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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Field tokens

The Field tokens module add two additional types of field tokens; Formatted fields and field properties.


Formatted field tokens

Formatted Field tokens are tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Field property tokens

Field property tokens are tokens allowing access to field properties on one or many fields.

Properties are dependent on the field type.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0:uri]).



Avatar Kit

D8 incarnation of Gravatar/UserPicKit


Youtube Channel Videos Sync V3

This module creates video file entities from YouTube channels. It supports multiple YouTube channels. Provide a field machine name in which YouTube channel name is stored. This module will fetch the needed information from the field's table. Find the setting at "SOURCE OF CHANNELS" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.

It imports youtube data like description into entity field. It allows us to set up mapping between downloaded metadata and Drupal fields. Find the setting at "ENTITY FIELD MAPPING" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.


famfamfam.com icons

The famfamfam.com icons module is a wrapper to integrate the famfamfam.com icon packs with the Icon API module.

The icon packs are not included in this module, they need to be downloaded from famfamfam.com. See Installation instructions for more details.


Required modules



Entity Gallery

Entity Gallery is a lightweight module which allows users to group entities together into galleries.


Entity Gallery has two dependencies:

Contributed modules


Formatted Field tokens

The Formatted Field tokens module has been superseded by the Field tokens module, however the format of the Formatted Field token has not changed at all.

Please uninstall this module and install the Field tokens module instead.


Beatport Formatter

Provides a field formatter for the Link module which transforms Beatport URLs into a player.

You can create issues and pull requests on Github.


Cloudinary Integration

The module provides a library and stream wrapper of Cloudinary service.

It can help user easily to use Cloudinary image transformation in Drupal, and it can convert all drupal default image effects into Cloudinary transformations.


This module include several sub-modules, some modules can be used alone as other modules.


Provides image transformations of Cloudinary, implements hook_image_effect_info().

Provides image style feature with Cloudinary image transformations.



Revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.


  1. Open this link (pre-configured sandbox on simplytest.me).
  2. Click Launch sandbox and wait.
  3. Click Log in (email and password should be pre-filled).
  4. Go to Modules and enable Atoms Basic.
  5. Go to Structure > Content types > Page > Manage fields and delete useless Body field.
  6. Finally click Add content on the toolbar and create your first Atomic page!



Scald Video: JW Player

This module adds the JW Player for the Scald Video module.


Scald Video: VideoJS

This module adds the VideoJS player for the Scald Video module.


Scald Dailymotion


Scald Dailymotion is a video provider for the Scald module.


Scald Dailymotion depends on Scald. For specific installation instructions
related to Scald, check out its documentation at:


Scald Vimeo


Scald Vimeo is a video provider for the Scald module.
It can handle URLs and video IDs, and pulls meta data directly from Vimeo.


Scald Vimeo depends on Scald. For specific installation instructions
related to Scald, check out its documentation at:


Scald YouTube


Scald Youtube is a video provider for the Scald module.
It can handle URLs and video IDs, and pulls meta data directly from YouTube.
If a V3 API key is provided then it is possible to also get the author of
the video and to search videos directly in the add form.


Community Media Series

With Community Media Series you can create series and automatically create cm_shows and cm_airings based on specified criteria. The idea is to radically simplify creating recurring shows, without having to add each show and its airings one by one.



This module integrates the https://iframely.com/ service with Drupal. It uses the oEmbed API provided by iframely, to integrate with the oEmbed module., which is an API module for oEmbed providers. It integrates well with Media and File entity.


Direct upload

This module supports direct file upload in CKEditor using copy/paste or drag and drop. Requires CKEditor 4.5 and the uploadwidget plugin.

This module is included in Scald Galaxy for quick demonstration and testing.


Media: thePlatform mpx entity fields sync

Import MPX metadata fields into video file entity fields. It supports both default metadata of http://mpx.theplatform.com/ and custom fields we define in remote MPX platform.

There are two hooks provide an interface for other modules to override on field sync. It will allow other modules to parse the data and meet the requirement of the different field type.


Media Cloudcast Chapters

The Media Cloudcast Chapters module provides a chapter field type for Cloudcast video files and provides an automated import process. Minimal CSS has been included to get you started with display. An example view has been provided for advanced display options.

It is highly recommended you watch the introductory video https://vimeo.com/125965156 to learn how to set up and configure this module.


File Entity SWF

Adobe .swf file icon

Add support for Flash files to your Drupal site.

What does it do?

  • Creates a new file entity type to support Flash .swf files!
  • Provides default file display configuration to output the swf file as an <object>.
  • Adds width and height metadata to .swf files.

NOTE: if you are using Media WYSIWYG and/or Media WYSIWYG View Mode be sure to double check your settings to include the Flash file type.


IMCE Private Files

IMCE (https://drupal.org/project/imce), which provides a file uploader and
browser that can be used alone or within a WYSIWYG editor, is one of Drupal's most popular contributed modules. This module extends IMCE by providing additional integration with Drupal's private file system. You can use it in one of two modes:


menuimage Views

Exposes images added to menu items via menuimage to views.

Most useful when using a module that exposes menu_links table to views, such as menu_node_views, menu_views.


Imagefield Info

Screenshot of uploaded image.

This tiny module provides an information about selected image styles URLs to imagefield widget.

It's very handy if you want to insert uploaded images into a WYSIWYG editor.

You can also select what image style URLs you want to display in the imagefield widget.


Video Filter Ted

A small module to add Ted support to the video filter module.

To use it, you will need the video filter module install. After that, you can copy the URL of a Ted show into your text input area using the video filter syntax and it will render as a video for you.

For example: [video: https://www.ted.com/talks/anand_giridharadas_a_tale_of_two_americas_and_the_mini_mart_where_they_collided]

There is a basic help page available at example.com/admin/help/video_filter_ted