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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.

Plastic Theme

A flexible theme with many configurable options in the UI.


Aura is a Sassy CSS+Compass powered responsive HTML5 starter theme and set of best practices to make your theme more maintainable and faster.a


Its all about me


Converted from Wordpress theme
Thanks to Esmail raof for making this theme available for rtl languages.


ResponsiveTouch is a port of the Touch theme into a subtheme of Adaptivetheme for Drupal 7. It preserves the original color scheme and style of Touch, but the architecture of ReponsiveTouch is fundamentally different and ultimately easier to extend, customize and maintain.

ResponsiveTouch inherits the rich set of features of Adaptivetheme such as responsive web design, mobile support and advanced theme settings for easy customization.

Badcamp 2011

This is the theme that was used for Badcamp 2011.

Community Theme

A simple theme for community websites.


A table free HTML5 theme with many features and easy to use.


  • Drop-down menu
  • Recolorable theme (Color module)
  • 8 regions: Main header menu (replaces Main menu if active), Secondary header menu (replaces User menu if active), Header (to be removed), Highlighted, Help, Content, Left sidebar, Right sidebar and Footer

Planed features:

  • Alternative header background image

Assyst Theme

Assyst Theme is a minimal, center aligned, multi-column layout theme , with three color styles and fluid or fixed widths. Assyst Theme makes it easy to change things like the sidebar layout, sidebar width, page width etc.

Main Features

3 preset color schemes.
Breadcrumb settings.
Tableless design.
Fluid or Fixed Width layouts.


This project includes the Drupal 7 theme used on the Camerzan.md family website.

At the current moment, it is projected as a stand alone theme with very specific features.
It the future it might me tranformed in a color module theme as a subtheme to either Omega or Grid960.

Corporate theme

This Zen subtheme is the starting point for themeing sites using the Coporate installation profile.

Bluemarine Twig

Twig version of Bluemarine.


Illuminati Theme by Illuminati.co

Foundation Theme

Foundation 3 updated.

An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device by using the Foundation framework.

Flexible Grid
The Grid lets you lay out pages quickly and logically with a flexible, nestable system. Even better, the Grid can be whatever size you need — it's easily adapted to any size screens, from phones to TVs.

HTML5 Admin

A Drupal 7 theme developed from the HTML5 Admin project (http://www.html5admin.com)


OBSOLETE: KP Tripal Theme

DEPRECATED: Tripal has undergone a complete theme re-design causing this theme to break. Since the new Tripal default theme is so nice, only a few modifications are needed. You can now find KnowPulse-related theme tweaks in KP Nodes and KP Views.

A listing-type theme for Tripal content which results in a dynamically generated toolbar with links to Tripal boxes and then each Tripal box is listed below.

ARCHIVE: pepper

This is still in early stages of development

  • Theme with a two column responsive layout based on a grid system.
  • Mobile first
  • CSS written in SASS
  • Supports Display Suite
  • Has Panels Everywhere Support

Tripal Theme

Tripal Theme is a base theme and a collection of templates for the Tripal project. It is designed to provide minimal themeing with maximal customization of biological content through template files.

This theme is only applicable to Tripal for Drupal 6 versions. It is discontinued for Drupal 7 compatible versions of Tripal. Instead templates are provided with the Tripal package rather than via this separate base theme. And Tripal no longer requires a base theme.


HTML5 startup theme

Work in progress....

HTML 5 based theme to adaptive to responsive designs.


Patagonia Theme for Drupal.


Hydroponics retailer located in Beloit Wi. We carry everything from A-Z Educational classes coming soon partnered up with Blackhacwk tech college horticulture teacher the combined knowledge should educate people on how to grow organic vegetables and fruits year round with ease.



This is a lightweight and minimalistic blank canvas theme for Drupal 7.
It is build on HTML 5 and CSS 3, included fluid markup and media queries structure,
so you can support mobile devices in one CSS file.
It is based around typography and html, so 1) all in 'em' and dependent on it; 2) out of box styled specific html tags like 'dfn','abbr','kdb', 'del', 'ins', etc.

Steel in very deep alfa state!

In future I plan add support for grid structure, Google Rich Snippets, and improve HTML5 markup.

Drupal Metro

Drupal Metro is a (under development) theme for Drupal that is based around the design of the Microsoft Metro UI. It is made using CSS3 and HTML5 and uses minimal images.
Themes for major modules will also be released.



The given theme is made for a juridical portal of Belarus and laid out in free using.


Three columns design with 11 regions for blocks

Cross-browser tested in Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox