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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


Drupal theme making heavy use of Twitter bootstrap (github).

Twitter Bootstrap Theme vs Ded Theme

Twitter Bootstrap Project uses less. The PHP less compiler has issues that the less javascript / nodejs compiler doesn't have, creating inconsistent styles. Less inheritance is clunky, nested styles are not inherited. This means using semantic markup is out of the question. This makes it impossible to style Drupal using twitter without lots of theme overrides, which could mess up styles provided by 3rd party modules as the classes will be different.

Ded Theme uses sass to generate styles, this gives better inheritance, and makes integrating Bootstrap into Drupal painless. This theme also gives a smaller CSS footprint as there is no need to include all the bootstrap files, only the ones needed. Semantic markup, you don't have to sprinkle twitter classes in your code, simply use standard Drupal classes. Ded theme uses Drupal's built-in classes and styles them using twitter bootstrap css.

Creating a Subtheme


Altering the Styles

I recommend you use Compass to modify the themes.

Web Experience Toolkit: Shiny

A theme built exclusively for the Drupal Installer to provide a more visually appealing first impression.

Key Features

  • Custom installation theme


MaPS Commerce theme

Logo MaPS System

This theme is used with the MaPS Commerce distribution, for the demonstration.


WhiteCanvas and Zurb Foundation

Whitecanvas is a Drupal 8 Theme aimed to take advantage of SASS and twig. The goal is to have a theme that allows you to use different CSS Frameworks for different projects without much change.

The idea is that you can use a SASS variables and mixins to handle the grid and this should translate to the CSS Framework of your preference.

Also to use extensible blocks, so instead of overwriting templates you extend them, this will allow for a better upgrading and Template simplification, at least, that is the dream.

Signage Theme

The Signage Theme is the default base theme for the Signage distribution.

The 7.x-1.x branch of Signage Theme is built off of the Boilerplate theme.


TeaTheme is a versatile Drupal 8 theme with a gulp workflow.

Minimax Theme

Theme is in development state

Blue Nile

Picture 1.png

Theme is inspired by OpenOffice.Org site theme and based on Framework base theme.



pgtheme is a Drupal 6.x theme based on postgresql.org layout.


Recycled: Drupal Theme

Based on the 960 Grid System, Recycled is an interesting "green theme", inspired by recycled cardboard products.


  • Super Fish navigation menu
  • Many block regions, including 3 inline regions
  • Edit links on node teasers, blocks and nav menu
  • Detected browser body classes
  • jQuery based tool tips
  • many more...

Genesis Zine

Genesis Zine

Genesis Zine is a sub-theme for the Genesis theme framework.

You must first download and install Genesis 6.x-1.2 base theme and then install Zine.

Note: you must use Genesis 6.x-1.2, this sub-theme is not yet compatible with Genesis 6.x-2.x.

Genesis Zine is block type theme for Drupal 6 and supports 1, 2 or 3 column layouts.



Minimalist theme.



Create content page

Strix is a theme specifically designed for the Drupal administration pages. It is built as a sub theme of Zen,


fluxkraft logo

A theme for the fluxkraft distribution.

Based on latest Omega 4.x.

Follows Drupal 8 CSS Coding Standards whenever possible.

Comes with some preconfigured panels layouts and tastes good with Panels Everywhere.



A refreshing theme that aims the quick deploy in any browser with small foot-print but at the same time without sacrificing good design quality.
Let me know if it is working. If you have any question, please subscribe here Thank you. :-)

Light Brown

Light Brown screenshot

Light Brown theme is a simple Drupal Theme with three regions (header, sidebar and content). It is easily customizable.

You can see it in action on the demo website.

Author Home Page



This theme is ugly at first glance. Until one looks at the rendered source of a page that they can fully appreciate it. The idea was to create a theme that would make formatting the underlying XHTML and CSS easier for the pure themer and give them a fairly blank canvas to work with.

Hopefully you will find it quite beautiful on the inside.

Development and maintenance sponsored by pingVision.

Happy Pixels


Happypixels is the theme I developed for my personal homepage.

It is a sub-theme for Garland, but using a different base image for the color module. The base image was created using the open source program Inkscape, the original svg files are included.



Clearlooks is a theme resembling the default GNOME theme. It is light blue and white and has high contrast for easy readability.


  • Fluid width
  • Looks fine on 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and above
  • 1, 2 or no columns
  • Standards compliant - XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Fast to load - Small sized images
  • Icon theme - GNOME icon theme and Tango icon theme

960.gs Fluid

This is going to be a theme that uses the 960.gs framework with the fluid elements in it.

Compact Lime


A classic theme for collaboration websites. Small footprint with focus on content.


  • Support for site name, slogan, primary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
  • Fluid width layout
  • Drop-down primary links menu
  • Cross browser compatible

Tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2 & Chrome


Abaca Theme

Abaca has a dark background with white text, has one column on the right side with the primary navigation at the top. A demo is available.

This theme was created by Drop Ship access for use with a blog or webstore.

Floater Theme

This is a basic theme intended for sites that want to get away from the column feel, yet want to have a fluid look. This approach uses fixed-width content area to help ensure readability, while blocks "float" against it. (Hence the name.)


This is a hybrid approach to fluid layout:


Onus is Tao sub-theme with simple grid layout.
I intent to use Onus as base theme for Drupal 7 version of my previous themes.