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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


Bluez Theme

Bluez is a drupal based corporate look 960px fixed width theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight for fast loading with modern look.

It covers,
- Simple and clean design
- Fixed width (960px), 2 Column Layout
- Drupal standards compliant
- CSS based Multi-level drop-down menus
- Custom and configurable JS Slideshow
- Customized templates includes configurable Welcome, Promoted blocks
- Use of Google Web Fonts

Bluez Theme Settings


Multipurpose Theme

Multipurpose Drupal Theme

Multipurpose theme is an elegant and flat responsive Drupal theme design by Devsaran. This theme could easily be used for a blog, small business, portfolio or a variety of other websites. The theme was designed using flat elements for the header, navigation, buttons and more. This sharp design is elegant, modern and functional. The clean elements are easy for users to understand and make navigating your website a pleasure.


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
  • Simple, Minimal and Clean Design
  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Mobile support (Smartphone, Tablet, Android, iPhone, etc)
  • Flex Image Slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • A total of 12 block regions
  • Drupal standards compliant and Supported standard theme features
  • Google Font and nice typography
  • Ideal for business, company and portfolio sites
  • Detailed CSS rules for Typography, Forms Elements, Node Teaser, Comments, etc.

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Aurora is an HTML5, Sass and Compass powered minimalist base theme. It is optimized for both responsive and mobile first web design. Built to encourage best modern front end practices, Aurora comes with, LiveReload, and Typekit integrations, with advanced integrations with Bower for package management and Gulp for task management (Sass compiling, JS Hinting, Image Optimization, and app-free Live Reloading out of the box) available. It also suggests and recommends Drupal modules to get the most out of both Aurora and out of Drupal. All of the optimizations and integrations in Aurora are designed to be there only when you need them and get out of your way when you don't.


Responsive Green

Responsive Green

Responsive Green is a professional responsive theme.
The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight for fast loading with modern look.


Open Atrium Radix

Default theme for Open Atrium 2. A sub-theme of the Radix theme for Panopoly.

Generating a Subtheme

Instructions for generating a sub-theme from oa_radix are here: https://www.drupal.org/node/2377741


Creative Theme

Creative Theme

Creative Theme is a very clean and modern business and portfolio Drupal 7 theme that is perfect for any small or large business website, corporate or portfolio. I have created this theme with a focus on simplicity. If you want a very clean yet powerful website, Creative Theme might be the theme you seek.


  • Simple, Unique and Creative Design
  • Fixed Width (978px)
  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • jQuery Cycle Image Slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • A total of 12 regions
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • Facebook, Twitter and other Social Icon.
  • Configurable layout : Sidebar can be Right or Left
  • Minimal design and nice typography
  • Supported standard theme features: site logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
  • Ideal for business, company and portfolio sites

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TB Sirate

responsive TB Sirate

UPDATE 09 July 2013: User guide for TB Sirate is now available at http://themebrain.com/guide/how-build-tb-sirate.

UPDATE 29 May 2013: TB Sirate now has TB MegaMenu built-in! Check out our new module TB Megamenu here

UPDATE 5 January 2013: TB Sirate received a face lift and is now fully responsive.

Impress your business partners with a well-organized, an informative online profile and a professional look. Clean layout and light weight code make TB Sirate becomes a great theme for small, medium-sized businesses or big corporations to get up and run quickly. TB Sirate features as a sub-theme of Drupal Nucleus.

Explore and see how powerful Nucleus could be.
Learn more about Nucleus - Themebrain.


  • Flexible column width
  • Content types: book page, photo stream, polls, blog, articles, and forum topic
  • Standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS
  • Cross browser compatible on latest versions of IE-7, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari

Supported Modules


Urban Solice

Urban Solice Drupal 7 Screenshot

Theme overview:

Urban Solice is a professionally designed, well-organized, Drupal 7 base theme. Urban Solice's neutral color scheme and clean layout make it an ideal theme for small or medium-sized businesses wanting a premium theme that installs and configures quickly.

Theme features include:

  • Very clean, professional design
  • 1, 2 or 3 column layout with column detection that changes side column widths based on the number of columns a user chooses.
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • 15 collapsible block regions
  • Built-in Banner region
  • Supports custom logo and favicon
  • Support features like site name, slogan
  • Custom login and logout
  • Heading optimization for SEO


LevelTen Logo


Impact Theme

Impact Theme Screenshot

Impact Theme is a responsive multipurpose Drupal 7 theme. We have created the theme with a wide range of sites in mind.

Impact Theme is an advance version of our popular theme Responsive Blog. We have altered our Responsive Blog theme with a touch of dark background and blue styling to make it more elegant. The theme is completely responsive, and has been tested on the iPhone and iPad for optimal performance. This is an all around great theme, useful for almost any project.


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
  • 1-column and 2-coumns layout support
  • A total of 12 block regions
  • Configurable layout : Sidebar can be Right or Left
  • Mobile support (Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Configurable jQuery Cycle Image Slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual support)
  • Minimal design and nice typography
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • Detailed CSS rules for Typography, Forms Elements, Node Teaser, Comments, etc.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other Social Icon.

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Footheme is a starter sub-theme for Corolla, Sky, Pixture Reloaded or AT Commerce - it fully supports the color module and the extensive theme settings featured in those themes.

Footheme will also work with any of our Premium Drupal Themes.

Note that out of the box this theme is configured to work with Corolla - you will need to make some small adjustments if using Sky, Pixture Reloaded or AT Commerce.

Instructions are included in the README or you can view our online help page.

Due to the complexity of sub-theming these colorable themes we built this easy to configure starter theme which can get you up and sub-theming very quickly.

It accounts for the color settings, theme settings (inherited from Adaptivetheme and the stylized sub-theme) and has user friendly features for adding stylesheets and CSS for Internet Explorer.

To use Footheme you first need to stall its dependencies:

Any one of:

And the base theme for those themes:




Mobile theme provides clean markup and content for your own custom styling

Mobile is designed as a mobile-only HTML5 theme with a focus on clean, readable, usable display of content and accessibility of functions. You can use the base theme, use one of the included child themes, or make your own child theme.

The intent here is to keep the theme clean, lightweight and simple. There are not oodles of custom variables, theme settings or extraneous stylesheets to manage.



Mobile 3.x branch is HTML5/CSS3, with support for most modern mobile browsers. Recommended: Modernizr to enhance support for browsers less supportive of HTML5. See http://mobilehtml5.org/ and http://caniuse.com for up-to-date info on what browsers support the HTML5 features you need.

Three Themes

Mobile – Base theme focusing on layout and templates.
Mobile Light – Some limited CSS for an aesthetically pleasing light-colored theme.
Mobile Dark – Some limited CSS for an aesthetically pleasing dark-colored theme.

See Branch 3.x Status, below, for important information.

Drupal 7

Branch 3.x (HTML5)

Focus is on user-facing output. As HTML5 is evolving, so will this branch of the theme, at least until there's a stable 1.0 release.



CTI Flex


The CTI Flex theme is a flexible and highly customizable Zen sub-theme with many configurable styles and colors.

Important Zen compatibility note

CTI Flex 7.x-1.0 is compatible with Zen 7.x-3.1 and earlier. This theme will not be further developed to make it compatible with the 7.x-5.x version of Zen.

Features for Drupal 7

  • A Zen-based theme
  • 1,2 or 3 columns
  • 14 collapsible block regions (preview)
  • Two fixed width (960 pixels) layout styles and one fluid width style (preview)
  • 22 pre-designed color schemes (slideshow)
  • A helper style sheet with a simple set of base styles to make it easy to create a custom color scheme
  • Configurable font styles
  • Optional CSS3 round corners (in compliant browsers)
  • Extra block styles if used with the Skinr module
  • Built-in styling for dropdown menus if used with the Superfish module




Kanji is a standards compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict, table-less theme with up to 10 regions, designed and developed by Carette Donny.



Journal Crunch


JournalCruch for Drupal by More than (just) Themes is based on the WordPress' JournalCruch theme, which was designed by Site5 for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

JournalCruch has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to bring quality themes to Drupal community.

To stay tuned with new theme releases, updates to existing themes, offers and other goodies follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Check out our blog too.

Live Demo

Screen shots



Dark Elegant

Dark Elegant

Dark Elegant is another beautiful and very powerful premium Drupal 7 theme created by Devsaran, specifically for corporate business and portfolio websites. Dark Elegant is a multipurpose Drupal theme. We have created the theme with a wide range of sites in mind. Whether you are creating a corporate site, or a simple landing page for your services, or just a blog, Dark Elegant has you covered.


  • Simple and Clean Design
  • Fixed Width (960px)
  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Configurable layout : Sidebar can be Right or Left
  • Flex Slider (Customizable)
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu support)
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • A total of 12 regions
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • Customizable Background Image
  • Minimal design and nice typography
  • Supported standard theme features: site name, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
  • Tested on browsers: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE and yes also IE7

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Drupal Gratis, Desktop, Tablet and phone

A LibSass based responsive Drupal 7 theme

Gratis is a modern, flat design, and responsive Drupal 7 theme. It's developed and designed by Danny Englander (@Danny_Englander).

Gratis 2 / LibSass version / demo

Gratis 2 for Drupal 7 incorporates LibSass, Bourbon, Susy, and Grunt. Gratis is somewhat the antithesis of frameworks like Zurb Foundation and Bootstrap. It's minimalistic with no rigid grid classes. Over time Gratis has evolved to be a little more esoteric. Full sub-theming is now supported and a starter kit comes with the theme.

Gratis is aimed at users who want to get a nice looking theme up and running in short order, but may not want to take the time to create a sub-theme and fiddle with regions, settings, media queries, and other highly technical things. It's also aimed at a casual Drupal user who has some familiarity with building sites. This theme also does not require any base theme.

Gratis 2 demo:


Please be sure to read all the documentation.



Radix is a base theme for Drupal. It has Sass and Compass support, and makes it easy to build responsive themes.


Fresh Theme

Fresh theme

Fresh Theme is a great looking Drupal 7 theme. The theme is a great option for online blogs and magazines that want to present their news and information in an easy to follow, and aesthetically pleasing manner. This theme is also great for portfolio and personal websites. The design is very unique and stylish and it has some great features. This theme is perfect for personal blog websites, and is packed with features and sweet details.


  • Fixed width (900px)
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • 1 or 2 column layout.
  • Stylish and Modern Design
  • 10+ collapsible blocks region.
  • Implementation of a JS Slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • Configurable layout : Sidebar can be Right or Left
  • Use of Google Web Fonts and Nice Typography
  • HTML5 & super clean markup
  • Supported standard theme features: site logo, site name, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
  • Tested on browsers: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE and yes also IE7

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BlogBuzz 7.x is available now! It is RC release because it has dependency on other modules. When all dependent modules catch up with Drupal 7, we will have BlogBuzz 7.x official release. Meanwhile feel free to install.

Give your Drupal blog a fresh new look with BlogBuzz I & II! BlogBuzz is a lightweight, tableless blog Drupal theme developed by Antsin.com

BlogBuzz I & II different by style. So pick your favour, we support both.


Likable Clean Theme

Likable Clean Theme is a clean, multi-column Drupal 7 theme with many block regions and a slideshow ready for use.

  • Clean design
  • HTML5
  • Fixed width 1000px
  • Multiple columns - 1, 2, or 3
  • Multi-level drop-down menus
  • Many block regions
  • Support custom logo
  • Ready to use slideshow

This theme supports the Superfish module.

How to setup the Superfish menu:


Acquia Slate

Acquia Slate

NEW: Port of this theme to the Fusion theme system with tons of new features is up in the 3.x branch! The Fusion base theme and Skinr (2.x dev [installation instructions] if you want to use the photo banner) are required for the 3.x version.

Acquia Slate is an advanced, dark, corporate Drupal theme developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution.

Photo featured in initial release has been kindly released under the GPL by Rodrigo.

Features - 2.x

  • 1, 2 (either sidebar), or 3 column layout
  • 14 collapsible block regions
  • Custom front page layout with block/menu overlay and photo
  • Additional block regions on inner content pages


ZURB Foundation


Do you like grid systems? How about rapid prototyping? Do you believe in mobile first? Then this theme is for you.

From the Zurb Foundation homepage:

An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.

Mockups don't tell a story. Build a prototype in no time.

The difference between a good site and a great site is iteration — building something, playing with it, refining it. In Foundation, we've included dozens of styles to help you quickly prototype a site.

See Zurb Foundation in the wild.

Read the Zurb Foundation Docs

In order to use this theme effectively, it may help if you learn how to use Zurb Foundation's built in classes and components:


Boron (HTML5 base theme)


Boron is a base theme for Drupal which converts the core template files to HTML5 markup. Like other minimal base themes, such as Zen and Stark, it includes only a few lines of layout-driven CSS, and markup that is search engine optimized.

Unlike the others, Boron utilizes the new HTML5 doctype and semantic elements, such as Article, Header, Footer, and Section. The result is a standards-compliant theme with valid markup and minimal CSS that can be used as a jumping off point for developing new sub-themes. This leaves your site positioned to take advantage of new HTML5 features as they come into vogue.

Note: If you prefer Zen, check out our Boron for Zen sub-theme! All the benefits of Zen, with all the HTML5 goodness of Boron.


The goal of developing this theme was to convert the core Drupal templates to HTML5. Wherever possible, core markup, attributes and class names were left intact, and elements were simply converted to their HTML5 equivalents. This should make development easier, since this theme follows the standards and philosophies established by the core templates.


  • HTML5 doctype and meta content-type
  • Header and Footer sections marked up with header and footer elements
  • Navigation marked up with nav elements


Business Theme

Zymphonies Theme

Business theme is a Zymphonies theme. This theme is not dependent on any core theme. It's very light weight with modern look and feel. Read more

Theme Live Demo | More Advanced Themes



NewsFlash Screenshot

NewsFlash is the latest GPL theme by RoopleTheme. It features 7 color styles, 12 collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, fluid or fixed widths, built-in IE transparent PNG fix, and lots more. To see NewsFlash in action, take a look at the NewsFlash demo site.

NewsFlash 2.3 has now RTL Support

RTL suport wont realy work in IE 6 And 7 if you use IE then use IE 8 or Higher
the typography has been improved and and can use by follow to
<div class="alert-custom">...</div>
<div class="info-custom">...</div>
<div class="help-custom">...</div>
<div class="note-custom">...</div>
<div class="xfer-custom">...</div>

NewsFlash 2.x is completely revised, it is now fully compatible with Drupal7.

some things has been changed and improved.
the commentary- and forums views has been completly re-designed.
addet typography.
<span class="alert">...</span>
<span class="info">...</span>
<span class="help">...</span>
<span class="note">...</span>
<span class="xfer">...</span>

the other fetures are the same as in version 1.6

NewsFlash Version 1.6 is largely a ground-up rewrite of the theme.

Numerous things have been added, changed, or fixed. Here's a summary of the major changes:

  • Drupal 6 Compatibility: NewsFlash 0.16 is now available for Drupal versions 5.x and 6.x.
  • Pure CSS Tableless Design: NewsFlash has been re-designed to use pure CSS for layout.
  • CSS and XHTML Valid: NewsFlash 0.16 validates to XHTML and CSS specifications according to the W3C web standards.
  • 4 New Color Schemes: NewsFlash 0.16 includes four new color schemes: red, black, violet, and aqua.
  • Suckerfish Menus: NewsFlash 0.16 has built-in support for drop-down suckerfish menus.
  • Themed Logo: NewsFlash 0.16 supports separate logos for each available color style.
  • Selectible Font Faimly: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to select from several pre-defined Font Families, or to specify a custom Font Family.
  • Local Content CSS File: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify a CSS file local to your Drupal installation that will be included in the generated pages.
  • Configurable Sidebar Width: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify separate widths for each sidebar.
  • Configurable Logo Size: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify the logo image size for compatibility with the IE PNG fix.IE PNG fix only in Drupal 6 version
  • New Handbook: Complete instructions for installing and using NewsFlash 0.16 are available in the new NewsFlash Handbook.
  • Improved Text Display: In addition to the new font family support, NewsFlash 0.16 provides improved line spacing for both Headings and Body elements. The use of the bold attribute has been reduced in many areas.