Ninetech


    Conk is an HTML5 responsive base theme geared toward ease of use.


    A Fusion sub-theme


    Live theme at NewsFlash