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Pari Drupal Theme

Pari theme is designed and developed by Drupar.com

Pari is very light weight but very powerful and professional Drupal theme with modern look and feel. This theme is perfect for Business websites, Corporate websites, Portfolio, Personal / Blog websites.



For holding alternate versions of the core stable theme for Drupal 8.



Drupal 8 Guru Theme

Guru is a gulp based Drupal 8 theme base with kss styleguide


  • libsass for fast scss compilation
  • browserSync for an amazing developing and testing experience
  • singularity.gs css grid system (you may know from omega4)
  • KSS-Node to create stylesheets and maintain your style library
  • Live Editing of scss in site and styleguide
  • The styleguide enables you prototyping in SCSS with custom HTML in the comments section
  • SCSS linting to drupal SCSS standards while live editing
  • gulp as a build tool
  • sourcemaps
  • autoprefixer

U.S. Web Design Standards

Screenshots of the 'U.S. Web Design Standards' website

A Drupal implementation of the U.S. Web Design Standards. Development currently in progress at https://github.com/18F/web-design-standards-drupal-d7.

Development supported by 18F.

U.S. Web Design Standards Theme

U.S Web Design Standards Theme

A Drupal theme that ships with the U.S Web Design Standards framework. The entire library has been added so that you can take advantage of all it's rich features which can be read on their website.

Multipurpose Corporate Theme

Multipurpose corporate theme is a modern-looking theme by ADCI Solutions. It can be used for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions and more.

The theme includes a variety of blocks, a nice portfolio page, blog page and typography page.

The theme is fully responsive and looks nice from any device.

If you would like to have a corporate website in a several clicks, check out our Multipurpose Corporate Installation Profile.


Simply Blue

Simply Blue is simple, elegant and responsive Drupal theme. It can be used for blogs, small business, movies and variety of other websites. The theme was designed using flat elements for the header, navigation, buttons and more. You can easily modify this theme as per your requirement. It is very flexible and easy to re-design as well.


This theme is compatible with Drupal 7.x


Ara (أرى) is a project for a base theme that supports RTL and uses latest front end development technologies (libsass with sassC, bourbon/neat/bitters/refills, smacss principles...)

Restaurant Seven

The administration theme for Open Restaurant.

This theme is part of Open Restaurant which requires several other modules and libraries. See the Open Restaurant project page for more information.

Need help? File all issues in the main issue queue.



Vanilla is not a basetheme, well it kinda is but its more a theme with all kinds of stuff that i want to have in a theme when i start out making Drupal8 magic

development: https://github.com/mortendk/vanilla

github & issues
the development of the theme will be over at github. cause i like PR.
issues & releases will be here in d.o, cause still <3 d.o but hate em patches ;)



What is "Pistachio"?

The purpose of this theme is to serve as an example of all the features a theme can have. Pistachio is not intended for actual use on a site, and definitely should not be used on a production site.


Paradise Blogs

Theme for Drupal 8. Responsive design taking Classy as the base.


A base theme with Bootstrap, the ProudCity Pattern Library and Radix.

View the pattern library. More documentation to come.



Cronos3d is a Bootstrap 3 subtheme containing a responsive right menubar created by Cronos Business Services. The menubar contain the primary and secondary links by default (you can disable it in the theme's settings). The menubar is also a region that may contain any system and custom blocks

Flexible Zymphonies Theme

Flexible zymphonies theme is modern, clean and professionally crafted Drupal theme. It has one, two, three column layouts. This Theme suits for any type of corporate, business, marketing etc. This theme is completely free and contributed by Zymphonies team.

Theme Live Demo | More Advanced Themes



Glass is a bootstrap theme with full responsive layout.

Cronos Z

Cronos Z is a Bootstrap 3 subtheme containing a responsive right menubar.

The menubar contain the primary and secondary links by default (you can disable it in the theme's settings).
The menubar is also a region that may contain any system and custom blocks.

Classy Boot

A fully responsive drupal theme with many features inside

UIkit framework

Uikit frontend framework

A theme to port Uikit on drupal cms.



Drupal 8 admin theme based on AdminLTE theme by Almaseed Studio: https://almsaeedstudio.com/preview

Light Skeleton

Light Skeleton Logo


Light Skeleton is a theme base on version of Skeleton v2. The goal of this project is trying to be as close as Skeleton v2 in the Drupal theme. Light Skeleton is a very lightweight theme that does not require any type of compiling, and the styles designed to be a starting point, not a UI framework.




Solid is a Twig for Drupal 7 base theme that tries to remove as much of the cruft created by core so you can write your new twig theme as clean as possible.


materializecss logo


This is another attempt to merge drupal 7 and materializecss
This theme is under development, so use it on your own risk on deployment sites, however, I'll try to write enouth documentation to make it easy to the costumize ;)