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Alek 2.0

Alek 2.0

Alek 2.0 is the next theme contribution, in series, by SEOposition.com. Based on amadou theme, it has a three-column(Content | Left Sidebar | Right Sidebar) layout, with three additional columns(block regions) just above the footer, giving you chance to place more of your blocks with less cluttering! The block(bottom) titles are iconed by default, however, you can anytime digg into the style sheet and easily change the icons to suit your needs!




Celju is a two column theme with multiple footer regions.

I welcome anyone wishing to use, play with, or help improve this theme.

Block placement in footer section can be setup as follows:

  • 1/3 column left | 1/3 column middle | 1/3 column right
  • 2/3 column left | 1/3 column right or 1/3 column left | 2/3 column right

This theme is currently a work-in-progress.
I hope that by creating a release others may find it useful and can help fix bugs and add features.

To do:


Malinis (Responsive Theme)

Screenshot of Malinis sub-theme in different color schemes.

Malinis (Filipino word. English: Clean) is a progressive mobile first theme with modular scale typography, powerful grid-based layout engine and clean design.

  • HTML 5
  • Responsive design (mobile-first) with configurable breakpoints. Defaults to 768, 960 and 1152
  • Typography using modular scale.
  • Web accessibility optimized with ARIA roles
  • Bulletproof flexible grid system with 24 columns (units) as default.
  • Configurable grid
    • Configurable number of columns in the grid
    • Configurable gutter width
  • Comes with its own special font "Noceda Font Pro", a light, elegant and open sans-serif font built in with 304 Gwikons (Groundwork icons)
  • Supports both sidebars
  • 17 regions with a special "Aside" region visible only in nodes.
  • Optimized typography for all standard elements
  • Block source ordering per region
  • Powerful layout engine provides unlimited layout possibilities
  • Collection of preset CSS classes
  • LESS CSS enhanced with loads of Drupal-specific mixins and bundles.
  • HTML5 polyfill to support older browsers
  • and many more.

Malinis is a sub-theme of Groundwork


Drupal design and development by Noceda Media Lab
Development of the Groundwork project is sponsored by Noceda Media Lab.



Beta - Omega

Beta is an HTML5/960gs theme based on Omega.


BaseLESS HTML5 Core Theme

A base theme dependent on LESS CSS preprocessor for hardcore themers. This base theme gives you full control over your css, no more tons of css overriding, and write less css with lessphp.


A Cold Day


New lightweight template.

24th June 2010: new 6.x-3.0 vesion with updates and bugfixes

Search Engines Optimizations:




Cleanfolio was originally designed by designmag
Its a table-less XHML/CSS, two regions


Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a perfect multi-region base theme for those who loves to build up a website from scratch.

It's very useful with complex layouts when you need to had full controll of each part of your theme.

Includes an HTML5-friendly CSS Reset, Normalize CSS & other best practices from Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate


  • Fixed or liquid width.
  • One, Two or Three columns
  • Full HTML5 support
  • Reset and Normalize CSS
  • Media queries support
  • Multi-region


Arti: minimal design, responsive theme

Arti screenshot

A http://www.sooperthemes.com/#-Drupal-Themes contribution

Minimal theme that leverages Arctica base theme for most of its functionality.

Arti is a great theme if you need a strong grid layout with powerful typography and minimalist styling on nodes, comments and menus.



eClean 1140px

The eClean theme is a responsive HTML5/CSS3 theme based on 1140 grid.

It is built to work in most browsers, both in computers and smartphones and works fine as administration theme.

Site demonstration: www.dhavyd.com

The beta version is intended for testing... Please, report all bugs you encounter and if possible, attach screenshots. Thank you!


Semantic UI

User Interface is the vocabulary of the web.

A theme based on the Semantic UI library (authored by Jack Lukic), which empowers designers and developers by creating a language for sharing UI. It is structured around natural language conventions to make development more intuitive.


Arclite Theme

Arclite theme originally designed by digitalnature.ro and ported to drupal.


* Primary Links
* Comment User Picture
* Search box
* Site slogan
* Site mission
* Site footer
* 2 columns


Parish Theme

Parish theme sample website image

The main theme for the Open Parish initiative. This theme is minimal and sleek, allowing parish websites to easily dive into the world of semantic HTML5 markup, using Boron as a base theme.



Crisp Screenshot

This is a conversion of the "Crisp" photoshop design from bevelandemboss.net (defunt now)

**Current Status (May 7, 2012)** There are a few other fixes left, but nothing urgent. There will also be some features that we will release soon which will go with this theme to support it.

