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NonZeroRed DTB

NonZero DTB Preview

NonZero DTB is a strict xHTML validated, standards compliant CSS based drupal template with striking bold layout.
It has a fluid width which aligns the sidebars and menu items itself on the page with an eye-catching red color theme. It is a very lightweight and fast loading theme.

Live demo can be seen here for the Drupal v6.x version: NonZero DTB preview

Ubuntu Drupal Theme

Ubuntu Drupal w/ UD Modules

Development of the brown version has ceased. It is being kept for those that still use it... Unless you would like to join our development team to maintain it.

We have shifted focus to http://drupal.org/project/udtheme-2010


This theme is designed to mimic the old ubuntu.com. This theme is not meant to be an exact copy. It maintains legal distinction with styles but allows offers unmistakable similarities.


Drupal 7 version of theme

Dessert is a theme created by Outcome3. Dessert is a simple, fixed width, layout, with a dessert themed colour scheme.

A Demo of this theme is available.


Motion theme originally designed by 85ideas.com and ported to drupal.


* Primary Links
* Comment User Picture
* Search box
* Site slogan
* Site mission
* Site footer
* 2 columns



runvsc is a tight, mean pre-processing base theme; all of the logic / markup is built from within the template.php.

I created this base theme system because I wanted create a lightweight, powerful and modular Theming System for professional Front End and Back End Developers. runvsc wants you to create your own library of reliable, reusable code snippets ;)

Grumpy Monkey


A basic theme for a personal blog.

Conversion of an old, site-specific Drupal 5.x theme to a generalised Drupal 7.x theme.


Lucid Main goal

  • A responsive HTML5 theme as dynamic as any Drupal base theme.

Javascript libraries needed for IE

For the HTML5 markup and the responsive design (css media queries) to work properly in older versions of Internet Explorer you need to use two external javascript sources. We recommend the following solutions. Download both of these and place them in a libraries folder of your choice.

If these files aren't downloaded Lucid will load them from their external sources. It is recommended that you download them and let Drupal load them locally, though.

Responsive layout


  • Template files and layout should as far as possible use HTML 5 markup.
  • Question: To what extent are we going to override markup output from Drupal Core and Contrib?


This project is unsupported due to a licensing issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See #2764555: 3rd party files in in Panelli Git repo (LWG issue) for details.

If you want to use this project your options are:

Web Experience Toolkit: AdaptiveTheme

AdaptiveTheme for Drupal WEM.

This module is part of the Web Experience Toolkit Distribution which requires several modules and libraries. See the WetKit project page for more information and file all issues in the main issue queue.


Locke is a Radix sub-theme taking advantage of the integration with the Panopoly Drupal distribution. Locke was created to be used as a starter theme for Open Academy, a Drupal distribution based on Panopoly.

Locke has minimal style, just enough to look good.


  • Radix

MaPS Commerce theme

Logo MaPS System

This theme is used with the MaPS Commerce distribution, for the demonstration.

DC scratch

DC scratch theme screenshot

DC scratch is a clean, simple, elegant, and beautiful Drupal 7 responsive theme designed for cross browser/cross device websites and is suitable for all types of websites; from corporate site to blog site. The responsive menu is created using Only CSS. A flexible and a light weight theme.
Simple and clean design
Drupal standards compliant

My effort and focus is to bring top quality themes to Drupal community.

This theme is compatible with Drupal 7.x.x
No base theme needed, simply use this theme on its own.

Personal Blog Theme

Personal Blog Drupal 8 Theme

Personal Blog Theme is the exclusive Drupal 8 theme served for all individuals wishing to create a personal site, a portfolio page. If you want to have a place to spread your words, and your ideas to the world, this would be your ideal option.

The theme looks simple, boldly styled, and this is what the intention is when creating a personal site. Who says, Drupal can not build a brilliant good looking blog, check it out and see. Another distinguished point of the theme is that this is a contributing free theme in Drupal 8, compared to the premium version in Drupal 7.


