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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


jQM is a jQuery Mobile-based theme. jQuery Mobile (http://jquerymobile.com/) is a mobile web presentation framework for building unified user experiences across a wide range of mobile devices.


I'm try


Fugly Screenshot

The theme features a header with space for two logos/images as well as the site name and slogan. There is a menu region on the left hand side, the top of the content region features an area used to display either the mission statement (front page) or breadcrumb trail (other pages).


A child theme to the 960 grid theme adding option(s) to turn on / off the visible grid for developers. A few more theme options will be supported down the line based on user feedback / requests, and experience using the theme for development


Table less CSS theme with 3 column

Music Mentor Productions

Recording Studio and Production Services

Fusion Commons Sense

A clean, easy-to-customize but fully-styled theme for the Drupal Commons install profile.

Responsive Starter Theme

This is an easy to use starter theme for Drupal 6 to create responsive themes. The CSS is very easy, minimal and well documented.

From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, users are visiting your sites from an increasing array of devices and browsers. This theme has everything you need to get started and create reponsive Drupal themes that scale to various screen sizes.

If there is any intrest in a Drupal 7 version, I would love to create it.


A new HTML5 theme for Drupal 7 based on the Less Framework 4 by Joni Korpi http://lessframework.com/

Less Framework is a CSS grid system for designing adaptive web­sites. It contains 4 layouts and 3 sets of typography presets, all based on a single grid.


a theme for churchs


Nice a clean design as a sub-theme of Omega.

Original Design by Xacobe

Blue heart

Im just checking is it really working

Unicorn SPARQL

A semantic XHTML theme for Drupal 7 featuring enhanced support for RDFa and a sprightly, magical unicorn.




fidi test theme


Test Theme TXF1

Testing Callbacks

A simple way to allow privileged changes to a site by accessing specially named URLs.

Themes tutorial

Git tutorial


New theme for Drupal 7

Clean line

A Drupal theme


Papa is an HTML5 base theme that incorporates theming best practices and shortcuts to theme development. Papa is best used in pair with a custom "child" subtheme (hence the name).


Bakelite is meant to be a drupal base theme that implements some of the UI traits of small display devices(eg. smartphone). It would not be suitable for many sites(perhaps most sites) but would be useful at focused, functional sites. The base theme has a lot of 'chrome' that is only there to keep me focused on the target. Bakelite is an HTML5 document and utilizes CSS3 elements.

slider theme

A new RAWDesigners theme

Domicile Sandbox

A great theme for beginner designers looking to master the dark arts of theming. This design, created by Betty Biesenthal of www.design-house.ca, features a three column layout ideal for simple Web sites. This theme uses the NineSixty base theme for its layout.


Aurelius is a free website template which was built by Matthew Corner.