Sponsored by CrossFunctional


niGraphic Studio Theme

007 niGraphic Studio Theme

niGraphic Studio Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns made by niGraphic Design.




Co-maintainer needed
Notechaos is originally a Wordpress theme, designed by Evan Eckard. But with some modification i made.

The theme validates XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS 2, and it is cross-browser compatible; works perfect in Firefox, IE 6, IE 7, IE8, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.



Home Page

Impulse is an easily customizable and light weight theme for Drupal 7.x,The main feature is you can edit the basic colors for your website like header,footer,links,sidebar,title and slogan color etc.It has 15 regions so you can customize your website in any form.The highlight of this theme is its navigation it is

very neat and mashable.com like navigation.

Main Features :-



Screenshot: Alloy Theme

A simple responsive subtheme for the base theme Fusion. Uses all of Fusion's default regions and adds a few extra CSS3-enhanced skins for blocks. Detailed README file includes instructions for flyout menus with Superfish, and older IE support with the polyfill css3-mediaqueries.js via Fusion Accelerator.



Gesso is a Sass-based starter theme that outputs accessible HTML5 markup. It uses a mobile-first responsive approach and leverages SMACSS to organize styles as outlined in the Drupal 8 CSS architecture guidelines. This encourages a component-based approach to theming through the creation of discrete, reusable UI elements.



Ishalist Theme

A Minimalism theme for people who can appreciate simplicity.


  • Fixed width and sidebar-less
  • Tabs for primary links
  • Large typography and plenty of whitespace
  • CSS based (table less design)

The theme complies to:

  • XHTML 1.0 Strict - validated with W3C
  • CSS level 2.1 - validated with W3C

The theme has been tested on the following browsers: Firefox, IE8-IE6 Safari, Google Chrome, Opera


Panels 960gs (HTML5)

Maintenance status

This project has been dormant for some time and new installs and upgrades should seriously consider a more robust and actively-maintained grid-compatible base theme, like Omega.

Panels 960gs is a minimal base theme that combines the fantastic 960 Grid System and amazing Panels module.




Gray colored, table based theme.



Cogito Logo

Cogito is an HTML5 Drupal theme based on the foundation framework.

It is designed to make the design workflow easier by providing a standardized CSS framework (Foundation, by ZURB) and building on top of it using child themes. Very often entire themes can be accomplished in less than a page of CSS.

IE6-11 conditional stylesheets now supported:

Simply add a file named "ie6.css" in your child theme's root and it will be used conditionally. Works for ie6, ie7, ie8, ie9, ie10 and ie11 (and maybe by ie11 we won't need different stylesheets anymore)


Beep Edition


Beep Edition is designed from the ground up as a mobile-first responsive theme. I created this out of the desire to make as light-weight a theme as I could, using all the tricks I know to make it a solid HTML5/CSS3 responsibly-responsive starting point. It does use SASS/Compass and Zen Grids (minimal use of grids to be honest), and has icon fonts from Font Awesome included. What might be of greatest interest is that I've added an off-canvas menu solution that works 'out of the box' with nice menus, without having to resort to any showing/hiding of extra 'stuff'.

This is admittedly pretty rough, but I think it's a good starting point and lighter in code and 'stuff' than anything else I've tried. It's been a good starting point for many projects now, and is based upon what I learned creating a responsive Zen starter theme in D6 that I've shared with many people over the past few years.

I'm looking forward to collaborating with others on this - I'd like to develop this further with everyone's contributions. I don't want it to be an all-consuming everything theme - but I do want it to continue to serve as a solid starting point (and one that I use for rapid prototyping and 'living wireframing' with clients) for projects that can go pretty much anywhere.


Artists C01


Artists C01 is Drupal theme, released under GPL v2 license by themeartists.com.

Theme is light-weight and highly configurable, with little help of theme settings API. Look and feel can be customized by using combination of 12 color schemes and 4 styles. Theme has plenty of collapsible regions with specific styling. Check out User Guide in pdf format.

Come and look at theme live demo and learn more about theme features. There is also live demo on Theme Garden site.

Key features overview

  • Two column, fixed width design
  • Suckerfish based menus
  • 21 fully collapsible regions
  • 4 different styles
  • 12 color schemes
  • Configurable breadcrumbs
  • Light-weight and fast loading
  • Firefox, IE6/IE7, Opera, Safari Friendly
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • CSS Validated