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Science Theme

This is the Science theme, a theme geared towards science sites.
Sub themes will be available for different sciences.

Créditos Rápidos

Si usted es un graduado que recientemente ha dicho adiós a la educación, por última vez, o eres un joven profesional tal vez de salir de casa y 'ir por sí solo' por primera vez, hay un montón de cosas a considerar. Las finanzas son probablemente la gran cosa que estés pensando, y para algunas personas la realidad del "mundo real" pueden ser difíciles de adaptar.

Front-end Jedi

The goal of this theme to be the base for an any other theme and add extra functionality (but no any specific markup):

  • preview HTML markup pages within Drupal environment (it's usable for slicing phase)
  • force separation of view logic from view (all should be prepared in preprocesses)
  • provide approach to create slicing without knowledge of Drupal but with proper templates structure (no more *.html -> *.tpl convertaion)

Aldersgate Theme

Aldersgate was the name of the street in London where evangelist John Wesley, years after he had been ordained, went to a small group Bible study and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit for the very first time. He is quoted as saying that he came away from that meeting with his heart “strangely warmed” and his incredible ministry took off from that night. This theme was originally created for the Florida Aldersgate Emmaus, a Central Florida-based organization that is governed by the Upper Room ministry.

Tesenair Theme

Simple one, page theme developed by Dan Tesenair for Tesenair.com


Files currently located here (github)

This is a contributed theme. It should be noted that this is the first theme creation by this author and things may not be ideal. Feel free to improve/adapt as necessary. This is a sub-theme of # Drupal 8's Classy theme.