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This is a re-implementation of the Contented7 theme by Tom Rowan. This is a tableless, multi-column, fluid width layout. Parts of the design are ported from K2 theme. This theme is part of the project PantaRei Siren.


(2011-07-24) This theme is now revamp as Zen subtheme (http://drupal.org/project/zen). You will need to install it with this theme as below:

A Quick Review

  • 100% open source
  • Validate with XHTML 1.0 and CSS2
  • Fully tested with Acid2 compatible browsers, e.g. Firefox 4, IE 9, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and Opera 11
  • Most likely function with legacy browsers, e.g. Firefox 2/3, IE 7/8, Chrome 9/10, Safari 3/4 and Opera 9/10
  • Support multiple (i.e. 1/2/3) columns
  • Support both fixed, fluid and liquid width layout
  • Support 960 Grid System
  • Minimum layout width depend on number of columns
  • Support both LTR and RTL layout
  • Support custom CSS file, so-called custom.css
  • Support multiple block regions in Drupal 7.x style
  • Fancy icons for meta data from spirit20-GPL



Twenty Eleven

Twenty Eleven is based on wordpress' Twenty Eleven theme.




Tendu is no longer under active development.

Tendu - A Wireframe BiDi Theme for Developers [Looking for a new tag line, any ideas?]
Sponsored by Linnovate

Tendu is the sum of my 5 years experience in HTML and CSS development for Bi-Directional websites, 2 of them using Drupal.
It was born from the lack of a light, stable, table-less and cross-browser theme that support RTL and BiDi layout "out of the box".
Tendu has a lot of the useful features that can be found in other "Starter themes" like Zen (I copied or re-wrote some of Zen's features, some good implementations there) but is much less complicated and bloated then these themes, though a bit less friendly for the non-professional user.

Help me improve Tendu
I am aware that changing Tendu 2.1 to your needs is not that simple if you are not a CSS professional.
Please, test Tendu and post issues about anything that bugs you in this release,
I can't make it better if I don't know what the users think of it.




Abarre is a fluid, 2 columns, table-less theme, using the Holy Grail layout technique, (good for SEO), and supporting the COLOR module, that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.

The theme is simple, clear and also suitable for corporate websites.



Polpo Admin Theme


Polpo is a Drupal 6 admin theme created by Australian Drupal developers <PreviousNext> that aims to make Drupal administration tasks easier for large corporate and novice users alike.

Specifically designed for making administration tasks clearer and easier to navigate, Polpo uses a fluid two column layout ideal for content editing on larger screen resolutions. This is achieved through the use of larger font sizes, clearer spacing and distinct colours to aid the usability of common tasks. Many of these approaches are being adopted for the new Drupal 7 admin interface, so Polpo aims to bring some of these ideas to sites currently running Drupal 6.

Features include:

  • Customisable header/link colours to match a client's branding.
  • Clean, simple form fields and tables.
  • Unique, professional look and feel for Drupal's admin pages.
  • Two column (main/sidebar) fluid layout.

To take full advantage of Polpo's features, we recommend it is installed in conjunction with the Administration Menu (Contributed) and Color (Drupal Core - Optional) modules.

Drupal 7 Release



Chamfer using Chamfer defaults feature and some menu blocks

#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Chamfer is a theme developed originally as a customizable, simple, rapid prototyping theme for online courses. It has since evolved into a theme used to present online courses at penn state as well as a number of other regular drupal sites.

Chamfer has been reworked from the ground up for 7.x! It is an HTML5, 960 grid using Omega as a base-theme. It makes use of the color module and has good support for the Tinynav.js module / library.

Features of 7.x

  • HTML5 / 960 responsive / adaptive theme
  • Simple, clean user interface
  • Works well with Tinynav.js
  • Full color module integration with many default templates
  • Developer support for modules to define additional color templates
  • Omega sub-theme
  • Feature's based delta-block / box placement via Context

Projects to get as part of the 7.x version




    A fresh design that balances simplicity, soft, neutral background colors, plenty of whitespace and big nice typography.

    List of features:


    Forty Two

    This is a theme we developed because we where unsatisfied by other themes like Zen or Omega. Both great themes, but we found out that we had to repeat a lot of steps every time we used on of theme as a base theme. This is a responsive ready theme with lots of features.

    The name 42 comes from the great trilogy "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" where they say that 42 is the answer for everything. And well, this theme is for us.

    Forty Two is sponsored and supported by Finalist


    Shallow Grunge

    Shallow Grunge Screenshot


    • Unlimited color options
    • 4 grunge styles to choose from
    • Awesome custom font included
    • Looks great in all major browsers
    • Validates W3C XHTML 1.0 strict
    • Validates W3C CSS level 2.1*
    • Two-columns
    • Fixed width
    • Tableless / Pure CSS design


    Works great in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, & Safari.




    Bluebreeze is a clean, neat and blue theme. It has a classic 2 or 3 column liquid width layout with sub theme for fix width.

    • It is based on the great .tpl-file structure of the zen theme.
    • It includes some icons and puts focus on a clean and easy design.
    • It's blue.



    Center is a base theme that aims to speed up the theming process by offering a starting point for building a custom theme and allowing easier access to CSS classes. Center is not for everyone, as it caters to theme developers who prefer developing in code, rather than the UI.

    The primary goals of Center are to provide:

    • Better access to CSS classes in markup.
    • Better default markup.
    • Reusable HTML components.

    Better access to CSS classes in markup.

    Center does not add any CSS. It strips CSS away, leaving what can be considered vital or useful core CSS styles. Center overrides many of Drupal's core templates and theme functions, which allows theme developers better access to CSS classes via preprocess functions.

    Better default markup.

    While the markup in Center is more clean than that of Stark, it isn't minimal. Semantic markup choices need to be made on a per project specific. Center simply tries to create smart defaults and allow for easy overriding.

    Center has a theme setting for removing all default markup from fields. This option is enabled by default. WARNING: This also removes field labels!! This allows theme developers to dictate field markup, labels and CSS classes from the parent template such as node.tpl.php.



    Sigma One

    Responsive HTM5 Drupal 7 Base Theme

    SigmaOne is an advanced theme framework for designed for novice user to advanced user.

    It provides easy to use configuration area GUI for novice user to use. The goal is to let user configure the layouts of their site without touching a single php code.

    For more advanced user, they can turn off the GUI and use easy syntax similar to Drupal .info files to define their custom layout easily.

    Sigma One Features

    Custom layouting system

    - You can specify different layout for different pages
    - Able to store layouts in file or database
    - Use easy array structure similar to .info file to construct your layout
    example :

    area[header][#name] = Header Region Area
    area[header][#enabled] = 1
    area[header][#disable_empty] = 0
    area[header][#wrapper] = 1
    area[header][#column] = 12
    area[header][#clearfix] = 1
    area[header][#newrow] = 1
    area[header][#lastrow] = 1
    area[header][#weight] = 1
    area[header][#tag] = header
    area[header][#tag_wrapper] = div

    - Layout file honour Drupal template suggestion system.
    - Column System as 1140.css grid system

    Plugin system

    - You can enable or disable any plugin that you don't use, and it won't be loaded when the page renders to optimize performance.


    Black Theme

    Black theme is for those people who love dark theme. Black Drupal theme is powerful, clean, table-less, dark, responsive theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (Shiv) from iTWeb.in

    Black Drupal theme

    Theme support for -

    • Logo.
    • Site Name
    • Breadcrumb.
    • Slogan, Tag line
    • Highlighted region.
    • Full width page(s). Without sidebar.
    • 2 column page(s). One sidebar.
    • 3 column page(s). Two sidebar.

    Features of theme

    • Table-less design.
    • HTML5 and CSS3.
    • Optimized images.
    • Eight regions to put blocks.

    Light weight theme

    Advance features

    • Easy to change design through theme setting interface.
    • Multiple variation of design.
      1. Black standard.
      2. Black and gray.
      3. Black and borders.
    • Footer copyright text can be set, edit through theme setting page.



    A responsive theme for the Restaurant Distribution.

    Drupal Restaurant


    1. Radix
    2. Radix Layouts


    Airy Blue

    Airy Blue

    Airy Blue is a blog-style theme originally created for Open Source Catholic. The theme uses some CSS3 features like rounded borders and text shadows, and includes styling for most of Drupal's default markup. It has a 'light' and 'airy' feel to it, and matches well with Drupal's default shades of blue.

    Theme Features

    • Light and easy on the eyes
    • Tested in IE 6-10, FF, Safari, Chrome
    • Up to three columns w/ 200 pixel sidebars
    • Styling for comments, user pictures, signatures, node forms, etc.


    Business Lite

    Business Lite Home page

    Business lite is a Professional Business Theme perfect for any business with a featured slide show. Business Lite is a wordpress theme created by CyberChimps. The drupal port was developed by Zyxware Technologies. This theme is based on the 960 Grid System.



    Green  Drupal theme

    Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, growing grass, spring, hope and the environmental movement. Green theme is dedicated for fresh green nature. I develop design of Drupal theme into various green color tones. Green is a powerful, clean, Responsive Drupal theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (itapplication).

    As new project care taker I made major changes into design to reflect seance of green and nature.

    Theme features

    • Responsive
    • Tabless layout
    • Fresh green design
    • Web 2.0
    • Light weight
    • Eight regions.
    • Support for -
      • Logo
      • Theme Name
      • Slogan
      • Pages with no sidebar
      • Pages with single sidebar
      • Pages with two sidebar
    • Highlighted area/region


    Theme(4.7, 5.x, 6.x.1.x branch) originally designed by Gross Design Studio. And develop by Ainur.

    Maintainer/Project care taker and developer


    Embeddable Blank Theme

    This theme has no regions, no CSS and no chrome. It is designed to be used to theme a drupal website (or some of it's pages) to appear embedded in other websites via iframes.

    World's simplest drupal theme, until proven otherwise.

    Commercial support

    The author of this module is available for hire. Contact Bevan.



    Fervens Drupal theme

    The theme has been removed because it contained code not licensed under the correct license.

    Please visit http://kahthong.com/node/17 to download the latest Fervens.


    jbase5 logo

    This is a theme for themers and includes the building blocks for your HTML5 theme.


    This is a theme for themers and includes the building blocks for your HTML5 theme. This theme is designed to be a base theme which you use to develop a custom sub-theme on top of it.

    It is recommended not to alter any of the jBase5 files and do all your custom development within
    your subtheme. This allows for easier updates to the jBase5 theme files without altering your custom


    - HTML5 template markup
    - Collapsible regions (regions hide/expand/contract based on block placement)
    - Page template suggestions
    - Node template suggestions
    - Region template suggestions
    - Breadcrumb output as unordered list
    - Change labels on fields from span to label
    - Sliding door button styles
    - Add field-item count as class for field-item on fields
    - Add odd and even classes to comments
    - Create unique class for block's order in region (block-first and block-last)
    - Zen-style view/edit tabs
    - IE version specific CSS suggestions
    - Fusion Accelerator integration which allows for easy point-and-click styling of basic Drupal elements within easy reach of site administrators.

    Sites running jBase5

    - BlueVolt
    - OpenSesame
    - Mambo Media
    - Eyeneer TV
    - Symantec SES




    I now have little time, so if someone wants to pick this project up, please contact me.

    NOTE: Drupal 7 version is a sub-theme of Zen, hence you will need Zen downloaded as well in order to use this theme.


    This is a port of Andreas 02, originally designed by Andreas Viklund (andreasviklund.com) as a free website template.


    Mobile Basic


    This is a minimal starter theme for small screen devices, like mobile phones. It has some special layout configuration because of the user experience. You can use it as a starter parent theme to create your custom mobile theme.

    Brainstorming about usability: http://drupal.org/node/1083072


    Red Theme

    Drupal theme

    Red is the color of blood, rose, strawberries and hot. Red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and happiness.

    Read Drupal theme is powerful, clean, table-less, responsive theme and dark theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (Shiv) from iTWeb.in.

    Features of theme

    • Theme support for -
      • site Logo.
      • Site Name
      • Slogan, Tag line
      • Highlighted region.
      • Pages with 3 columns, two columns and single column.
    • Table-less design.
    • With advance bleeding edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.
    • Optimize images and minimum use of images in theme design. So it's become more light weight and execute faster.
    • Flexible. Extend at any direction.
    • Fifteen regions to put blocks, site's content.
    • Easy to change color flavor/tone.
    • With two designs/color tone.
      1. Red and White
      2. Red and Black

    Drupal 7 theme


    Business Blog

    Business Blog

    Business Blog is a Professional theme with clean layout and design make it very readable and pleasant to look at. This theme is designed and developed by Zyxware Technologies

    Notes: How to enable slide show

    Business Blog theme comes with a featured slide show. To configure slide show, follow the steps:




    The Energetic Drupal theme features a clean, light layout with a blue and orange colour scheme.


    • Support for logo, primary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
    • Fixed width layout
    • Drop-down primary links menu
    • Supports both 2 column and 3 column layout
    • Cross browser compatible

    Tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2 & Chrome