What is "Pistachio"?

The purpose of this theme is to serve as an example of all the features a theme can have. Pistachio is not intended for actual use on a site, and definitely should not be used on a production site.

Guru Theme

Guru is a Drupal 8 base theme with kss styleguide.

It’s not a ready made out of the box theme you just need to enable, but a a gulp based theme workflow to enable in browser, style guide driven and mobile first theme development.

Target audience

Target audience for the guru theme are frontend developers want to use SMACSS to structure SCSS and KSS to document the SCSS code.

The focus of Guru theme is fastest possible compilation of SCSS and a documentation of code.

By rendering a living styleguide out of the SCSS comments section (think of it as PHP doc for SCSS) you gonna have great reference for your Co-workers, PM’s and Designers. It will help you to avoid CSS bloat because you and your team will know what you already have implemented and enable you a high level of code reuse.

The look and feel of the theme is entirely in your own hands. You will have a bunch of features enhancing development speed and tons of examples rendering into a full styleguide. The styleguide comes with a template and can be adapted to your requirements very easily.

Check out the my screencast to get started.

Musica - a modern responsive music player

Turn your website into an advanced music player! Musica is a modern and flexible theme built using the UIKIT framework. This allows for an amazing level of control and versatility with page display options while creating a minimum of bloat from unnecessary js/css references(uikit).


Menuistic Drupal theme by cmsbots.com

How about displaying the Drupal menu in frontpage as neat pinterest style boxes? Its cool. Especially for the document sites. You can control list of menus, depth of menus from the theme settings page. Menuistic theme makes drupal menus looks cool.

Menuistic is Bootstrap powered, Modern, responsive and color-able drupal template. It is a sub-theme of mbase

Form3 - Universal modern theme structure using UIkitty 3.x(Uikit 3)

Some cool menu features and a special video tutorial page template.


This theme is brand new and in early stage of development so many changes will be taking place over the next couple months. At this point this theme is best used either as starting point for working with the new UIkitty 3.x or for devs interested in contributing, we welcome your contributions and feedback!

Stans Pals

Stans Pals is a Subtheme of the business theme, designed firstly to make the view a little less formal. Secondly to change the theme to have certain dynamic scaling elements to fit the size of the screen. There is a second theme "Stans Pals Mobile" which focuses on extending Stans Pals with a more mobile friendly slant but this is not required as the standard theme will still dynamically scale much smaller than the average desktop size.

Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard Framework is a responsive Drupal theme based on the Whiteboard Framework theme for WordPress.



ImpreZZ for Drupal is based on the WordPress theme ImpreZZ, which was created by ProductiveDreams for Smashing Magazine.

ImpreZZ has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to bring quality WP themes to Drupal.

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ImpreZZ Live Demo


  • 3 columns layout
  • Middle column main navigation
  • Lightweight. Almost done without images
  • Clear layout
  • Ideal for blogs

Fusion Swimmingly

Fusion-based theme built specifically for the Conference Organizing Distribution!

ELMS Themes

This is a bundling of the themes developed specifically for course websites in ELMS. While these themes will work on any drupal website they are being bundled together to allow for easier management with the ELMS distribution.

There are currently 15 course themes included in this package with more to come in the future.

Internet Jobs

Internet Jobs

This is a port of the "Internet Jobs" theme found (by the same name) on www.openwebdesign.org. This is a fixed width 2 column layout. The theme uses the PHPTemplate engine.

Large sceenshot here.

Autumn Almanac

Autumn Almanac

Autumn Almanac is a seasonal theme that is build on a 16 column 960px grid. The columns are 40px wide with 20px guttering and 10px margins.

The theme has been tested in all major browsers although you'll need the PNG Fix module for some images to be seen correctly in IE6.

It can either be a two column layout or three, and there are three optional block regions in the footer.

Autumn Almanac uses jQuery Curvy Corners script.