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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Unique Content Title

Unique Node Title

Unique content title module provides a facility to validate uniqueness of each node of specific content type. Unique node title setting is available under submission form settings of content type.


Expose Box

This module is an alternative to the collapsible div/fieldset field groups for hiding
and showing content when a link is clicked.

Expose Box is a light weight module that provides a simple js-driven mechanism
for wrapping field content in a "show/hide" box. It does this by providing a new
field group. Bundling fields under the Expose Box field-group will wrap it in the
Box. The Expose Box functions similar to a collapsible fieldset field-group except
for a couple of differences:


ApacheSolr Retain

Retains enabled facets in a keyword search.

For use with the ApacheSolr Views module.


Based on a patch by Mac_Weber:



Prefetch Cache

The page caches provided by the drupal core or by different reverse proxies or by browsers themselves are not suitable for pages like entity edit forms. In case you expect the user to load a form in the next step of her work flow, you might consider a kind of proprietary browser driven link prefetching mechanism of that page. Especially if it takes a long time to load because it requires complex database queries or fetches data from external resources.


CacheWarmer Connect

CacheWarmer Connect is a module to integrate your site with the cache-warmer.com service. After enabling the module a cache clear will trigger cache-warmer.com to immediately warm your Drupal site’s cache.


Stripe API

stripe logo

This module provides a simple abstraction of the Stripe PHP SDK. It does not (and will not) provide any additional functionality. This module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.

You must download the Stripe PHP library from GitHub.

Download the library in /libraries/stripe/ such that init.php is at /libraries/stripe/init.php.


Australian postcodes

This module creates entities for Australian postcodes.
It does this by importing from a csv file that is included in the module.

NOTE: The included csv file is quite old (2011 I think, back when it was free). A more recent version can be purchased from http://auspost.com.au/business-solutions/postcode-data.html though I have not seen the format of the newer version so can not be sure it is in the same format.


Views filters combine

This module allows you to combine 2 "hidden" filters in to one exposed filter.

  • Add your filters to you view, do not expose them.
  • Add the "Combine filters" filter to your view & expose it.
  • Make sure the combine filter is ordered above all selected filters.
  • Use the filter as you normally would.


Icon panels

This module integrates the the Icon API module to panels and panes.


* Icon API


PBKDF2 key derivation


Offers a PBKDF2 key derivation function that works on PHP 5 below PHP 5.5. On PHP 5.5, the builtin hash_pbkdf2 will be used.



This is an API module, there is no interface.


Real AES


Real AES provides an encryption method plugin for the Encrypt module (https://drupal.org/project/encrypt). It also serves as a library loader for the Defuse PHP-encryption library.

Partial API compatibility with the insecure AES module (via a submodule) is provided to act as a replacement for use with other modules. Contrary to AES, this module will not accept keys that are too long or too small.


Field Rename

This module allows you to rename a field.

How to use

Go to /admin/reports/fields/rename to rename fields.



Coming soon


Blocks per menu

Blocks per menu extends the block visibility interface in Drupal 7 and allows the user to control block visibility based on the menu links.


when the module is enabled, a new vertical tab is added to the block configure admin settings as shown in the snapshot.

If only a parent menu is selected and no child menu item is selected, then the restriction is applied to all the child menu links.

An alternative to this module may be to use Context module.



tota11y helps visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies.

tota11y is a single JavaScript file that inserts a small button in the bottom corner of your document.

The toolbar consists of several plugins that each provide their own functionality.

Many of these plugins "annotate" elements on the page. Sometimes to show their existence, other times to point out when something's wrong.

More information can be found here.



This module provides an integration with Symfony Expression Language component.


Font Awesome Iconpicker

Integrates http://mjolnic.com/fontawesome-iconpicker/ with drupal. Exposing a new element and widget like text field.


VBO Validation

VBO Validation is a module that provides hooks to add validation between the execution of a VBO and its form or confirmation step.

Adding validation to prevent a VBO from executing is easy when you have a form step. But without a custom form, adding a validate function is a delicate exercise of making your module invoke last, form altering, checking for the existence of certain form elements and actions, and then adding your validation hook.

Here is a shortcut to that process!

This module will provide you with two hooks:


Field tokens

The Field tokens module add two additional types of field tokens; Formatted fields and field properties.


Formatted field tokens

Formatted Field tokens are tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Field property tokens

Field property tokens are tokens allowing access to field properties on one or many fields.

Properties are dependent on the field type.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0:uri]).





Page URL QR Code Block

This is a very tiny module just for displaying a block with QR Code of current Page URL. Its highly configurable from block configuration page. To go there you just need to click on this block's contextual menu. This modules solely purpose is to provide just a page URL block out of the box. No, complexity and no other functionality.


Avatar Kit

D8 incarnation of Gravatar/UserPicKit


Field revision cache

This is a simple module that allows the field cache to cache for revisions on entities not just the current version.


Smart IP Ban

Smart IP Ban

This module leverages the IP blocking feature in Drupal core. Automatically blocks and unblocks user IP address if too many incorrect login attempt were made. If N number of failed_login_attempt_ip events were reported in flood table within some interval then IP address will be added to blocked_ips list for configured interval. Unblocking will happen on cron run when blocking time elapse.