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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Views Alpha Pagination

The Alpha Pagination for Views module enables you to add an alphabetical menu in the header or footer of a views display.

This module exists thanks to the support of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and UNC and was created as part of the Symposiac Conference Platform.


Install the Alpha Pagination module.


Views Unsaved


List any unsaved views when a user visits the admin/stucture/views page.

Sometimes you accidentally navigate away from a view you're working on without clicking save. Rather than clicking the browser Back button or having to remember the machine name of the view you were working on, you can now simply go the main Views list page, and this module will show you a list of all unsaved views.

Thanks to colinafoley for the idea.


Views Custom Cache Tags


Views in Drupal 8 automatically adds cache tags to every view so that their content can be invalidated when it changes (and can be cached as long as possible until they do).

However, Drupal 8 only has a single list cache tag for every entity type. Every view that lists nodes is tagged with node_list and will be invalidated when a node is added, changed or deleted.


Views Exposed Form Fieldset

This module provides options to render exposed filters and exposed sorts fields in fieldsets.
This module uses the Display Extender plugin for Views and works for any kind of exposed form.
It also works if you use your exposed form in a block.


Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 version has less features for now, work is in progress, help is welcome.


Views Content Visibility

Provides an access plugin for pane visibility rules, based on whether or not a view is empty.


d3.js libraries

A placeholder module for all the contributed libraries. Feel free to post a patch with your library, (with .info file and all), and we'll share them here so others can use them, or even add to them! .zip and .tar.gz files are ok too!


Views Menu Node Children Filter

This module adds a contextual filter to Views that will retrieve a node's child nodes according to a menu's structure.

Example scenario

Create a view of nodes that are direct children of a specific node in the Main menu tree.


Views Parity Row


This module provide a new Row Style Plugin for Views.

It allows you to alternate the view mode used to render the row. You can configure when it starts, when it ends and when to switch view mode (frequency).

With Drupal 7, if the module Entity API is enabled, this will be available for all kind of entities.
With Drupal 8, you do not need Entity API, it's already based on entities.


Views Timelinejs Extras

This contains additional functionality to enhance the Views TimelineJS module but that falls outside the scope of that project.

Features include:

  • A Feature / content type that allows for definition of individual timelines via entity reference
  • A mechanism to support BCE Dates (by faking it cause computers hate BCE data storage)


Views List Sort

Views List Sort allows views to be sorted by a list field's allowed values. This is useful if the allowed values are stored in a non-alphabetical order, but you want to present your view results in the same order as your allowed values are stored.


  1. Enable the module.
  2. Add a "List (text)" sort field to your view.
  3. In the sort field settings, set "Sort by allowed values" to "yes".


Views exposed form layout

Views exposed form layout example

Provides an ability to output Views exposed fields in layouts. Helps with Views exposed filters theming.


menuimage Views

Exposes images added to menu items via menuimage to views.

Most useful when using a module that exposes menu_links table to views, such as menu_node_views, menu_views.


Views HTTP Headers

Module settings in Views

This module provides a views area plugin that allows you to specify custom http headers that should be output when the view is displayed.

For instance, you can output Cache-Control headers on a view that provides API data via JSON, thus ensuring your API always provides current information.


There are a few other modules that could help you do the same thing:



This is an API module that provides an ability to integrate SQL views in Drupal.

Check out this guide about SQL Views in Drupal.


Views Slideshow: Swiper JS

The Views Slideshow: Swiper module bridges Views Slideshow and the external
library, Swiper, so that the touch slider is available as a slideshow type.
Swiper is a "modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions"
that is "intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile
native/hybrid apps."

It works on iOS, "the latest Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers"
with the following highlighted features:


Yandex.Metrics Popular Content

Provides Popular Content view that displays the most popular urls of the site.


Token Actions Extras

The Token facility also provides token actions which can be used in Views Bulk Operations and Rules.

This module is for additional token actions that are not provided in the standard token_actions module.

Currently it contains an enhanced tokenized email that allows setting the From:, Reply-To: and Friendly Name of the sender. This is great for mass emails using VBO.


Commerce Views Better Balance

Filter and sort on the Order balance in views.

This module adds a new field to views called Order Better Balance as a field, in sort and in filters, so you can sort and filter by order balance. This cannot be done in the current order balance field.

Features Include:

Filter and Sort by order balance from within views.




Views Linker

User Case

The user has searched or filtered on a Views generated page,
clicked on one of the found results, and navigated through to the
page for that result.

After reading the info on the result page, how does the site lead
the user back to the page listing all the other found results?

This module provides a link back to the Views listing page,
which preserves the filters the user applied.


Taxonomy Delete Link

This module provides a link which deletes taxonomy term.

In taxonomy overview terms table the "delete link" has been added at operations column
and display the available operations depending on user's permissions (edit, delete).

Also, the taxonomy_delete_link_views submodule exists and makes the taxonomy term
delete link available for use to views.


Views custom cache

Views custom cache: View's first argument enabled

This module provides two new simple caches for views which takes view's arguments into account:


Salvattore (CSS driven Masonry)

Salvattore Views

This module adds a new views style that will display views
rows as a Masonry using Salvattore.


Salvattore is a jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven
For more information visit:


Require all Exposed Filters

Provides an exposed form that only renders view rows if all form elements
contains user input. The module is similar to standard Views exposed form
"Input required" but requires that the user has set an explicit ("-Any-" is not
considered explicit) value to all exposed filters.

Author: Claudiu Cristea, @claudiu_cristea


Views Slideshow Rendered Entity Pager

This module extends the Views Slideshow pager functionality to provide a new widget to display rendered entities in the pager (instead of simple bullet for example). You can select a specific view mode to be used in the pager.

Development of this module has been based on Views Slideshow Simple Pager which is providing another pager widget to display item numbers.


Slider Pro

The Slider Pro module integrates the slider pro library with drupal. Slider Pro is a responsive and touch-enabled jQuery slider that allows you to create elegant and professionally looking slider. This module integrates with the views module.