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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Progressive Image Loader

Provides progressive image loading capability.

See https://css-tricks.com/the-blur-up-technique-for-loading-background-images/ for a description of the technique.

Background Video

This Background Video module allows to play video in the background of the page. To play video background in the background what you have to do is just specify
the name of the class to which you want to add the background video. There are some other specification like Loop the video, where to place the controls
like play/pause and mute/unmute, Autoplay video when the page loads etc.


Provides out-of-the-box retina images on all image styles.

Requires #2558207: Need for a hook_image_path_flush for image style flush to work properly.


Imagefield Slideshow

Imagefield Slideshow will provide a field formatter for image fields, so that the images uploaded for an image field would be rendered as a Slider.




This module allows site builders to insert Helixware video from Drupal Backend

Media entity document

Local document integration for Media entity module.


Media Entity Browser

This module provides an Entity Browser for Media Entity, inspired by File Entity Browser.



This is a module for integration with Around.media in a view.

This way the 360° gallery can be placed almost anywhere through the delivered views style plugin.


Image Replace File entity

Image Replace File Entity extends Image Replace (https://www.drupal.org/project/image_replace) to be able to work with file entity.
This comes especially useful when making image replace working with WYSIWYG editor.

A simple configuration:

1. Enable module Image Replace and follow the README.txt to configure. Assume you create your picture mapping named as "Image Replace"

Panzoom Images

Panzoom Images provides a new image field formatter to render the image using
the Panzoom jQuery library (http://timmywil.github.io/jquery.panzoom/).


Video Embed Wistia

This module adds support for Wistia to the video_embed_field module.



Slick video

Drupal slick video carousel

Provides a simple integration between Slick carousel and Video embed field. If you need more robust solution, please consider Slick media.


Image Style Class

Adds classes onto each rendered image showing the image style name.


Twitter Image Grabber Poster

This is a module to grab images from Twitter based upon a defined hashtag, and place them into the media database for approval and use in a homepage slider.

Video Embed Sketchfab

Sketchfab Logo

An integration for Sketchfab renders into Video Embed Field. Technically the video embed field module is a fancy iframe wrapper. While Sketchfab 3D Renders are not videos, they flow pretty well into this framework. Ideally, it would make more sense for the Video Field module to be renamed to something more generic. I think the provider model works well, and applies to more than video.

Media Entity Library

Aiming to provide a "no configuration required" deployment with sane defaults of the Drupal media components for immediate use.

Feature set

  • Media bundles for local images, twitter, etc
  • Entity browsers set up and ready for use
  • CKEditor toolbar amended to enable easy embedding

Dirble API

Dirble API

If you’re a music lover, you already know that turning on the tunes can help calm your nerves, make stress disappear, pump up your energy level during work, bring back old memories, as well as prompt countless other emotions too varied to list. Creates a +ve vibe, makes you think more. And oh yes there are many more alternatives to find great music sources rather than this module but give it a try :).

S3 File Sync

Module Purpose

  • Uploads any file to AWS S3
  • Generates image renditions and uploads them to AWS S3
  • Uploads files synchronously or asynchronously



This module integrates Rokka.io with Drupal: after setting up your credentials the module allows to:

  • Automatically upload images from fields to Rokka by using the rokka:// stream wrapper
  • Synchronize Drupal’s Image Styles to Rokka’s ImageStacks
  • Display images from Rokka service


Most module configuration is handled at admin/config/media/rokka.


Youtube List

Provides a custom list of youtube videos

Fotorama Gallery

fotorama preview

This Module provide a easy way to integrate fotorama gallery into your drupal site. Will provide a display formatter, view display and a API.

Atom Reference Delete

Removes references to a deleted atom by marking referencing field items as deleted.

Also displays a warning on the atom delete form with a list of referencing entities. The check and warning can be disabled by setting the Drupal variable atom_reference_delete_show_reference_warning to false.