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OS Delta - Drupal 7 business theme

OS Delta - Drupal 7 business theme

OS Delta is new Drupal business theme designed by Ordasoft. This Drupal theme is fully responsive and fits to all screen sizes(like all our Drupal themes). Stylish awesome design and cool features like video background, modern custom contact form help to attract customers. Unlimited color variations allow to choose every color you want (Color Drupal Module). In Quickstart Package you will find Drupal Photo Gallery and dummy data for newcomers.


Beach Theme Full Page

Beach theme has its own story but (maybe) we're too busy to describe a fairy tale while coding and doing graphics for new original Drupal theme.

Briefly, this theme was provided by Indo-Thai Drupal Community(Indian contribution is added later for D7 and up versions) because it's too lonely to be unique site on the beach (or under deep blue sea), so we decided to contribute this theme for everyone who in love with Drupal (and we hope you'll love us, too).

Let's test and beach up your site!

WARNING : At the moment, this theme will intentionally strip off any CSS files from Drupal core module directory (modules folder) and replace them with a single file (drupal6-core.css) or two (drupal6-core-rtl.css). The reason is to reduce page load time and remove unnecessary duplicated style (with Beach theme only). So you MUST place any contrib modules into another place like sites/all/modules or sites/default/modules or sites/yoursite/modules to prevent the unexpected behaviors that may affect those modules. See node/518450. We'll find another smarter method to fix this problem ASAP.



A fresh design that balances simplicity, soft, neutral background colors, plenty of whitespace and big nice typography.

List of features:


Arras theme screenshot

This is a modified port of the Wordpress theme Arras to Drupal. It's not a complete port because some elements of Arras didn't translate well to Drupal so changes had to be made. This theme is suited to magazine or hobbyist websites.

  • Elegant appearance
  • 2 or 3 columns
  • 6 colour schemes
  • Inbuilt dropdown menus x2 (no other changes or dependencies necessary).


Chamfer using Chamfer defaults feature and some menu blocks

#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Chamfer is a theme developed originally as a customizable, simple, rapid prototyping theme for online courses. It has since evolved into a theme used to present online courses at penn state as well as a number of other regular drupal sites.

Chamfer has been reworked from the ground up for 7.x! It is an HTML5, 960 grid using Omega as a base-theme. It makes use of the color module and has good support for the Tinynav.js module / library.

Features of 7.x

  • HTML5 / 960 responsive / adaptive theme
  • Simple, clean user interface
  • Works well with Tinynav.js
  • Full color module integration with many default templates
  • Developer support for modules to define additional color templates
  • Omega sub-theme
  • Feature's based delta-block / box placement via Context

Projects to get as part of the 7.x version


    Seventeen is a sub-theme of Seven admin theme. It includes some UX and UI improvements.


    Traction Home

    Traction is a super-clean magazine theme with an easy to use featured block. Elegant and professional, it is perfect for a news, business, tech, or magazine site—with its dark, modern look it is also well-suited for a personal journal or blog. Traction is a wordpress theme created by The Theme Foundary. The drupal port was developed by Zyxware Technologies. This theme is based on the 960 Grid System.

    Pixel Theme


    Pixel is a lightweight, responsive, three column layout theme which gives a
    premium look and feel to a website. Pixel's modern look and suit perfectly
    for showcasing your work, personal blogs or corporate and media websites.

    Shallow Grunge

    Shallow Grunge Screenshot


    • Unlimited color options
    • 4 grunge styles to choose from
    • Awesome custom font included
    • Looks great in all major browsers
    • Validates W3C XHTML 1.0 strict
    • Validates W3C CSS level 2.1*
    • Two-columns
    • Fixed width
    • Tableless / Pure CSS design


    Works great in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, & Safari.

    HTML5 Base

    This theme was originally conceived of as a place for a few dozen Drupal front-end developers to work together to figure out how best to get Drupal 7 to do HTML5. We had lots of debates and conversations, and wrote (re-wrote and re-wrote) its code. Several months into the process we decided to use HTML5 Base as a testing-ground to try out ideas for Drupal 8 core — a place get ideas running on real-world websites, and to use as a proof-of-concept for convincing others in the Drupal core community.


    Starkish is the starter theme for people who hate starter themes. It includes no CSS or presentational markup whatsoever, and it's meant to be hacked on.

    What's all this, then?

    Starkish is a compromize between the styleless "Stark" theme and all the other bulky framework themes. It includes NO CSS (except for tabs) and minimal markup like Stark, but includes page and node templates along with convenient template.php functions like Zen (much of it was borrowed from the great Basic theme at http://drupal.org/project/basic).

    How To Use Starkish

    Starkish is meant to be hacked on. Since it includes no extra markup (i.e., no divs in the templates) and no extra CSS, you're free to edit the templates and the CSS as you wish. Create your layout divs. Re-order things. Add stylesheets. Remove things you don't need. Do whatever you want.


    • Smart, stripped body, node, comment, and block classes.
    • Simple .info file for easy customization.
    • Lack of any sort of presentational divs in templates or any CSS.
    • Option for registry rebuilds with page loads.


    • Put the theme in /sites/all/themes (or sites/yoursite.com/themes).
    • (Optional) Rename the theme and replace the default screenshot.png if you want to.



    Abarre is a fluid, 2 columns, table-less theme, using the Holy Grail layout technique, (good for SEO), and supporting the COLOR module, that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.

    The theme is simple, clear and also suitable for corporate websites.




    IMPORTANT: This theme is currently in beta. Please don't use for production. Some changes may ruin your subtheme (but most probably not).


    This theme is targeted primarily for developers and themers. The theme was developed to allow rapid creation of custom (sub)themes. It includes basic styles and features which I found to be useful on majority of projects over years: from less complicated blogs to more complex corporate sites. Compared to many existing Drupal theme frameworks it works right away, it is lightweight, there are no zillion of settings to obey. Actually, I believe the majority of theme setting should be hardcoded anyway not to allow final user to ruin the original design.


    IE (6,7,8), WebKit (Safari, Chrome), Mozilla (FireFox, Camino, SeaMonkey), Opera (8,9,10). The theme also was created to support older mobile browsers and screen readers. NOTE: IE6 and 7 are note actively supported anymore, but should work fine.



    - 19 block regions (you can disable them in subtheme.info file)
    - accordion block region in the sidebar (nice to crop less used content)
    - meerkat block region at the bottom (http://meerkat.jarodtaylor.com/)
    - block region in node
    - on mouse over block edit badges at any place


    - nicely styled comments

    Business Lite

    Business Lite Home page

    Business lite is a Professional Business Theme perfect for any business with a featured slide show. Business Lite is a wordpress theme created by CyberChimps. The drupal port was developed by Zyxware Technologies. This theme is based on the 960 Grid System.



    Tendu is no longer under active development.

    Tendu - A Wireframe BiDi Theme for Developers [Looking for a new tag line, any ideas?]
    Sponsored by Linnovate

    Tendu is the sum of my 5 years experience in HTML and CSS development for Bi-Directional websites, 2 of them using Drupal.
    It was born from the lack of a light, stable, table-less and cross-browser theme that support RTL and BiDi layout "out of the box".
    Tendu has a lot of the useful features that can be found in other "Starter themes" like Zen (I copied or re-wrote some of Zen's features, some good implementations there) but is much less complicated and bloated then these themes, though a bit less friendly for the non-professional user.

    Help me improve Tendu
    I am aware that changing Tendu 2.1 to your needs is not that simple if you are not a CSS professional.
    Please, test Tendu and post issues about anything that bugs you in this release,
    I can't make it better if I don't know what the users think of it.


    Insha is a simple, clean and responsive theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel.


    • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme
    • HTML5 and CSS3
    • Mobile support (Smartphone, Tablet, Android, iPhone, etc)
    • Fluid layout
    • 1-column and 2-columns layout
    • A total of 11 regions
    • Minimal design and nice typography
    • Supported standard theme features: site logo, site name, site, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes,



    I now have little time, so if someone wants to pick this project up, please contact me.

    NOTE: Drupal 7 version is a sub-theme of Zen, hence you will need Zen downloaded as well in order to use this theme.


    This is a port of Andreas 02, originally designed by Andreas Viklund (andreasviklund.com) as a free website template.

    Shaken not stirred

    shakennotstirred screenshot

    "Shaken not stirred" theme is nice, clean and modern drupal theme.

    Fixed width (865px)
    Tableless (css based)
    Tested in firefox 3+, chrome, opera9.x, safari3, ie6+

    Created by ADCI solutions team

    TB Events

    This project is unsupported due to a licensing issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See #2553875: Policy Violation: Copyrighted 3rd party materials in Git repo for details.

    If you want to use this project your options are:


    Sigma One

    Responsive HTM5 Drupal 7 Base Theme

    SigmaOne is an advanced theme framework for designed for novice user to advanced user.

    It provides easy to use configuration area GUI for novice user to use. The goal is to let user configure the layouts of their site without touching a single php code.

    For more advanced user, they can turn off the GUI and use easy syntax similar to Drupal .info files to define their custom layout easily.

    Sigma One Features

    Custom layouting system

    - You can specify different layout for different pages
    - Able to store layouts in file or database
    - Use easy array structure similar to .info file to construct your layout
    example :

    area[header][#name] = Header Region Area
    area[header][#enabled] = 1
    area[header][#disable_empty] = 0
    area[header][#wrapper] = 1
    area[header][#column] = 12
    area[header][#clearfix] = 1
    area[header][#newrow] = 1
    area[header][#lastrow] = 1
    area[header][#weight] = 1
    area[header][#tag] = header
    area[header][#tag_wrapper] = div

    - Layout file honour Drupal template suggestion system.
    - Column System as 1140.css grid system

    Plugin system

    - You can enable or disable any plugin that you don't use, and it won't be loaded when the page renders to optimize performance.

    TB Hadelis

    TB Hadelis is a sub theme of TB Nucleus which supports all the features from Nucleus, too.
    It is designed for creative content as for agencies, design freelancers a portfolio page.

    Drupal 8 Premier League Theme

    Premier League

    Premier League is a Drupal 8 theme for sports related websites. It is very light weight drupal theme with slider functionality for drupal 8.

    It has many new features to achieve the functionality. The theme is not dependent on any core theme.



    Ellington theme

    Ellington is a two column, tableless layout theme sponosored by Premium CMS Themes.


    • CSS3 support
    • Compatible with IE6+
    • You can enable alert message for older browser
    • Optimal layout for site slogan
    • optimal layout for search block
    • Supports primary and secondary links

    Semantic UI

    A theme based on the Semantic UI library (authored by Jack Lukic), which empowers designers and developers by creating a language for sharing UI. It is structured around natural language conventions to make development more intuitive.

    Square Grid theme

    New features include a fully fluid grid layout

    Lightweight. Responsive. Mobile-first. Content-first. HTML5. Square Grid theme provides a framework for your page layout ... and that's it. It incorporates responsive design settings to present usable layouts for mobile and desktop. That's it. We want your theme to load quickly, with as little grid framework css as possible.

    The Square Grid has some nice advantages over other grids:

    • Flexibility: Its 35-column breakdown of space allows great flexibility in grid selection, including popular favorites 6-, 9- and 12-column grids, as well as Golden Ratio layouts.
    • Resizability: Its algorithm is easily adapted to various screen sizes.
    • Whitespace: Gutters are defined by the squares, resulting in pleasing whitespace between columns while staying within the grid framework.
    • Use of screen estate: It uses the full width of the grid; no dead space on the left and right sides within the grid.



    • HTML5
    • ARIA roles
    • Fully responsive design
    • Mobile first
    • Content first
    • Fluid layout of grid display
    • Configurable width settings for sidebars and design break-point