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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Annotation Chart

Annotation charts are interactive time series line charts that support annotations.

Views Refresh

The module provides AJAX command to refresh the current page of the view. This is API only module.

To get AJAX commands in PHP, you can use functions:

To refresh the view in JavaScript, you can trigger events:

Scroll variants mean adding command to scroll to top of the view.


Views Mine

This module provides a tiny Views sort handler which floats entities owned by the current user (content you've authored, for example) to the top of the results. Works with any entity type that defines the uid key.


Connecting to the external database(both drupal or non drupal database tables )and creating views and displaying as a page or block

Views Definition List

This module provides a views style and row style to build a single definition list. Field labels are rendered as the terms (dt), and values are rendered as the definitons (dd).

Views Argument Order Sort

Sort your views results by the order of the arguments received.

This module is a D8 port of one of the plugins in https://www.drupal.org/project/views_arguments_extras.

Using this module will give you a new sort type with a variety of options where you can choose what field to apply the argument values to for sorting.

Note: the arguments (contextual filter) needs to accept multiple arguments and they need to be separated with a + not a , (comma).


Views Polyglot

Views Polyglot is a set of tools for advanced language filtering and display in Views.

Polyglot means a person that speaks many languages.

This module contains:

  • Polyglot Filter
  • Polyglot Field


Suppose you have a multilingual website with the following articles:

  • Ariticle 1 (in English, Chinese and French)
  • Ariticle 2 (in English and French)
  • Ariticle 3 (in English only)

Using the built-in filters of Views, we can only achieve this:
All languages:


This module aims to cover basic need with embedding forms into a site via entity_embed, incorporating

  • contact_storage,
  • views,
  • csv_serialization

Basic features
OptionEmailtem -> gives you an opportunity to create a field with Options, tied to emails for sending out submissions to addition for main contact form setting
Markup item - for adding simple HTML to your forms
States - List of US and Canada states


Views Infinite Scroll with background image

Views Infinite Scroll with background image pic 1

This module allows you to use Views Infinite Scroll module with Image URL formatter for refresh background images of new loaded elements.

Problem & Solution

For safety reasons, Views module doesn't allow code, like <div style="background: url([field_image]) no-repeat;">...</div> on view.

Therefore, it's impossible to update background image of new Views item (who show from Image URL formatter and loaded with Views Infinite Scroll).

But data attributes is allowed! Module add new variable data-bg-image to use on your view. Use code, like <div data-bg-image="[field_image]">...</div> as well.

Views Results Inject

Please note: this module is for developer use only.

This module allows you to inject content between results returned from the view.
At the moment works only if views row plugin is 'Rendered Entity'

How to use:

  • Make sure your view row plugin is set to be 'Rendered entity with injected custom markup' instead of 'Rendered Entity'
  • Implement hook_views_post_execute() where you inject the callback function into results



Entity Reference Exposed Filters

A module for those who need their Entity Reference Exposed Filters to have titles in Select Lists.

Similar Projects
None known

Latest release of Drupal 8.x.

Set up a Entity Reference Node Relationship (A "Content referenced from .." relationship) in a view.
Add the "Entity Reference Exposed Filters Node Titles" filter.
Set the sort options.
You will now have an exposed filter with referenced node titles.

Views Default Arguments

Provide additional default argument options for views contexture filter

Commerce Stock Sort

Views handler for sort by "In Stock".

Views user sessions

This module create a views base table for user sessions. You will be able to list sessions with views.

This module comes with a view with two displays, one lists all sessions (admin/reports/sessions) and the other one shows active users and the numbre of sessions opened for each one (block).

Views Title Callback

Module to allow site builders specify a callback function in Views to generate the title dynamically.


Animate Slider

Animate Slider module integrates the Animate Slider with Drupal 8. A jQuery Slider plugin with specific animations effects for each element.

First you create new folder either in the sites/all/modules folder or just directly in the modules folder at the Drupal root. The good news is that you can move the folder even after, enabled. No more need to rebuild the registry. You can thanks the clever autoloading capability of Drupal 8.

Field Formatter for Views

A field formatter for entity reference fields targetting views that embeds the view when entity is viewed. 2 arguments are passed into the view as contextual filters, 1.) Entity id of the parent entity and 2.) a custom string value.

Inspired by and referenced plugin code from https://www.drupal.org/project/views_field_formatter

Use cases

Helpful if you are using the paragraphs module and want to define a paragraph type referencing a view.


ListJs views style plugin

Tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and incredibly fast vanilla JavaScript that adds search and flexibility to plain HTML lists.


Entity Reference Views Select

A module for those who need their Entity Reference Views fields
to be displayed as a select list, checkboxes or radio buttons in forms.

Similar Projects
If you need more than this try https://www.drupal.org/project/entity_browser

Latest release of Drupal 8.x.


Twig Views Embed

This module is no longer needed as there is a better alternative: https://www.drupal.org/project/twig_tweak

This module allows to embed views with a twig function.

{{ views_embed_view('view_name', 'view_id') }}

More at: https://api.drupal.org/comment/61229#comment-61229


Views Date Thai

Formated date in buddhist


All Around Slider

All Around Slider is a View Plugin i.e currently under development.

Views Menu Parent Filter

While there are a number of modules that allow you to generate a menu based on Views results, there don't seem to be choices for people who want to go the other direction: filtering a View based on the menu status of the entities it otherwise returns.

The goal of this module is to provide two such filters: