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An opinionated admin user experience for Drupal 8+


Belle -  Drupal 8 Responsive theme

Belle is a responsive drupal 8 theme with many regions provided for advance functionality. Along with many features of the theme one can change the entrire look by configuring the theme.

Following are the featrues for the theme:

Bootstrap 4 - Barrio SASS Starter Kit

Bootstrap 4 - SASS - Drupal 8

This is a Barrio subtheme that simplifies integrating Bootstrap 4 SASS with Drupal.

This subtheme overrides almost every CSS from Drupal and replaces where posible Bootstrap variables in order to generate from roots a new set of CSS files.

Color management relies on Google Material Design, generating lighten and darken variations of main color to generate hover or contrast for main colors.


person reading

A theme based on bootstrap with focus on that text should be read, with high accessibility in focus.

For now this is just a personal experiment. And the theme should not be used before it has a project release.

Drixel 5


Drixel 5 is the HTML 5 version of the Drixel theme which is based on the GPL licensed Pixel Wordpress theme.

Original Wordpress Theme Link

The Drupal version (Drixel) includes additional styling for Drupal.

Drixel 5 uses the new markup tags available in HTML 5 such as <section>,<article>,<figure>, etc...

Varbase Theme

A base theme for Varbase standard websites.

Based on the Bootstrap theme.

As from Varbase 8.4.15 Vartheme will not be in Varbase core. and it will be maintained by this project.

The Vartheme Material theme will be the default theme in Varbase, to have Varbase Theme - Material Design

Admin LTE Theme

## About Drupal Admin LTE
Admin LTE is a Drupal 7 theme. The theme is dependent on the bootstrap base theme. So you should download the bootstrap theme and place in your themes folder.
It's not mandatory that you enable the bootstrap theme. It just needs to be present in the folder
Its very light weight for fast loading with modern look.
Simple and clean design
Drupal standards compliant
Multi-level drop-down menus
Compatible and tested on IE7, IE8, IE9+, Opera, Firefox, Chrome browsers

Zeropoint (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Zeropoint. Patches applied are: