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Universal Look and Feel

The Universal Look and Feel (ULF) theme was inspired by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat CLF 2.0 (Common Look and Feel 2.0) Web Standard [http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/clf2-nsi2/index-eng.asp].

This theme does not strictly adhere to the standards as laid out by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, but it's fairly close. Right now the focus is on making this theme as functional and useful as possible, and porting to Drupal 7.


Here goes the description


Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 1.21.25 PM.png

Theme based on Balsamiq wireframing tool.

Endic Fashion

Endic Fashion

It is a 2 column, table less layout theme with a top two slideshow and primary menu.

It's Features are,

    * Flexible 2 column with 13 regions and top slide show in front page.
    * Integrated rotating banners system based on jquery cycle: upload banners from theme settings and decide where to rotate them.
    * Progressive enhancement with modernise for css3 features
    * Supports custom logo and favicon
    * Support features like site name, slogan, mission.
    * Custom login and logout


Brutus is a Theme that has been built recently to two basic ideas:

1. Front agile development in a project.
2. Making work of themer developers, easier and more useful for developers and configurators.

- After many years using such powerful themes as:


This is a base theme.

jQuery Mobile Theme


I suck at themeing, and give up working on this.


This is a 7.x theme that uses jQuery Mobile (http://jquerymobile.com/) to format output.



RendElements is a php class for working with Drupal Render Arrays. This is not a theme and it falls outside of the usual project types so this sandbox will be short lived and this project will be part of other themes I work on.

Read Young Hahn's post on the limitations of the theming layer. Especially the part on rules based theming. This isn't the complete solution but a small step in that direction enabled by render arrays.

A demonstration can be seen on Vimeo.

OpenPublic NZ

This is vritually a copy of Open Public Europe but with the New Zealand coat of arms. This project currently merges with the Open Public Europe Git Repository and maintains its own tweaks.

If anyone with more desire to improve the theme and make it more relevant to New Zealand Government, I am happy to consider them project co-maintainers.


Theme which provides styles for various mobile devices (different screen resolutions) as well as styles for larger displays.

My first test sandbox

This is a demo sandbox for testing.

eBook theme

This will be a Drupal theme for public domain eBooks.

The goal is to make a theme that is as cross-device and cross-browser friendly as possible, so that people can conveniently read eBooks in their browser and participate in discussions around those books.


Dwolf is a custom theme to be used for content management systems built with Drupal 7 and based on Omega.

Work on this for the time being is suspended. Too much, too fast, developmental changes to try to keep up with the versioning (after the 3rd required rebuild of my sub-theme.... now focusing on Fusion which is easier to follow and doesnt have the overhead).

Mobile First

A 'mobile first' Drupal base theme.


An admin theme for Drupal configuration pages. By design, it extends the default Drupal admin theme. For Drupal 7 this is the beautiful Seven theme.

Andahalf is a place to iterate on what Seven provides to accomodate D7 contrib UI and Drupal 8. Voila.


A clone of the free Wordpress-Theme Easini http://www.portfolio.zjtthemes.com/?themedemo=easini . Build as an HTML5-Subtheme for Drupal 7 using Omega as Base-Theme

More infomations following soon.


Cleartabs is an advanced theme developed by PAULTHEMES. It contains all key features of a Drupal 7 theme including the Color module.


Drupal 7 theme with color module integration and many regions.


A 960 grid based sleek theme with class. Optimal for fancy home pages.


Reeboot is a unique theme that will have many options for theme configuration built into the Drupal admin. Dev version coming soon.

Reeboot is sponsored by TributeMedia


The CONTRIBUTE theme is a drupal fusion theme designed to allow themers to quickly change up color schemes and add in modules such as () that will have styles applied to them automatically to compliment the theme. The goal of the theme is to provide a polished look in a flexible design framework quickly.

CONTRIBUTE is sponsored by Tribute Media


Redoubt Title

Redoubt is a new Fusion based Drupal theme. It sports all the features of fusion found at http://drupal.org/project/fusion.

It has not yet been fully tested in all browsers but you can see the first installation of this theme at http://www.tricyclemarketing.com


Skinr: if you want to use the block styles for configuring the layout (and you do!), this module is required.



It is two column and color able theme.

* Two Column Theme
* Flexible Menu bar
* Logo, Name and slogan at header
* Separate search region
* Main content with image slideshow
* Footer

Drupal Theme

The New Drupal Theme for drupal 7.0

Showcase Theme

This is the theme version of the Showcase installation profile. Showcase was created specifically for designers and other creatives, looking to showcase their work in portfolio style. We've also created a portfolio carousel module, installed separately, that complements Showcases' style and functionality. Showcase is highly user-configurable with a unique portfolio functionality and is compatible with Drupal 7.

Key Features: