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A responsive theme for the Restaurant Distribution.

Drupal Restaurant


  1. Radix
  2. Radix Layouts



The Corky theme is an office style theme with a bulletin board background complete with push pins. It is a fluid div based layout with a number of regions that allow site flexibility.

If you like this theme follow us on twitter: @rapiddoodle, @edelachev, @p_rip

Corky was sponsored by Rapid Doodle Designs


White is the color of fresh milk, snow, salt and sugar. White color most often associated with innocence, perfection, good, honesty, cleanliness, beginning, new, purity , lightness, equality, implying fairness, impartiality and holiness.

Design of White Drupal theme with plenty of white space. White is a cool, powerful, clean, Responsive Drupal theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (itapplication).

White Drupal theme

Theme support for -

  • Logo.
  • Site Name
  • Breadcrumb.
  • Slogan, Tag line
  • Highlighted region.
  • Full width page(s). Without sidebar.
  • 2 column page(s). One sidebar.
  • 3 column page(s). Two sidebar.

Light weight theme

Features of theme

  • Table-less design.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Optimized images.
  • Eight regions to put blocks.
  • Theme support Drop down menu out-of-box. Main menu as a Drop down menu by default. No need to install and configure any module(like nice-menu) or no need to install any library or JQuery to enable drop down menu.

Advance features

  • Footer copyright text can be set, edit through theme setting page.
  • Slide show. Slider for front page. Easy to setup slide show through theme setting page.

OM Admin Theme

OM Admin 2 Documentation

OM Admin is a subtheme of OM Base Theme.

This Admin Theme is meant to be installed with Admin Menu module, the most powerful administration menu. Together, OM Admin theme and Admin Menu work hand in hand with functionalities and simplified admin page layouts.

Documentation (ver 2.x)

Documentation (ver 1.x)

Base Theme

  • OM Base Theme - Simple, professional, lightweight base theme, for custom theming

Related Projects

    Business Yellow

    Business Yello Home Page

    Business Yellow is a business style theme easy accessible and clean design with a professional outlook, div based, fixed width, three column layout. It is designed and developed by Zyxware Technologies. This theme is based on the 960 Grid System.

    The theme has been tested in Firefox 14.0, Google Chrome 21.0, Chromium 18.0 (all in Ubuntu). The theme is fully XHTML and CSS compliant. Let us know the compatibilities in other browsers and we can update the list here.


    A single page view of the barlow theme on my blog.

    A sober but stylish theme, good for blogs.


    • Simple 1, 2 or 3 columns fixed layout
    • Nice semantic calendar markups for posts
    • Ported to the last 2 versions of Drupal
    • Supports menus in the footer
    • i18n support (translated to french)



    Screenshot of the Stark theme

    The Stark theme is provided for demonstration purposes; it uses Drupal’s default HTML markup and CSS styles. It can be used as a troubleshooting tool to determine whether module-related CSS and JavaScript are interfering with a more complex theme, and can be used by designers interested in studying Drupal’s default markup without the interference of changes commonly made by more complex themes.

    Mystique Theme

    Mystique Home Page

    7.x port of mystique_theme and 6.x bug fixes released

    - Now the the content area expands if there is no sidebar content.

    This is a port of the popular Mystique theme from Wordpress. Mystique is a clean theme with a div based, fixed/fluid width, 2/3-column layout (content+right sidebar and optionally left sidebar).

    PM Vista

    PM Vista is a sub theme for Omega

    PM Vista is being developed to make Project Management Module look good. PM Vista overrides few theme function used by PM module.


    Fervens Drupal theme

    The theme has been removed because it contained code not licensed under the correct license.

    Please visit http://kahthong.com/node/17 to download the latest Fervens.


    Screenshot: Alloy Theme

    A simple responsive subtheme for the base theme Fusion. Uses all of Fusion's default regions and adds a few extra CSS3-enhanced skins for blocks. Detailed README file includes instructions for flyout menus with Superfish, and older IE support with the polyfill css3-mediaqueries.js via Fusion Accelerator.


    Default Colors


    DruMob is a mobile application theme. It is highly customizable Drupal based theme, allows you to insert mobile optimised toolbars, side menu and mobile header into your Drupal instance.



    Drupify is a port of a Joomla theme called RokWebify from RocketTheme. Drupify includes many optional content blocks above and below the main content.

    A variety of tutorials are available for customizing the original Rokwebify theme. Many of these tutorials can be applied to Drupify as well.



    The very first idea is to have a theme that removed Drupal's unnecessary markup, focus on Mobile First.

    Sonambulo is a base theme for Drupal 6, with clean markup & CSS, simple and lightweight. Less divitis, more fun, and say yes to HTML5 on Drupal 6!!

    Like other blank canvas base themes, this theme will NOT make your site look sexy, but Sonambulo will help you clean up the excessive markup that Drupal provides out of the box.


    Screenshot: Bella theme


    The Bella theme is designed to be more configurable and more user-friendly than most standard Drupal themes, with an emphasis on the "little things" that most themes lack.


    ST Flabiol - Free Drupal theme

    ST Flabiol is a free Drupal theme for business and organization purposes. It has a two column layout and three color options. The theme is responsive to mobile devices and availble in both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

    Sponsored by Symphony Themes

    Live Demo

    Please see our live demo here: http://demo.symphonythemes.com/drupal7/flabiol/

    Hero Drupal Theme


    Hero Drupal Theme by Glidea Web Agency and Drupal Soul, has an atractive look and feel. The design is a combination of bright colors and transparencies with light effects along the layout.

    The header is flexible and can optionally include a secondary menu, site name, slogan, inline search box and the primary links with the dropdown menu transparent as well.

    SeeD Theme

    This is the base theme we use at SeeD EM.

    It uses HTML5 markup, and tries to incorporate what we usually need when theming for Drupal.
    We see it as mostly a collection of hacks we need in order to do CSS properly.

    NOTE: You need SeeD Tools for this module to work!

    Among the changes, mods, hacks and things it does:

    • Almost NO CSS! It has what we think is just the basics! (plus normalize.css)
    • Better markup for Selects and File fields (For better theming)
    • Better theme_pager() (for us at least)
    • Move H1, breadcrumbs, logo, and messages to blocks (You NEED the companion module, SeeD Tools)
    • Shamelessly ignore the size of textfields (PLZ use CSS for this).
    • Some other things I don't remember right now.
    • Pretty Cool Libraries! to make life easier

    Japanese Mobile


    Japanese Mobile is a theme aimed at making a functional Drupal site for Japanese mobile phones(DoCoMo, au, Softbank). Since Drupal doesn't work with Japanese mobile phones by default, the theme uses a number of overrides in order to make Drupal compatible with them.


    • User agent detection & dynamic header depending on a carrier
    • Inline CSS in order to deal with DoCoMo's inability to use external or header CSS
    • No javascript since it doesn't work on mobile phones
    • Character encoding conversion of HTML output fom UTF-8 to Shift_JIS
    • Character encoding conversion of $_POST from Shift_JIS to UTF-8
    • Session handling by URL-rewriting instead of cookies
    • Blocks positioned above and below main content
    • Liquid layout
    • Use of GIF image instead of PNG

    Dependency (D6 only)

    Important: Updating to 6.x-1-1
    As of 6.x-1-1, the Japanese Mobile eliminated core hacking by adding dependency to URL alter. If you are upgrading from the previous versions, you will need to set the value of url_rewriter.tags to an empty string in your settings.php as in the default.settings.php, as well as removing the hack from common.inc. Please see #764232: Avoiding hacking core files.

    Japanese Mobile is developed and maintained by Audia K.K.

    Twenty Eleven

    Twenty Eleven is based on wordpress' Twenty Eleven theme.

    Beep Edition


    Beep Edition is designed from the ground up as a mobile-first responsive theme. I created this out of the desire to make as light-weight a theme as I could, using all the tricks I know to make it a solid HTML5/CSS3 responsibly-responsive starting point. It does use SASS and Bourbon+Neat (minimal use of grids to be honest).

    While very basic, it's a good starting point and lighter in code and 'stuff' than anything else I've tried.

    I'm looking forward to collaborating with others on this - I'd like to develop this further with everyone's contributions. I don't want it to be an all-consuming everything theme - but I do want it to continue to serve as a solid starting point (and one that I use for rapid prototyping and 'living wireframing' with clients) for projects that can go pretty much anywhere.


    ST Fiddle - Free Drupal theme

    If you want a theme for your charity purpose, ST Fiddle is particularly suitable. This theme is one of the most downloaded free Drupal themes provided by Symphony Themes. We upload this theme to Drupal.org so it reaches more people.

    Sponsored by Symphony Themes

    Live Demo

    Please see our live demo here: http://demo.symphonythemes.com/drupal7/fiddle/

    Desk02 Gradiel

    Desk02 Gradiel Color Schemes Preview

    Desk02 Gradiel theme is a clean, lightweight, standards compliant, table-less Drupal 6 theme that implements the color scheme functionality. It has one sidebar, a front page top region and a footer region. It is designed and developed by Desk02 Drupal Webdesign.


    screenshot thumb

    Profolio is a clean and neutral XHTML 1.0 Strict Drupal 7 theme.


    • Multiple columns
    • Tableless design
    • XHTML Strict 1.0
    • Up to 10 different block regions
    • Browser Compatible: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE

    Profolio Live-Demo

    Visit Blog & Portfolio

    Drupal Summer Holidays

    Drupal Summer Holidays

    Drupal Summer is a valid HTML5 & CSS3 based nice Drupal Theme.

    Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers, Drupal Summer was originally designed for Wordpress by EZwpthemes and ported to Drupal by Azri Design .