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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.

Luxury theme

Luxury theme preview

Clean and simple Drupal theme with many regions. Created by ADCI solutions team


Arti: minimal design, responsive theme

Arti screenshot

Sponsored by Glazed Drag and Drop Drupal Theme

Minimal theme that leverages Arctica base theme for most of its functionality.

Arti is a great theme if you need a strong grid layout with powerful typography and minimalist styling on nodes, comments and menus.


Twenty Eleven

Twenty Eleven is based on wordpress' Twenty Eleven theme.


Wrapped Sites

A highly flexible 'parent' theme with pre-built sub-themes pack and almost unlimited ability to create new themes.

Main features:

  • 960 grid system based
  • any columns order, configurable via theme settings
  • ability to choose grid variant and column width via theme settings
  • changeable colors of any html tag or css class through color picker (via theme .info file)
  • ability to build a new theme in no time



Biz for Drupal

BIZ - simple, tabled Drupal Theme with left, right sidebar, top and footer links. This theme based on blue marine theme. If default logo don't changed, so it will created from simple php class and TTF file. Theme tested on Firefox, IE7 and Opera.

In new version 7.x-1.0:
* You can add and change TTF Fonts for site logo
* You can change logo size

In new version 7.x-2.0:
* Added superfish drop down menu
* Cleaned code
* Changed style

Demo video on YouTube



Frontmap is based on the Zen base theme and basically provides a single OpenLayers map on the front page.

A specific OpenLayers map can be choosen on the theme settings page.

See the Zen documentation for more information.





  • A CSS-based, tableless theme in shades of gray with a subtle textured background
  • One or two sidebars can be added to the main content area
  • An optional region exists between the main content area and the footer
  • Includes a CSS sticky footer
  • Incorporates CSS3 styles such as border-radius, rgba opacity, text-shadow
  • Includes fallbacks for older browsers (e.g. png fix for background rgba opacity)
  • Tested for compatibility in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE


Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a perfect multi-region base theme for those who loves to build up a website from scratch.

It's very useful with complex layouts when you need to had full controll of each part of your theme.

Includes an HTML5-friendly CSS Reset, Normalize CSS & other best practices from Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate


  • Fixed or liquid width.
  • One, Two or Three columns
  • Full HTML5 support
  • Reset and Normalize CSS
  • Media queries support
  • Multi-region


Bartik Facebook

Canvas Application - Facebook palette

This is a simple subtheme of Bartik theme that comes with Drupal 7 for using with Drupal for Facebook module.

This subtheme is a fixed width, 760px wide theme, to be used for iframe based Facebook canvas applications.



Willibald is a responsive theme based on ZEN.


  • Responsive design (uses ZEN grids)
  • Tertiary menu
  • Fancy drop down menu, suitable for big menu structures
  • SCSS / SASS support


First install the base theme ZEN. Without ZEN Willibald won't work.


Related project

Module support

The willibald theme integrates with following modules:

It only adds the css styles, if the modules above are enabled.

About the theme name "Willibald"


Parish Theme

Parish theme sample website image

The main theme for the Open Parish initiative. This theme is minimal and sleek, allowing parish websites to easily dive into the world of semantic HTML5 markup, using Boron as a base theme.


MM - Minimalist Theme

MM Minimalist Theme Screenshot

A minimalistic responsive HTML5 theme for Drupal 7.

A subtheme of the excellent Boron HTML5 base theme. (Requires Boron 7.x-1.x-dev to work).

This theme was made to be fast-loading, look beautiful across all modern browsers, and look clean. Here are some of the features:

  • HTML5 and CSS2/3 with progressive enhancement for newer web browsers.
  • Three-column, fixed width, flexible tableless layout.
  • Layout switches to one-column responsive layout for < 800px viewports.
  • Tabbed horizontal primary links/menu at the top.
  • Lightweight (no extra images) so faster page load times (YSlow/Page Speed) than many other themes.
  • Works great in IE 7+, Chrome, FF 3+, Safari 4+.
  • Based on the HTML5 base theme Boron.




Colorfulness Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 or 3 columns made by niGraphic Design.


  • Supports RTL & LTR languages
  • Fixed width with 2 or 3 columns
  • Light-weight and fast loading


BaseLESS HTML5 Core Theme

A base theme dependent on LESS CSS preprocessor for hardcore themers. This base theme gives you full control over your css, no more tons of css overriding, and write less css with lessphp.




Bookstore is a sub-theme of the Blueprint Drupal theme (http://drupal.org/project/blueprint). The Drupal Blueprint theme integrates Drupal with the famous Blueprint CSS framework (http://www.blueprintcss.org). Bookstore currently works with Drupal 6. A development version for Drupal 7 is also available. In fact it's still not IE6 safe. Besides standard compliant browsers, it has been successfully tested in IE6-8.

The Bookstore sub-theme is based on a design by Dieter Schneider of www.csstemplateheaven.com. The original design (along with the PSD) can be found at http://www.csstemplateheaven.com/css-templates/the-book-store/. At the time this theme was first created, the bookstore design along with the PSD were free for use but no longer. So if you want to replace the "The Book store" text in the header image with your own text then you will have to do it by yourself using an image editor :-( The header image is named "header.jpg" and it is located inside the "css/images/" directory.

Bookstore is a two column theme (left column, content column)



    Fusion Slate

    Fusion Slate Screenshot

    Fusion Slate is under new management and under active development!

    Fusion Slate, formerly known as Acquia Slate, is a sub-theme of Fusion.


    Artists C01


    Artists C01 is Drupal theme, released under GPL v2 license by themeartists.com.

    Theme is light-weight and highly configurable, with little help of theme settings API. Look and feel can be customized by using combination of 12 color schemes and 4 styles. Theme has plenty of collapsible regions with specific styling. Check out User Guide in pdf format.

    Come and look at theme live demo and learn more about theme features. There is also live demo on Theme Garden site.

    Key features overview

    • Two column, fixed width design
    • Suckerfish based menus
    • 21 fully collapsible regions
    • 4 different styles
    • 12 color schemes
    • Configurable breadcrumbs
    • Light-weight and fast loading
    • Firefox, IE6/IE7, Opera, Safari Friendly
    • XHTML 1.0 Transitional
    • CSS Validated



    Starkish is the starter theme for people who hate starter themes. It includes no CSS or presentational markup whatsoever, and it's meant to be hacked on.

    What's all this, then?

    Starkish is a compromize between the styleless "Stark" theme and all the other bulky framework themes. It includes NO CSS (except for tabs) and minimal markup like Stark, but includes page and node templates along with convenient template.php functions like Zen (much of it was borrowed from the great Basic theme at http://drupal.org/project/basic).

    How To Use Starkish

    Starkish is meant to be hacked on. Since it includes no extra markup (i.e., no divs in the templates) and no extra CSS, you're free to edit the templates and the CSS as you wish. Create your layout divs. Re-order things. Add stylesheets. Remove things you don't need. Do whatever you want.


    • Smart, stripped body, node, comment, and block classes.
    • Simple .info file for easy customization.
    • Lack of any sort of presentational divs in templates or any CSS.
    • Option for registry rebuilds with page loads.


    • Put the theme in /sites/all/themes (or sites/yoursite.com/themes).
    • (Optional) Rename the theme and replace the default screenshot.png if you want to.


    Arclite Theme

    Arclite theme originally designed by digitalnature.ro and ported to drupal.


    * Primary Links
    * Comment User Picture
    * Search box
    * Site slogan
    * Site mission
    * Site footer
    * 2 columns




    Looking for co-maintainer
    for those who seek simplicity, and clean bloggin, here is Gogland, a clear, simple and minimal Drupal blog theme. I have created this template based on CSS template by Mentariworks. All thanks goes to our brothers there.

    3 columns, right and left sidebars, site name, site slogan
    white, minimal, fresh, unique, typographic
    does not include logo feature :)



    Flat UI

    A Drupal theme inspired by Designmodo's Flat UI.

    1. Built on top on Radix.
    2. Scss and Compass support
    3. Works with Panels and Panopoly.




    Affaires (Business) Quickly display the highlights of your business in a professional manner with Affaires.
    It is a two-column, fixed, tableless design with valid XHTML and CSS 2.0

    Affaires is compatible with:

    1. Internet Explorer 6
    2. Internet Explorer 7
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Opera
    5. Safari



    Zoundation - Zurb Foundation based theme

    Zoundation is a base theme that integrates Foundation, responsive front-end framework authored by Zurb.

    This HTML5 responsive theme is built to support any device with any resolution and is built using a 12-column flexible grid.

    The Zoundation theme allows a user to choose two types of navigation bars: topbar and nav-bar.
    Out of the box, a user can add menu blocks and search block to the top bar. If the Main Menu setting is turned on on the Appearance page, the main menu will show up in the nav-bar.
    Learn More about these styles: http://foundation.zurb.com/old-docs/f3/navigation.php

    Foundation provides many reusable UI elements such as button styles, form styles, tabs styles, alerts, accordion panels, inline lists and table styles.

    For a complete listing of components, view the Foundation Docs.

    We have also built the Zoundation Support module. This module provides Orbit responsive image slider integration, custom built menu blocks for topbar and nav-bar, placeholder elements and a few minor UI fixes difficult to do from the theme.




    Blix is a port of the WordPress template by the same name. It was originally created by Sebastian Schmieg

    The port was done by the guys at GoodBasic, and requires the PHPTemplate theme engine.



    Amlekula themes

    Mod. Corolla by Thomas Moseler, Jeff Burnz

    View screenshot:


    • Extensive stylings for all core modules: blocks, nodes, forums, books, profiles, etc.
    • Drop-down menu with unlimited number of submenus
    • 7 predefined color schemes
    • 1-, 2- or 3-column layout with flexible width
    • Configurable layout width
    • Configurable position of each sidebar
    • Configurable base font size
    • Regions: content, content top, content bottom, sidebar first, sidebar second, highlight
    • Supported standard theme features: logo, site name, site slogan, primary links, secondary links, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
    • Can be used as a full-fledged admin theme, also inside overlay