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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Captiontor Caption

Captiontor Caption

It's been very simple add on module for Mediafront module with functionality for .srt subtitle support for video files.
issue related to :

Image Opacity Overlay

This module allows you to add to any image field a semi-transparent overlay (or background) with a configurable color.

This can be activated / configured per field instance.

Usage instructions:
- Install the module
- Go to the field settings and check "Enable Opacity Overlay / Background"
- After uploading the image when creating content, you will now see 3 new properties:
- Filter type (Overlay or Background)
- Filter color (an hex value such as #DFDFDF)
- Filter opacity (a number between 0 and 1)

Color thief effect

Uses the color thief PHP lib to calculate the dominant color of an image and stores it as a hex code in file_metadata table.

To use it, simply add the "Color thief" effect to your image style.

Cameratag field

This modules provides integration with the cameratag service. It provides a field fomatter that can be used to record videos from the users computer and display the videos using the cameratag service.

About cameratag

Cameratag allows users to :


SVG Sanitizer

Integrates Drupal with the SVG Sanitizer library https://github.com/darylldoyle/svg-sanitizer.

This module registers the SVG Sanitizer with Drupal's library api module. It also makes an SVG Sanitizer field formatter available for image and file fields that will attempt to remove non-whitelisted SVG attributes and tags and display the contents of the SVG file.



Video Embed Vidyard

This module adds support for Vidyard to the video_embed_field module.




AntiModerate is the progressive image loading library for great good. Reduce loading time of page to less than a second on slow connections by loading and rendering nicely blurred micro images on the page while loading full sized images in background which replace as they finish. Has a nice blur effect thanks to StackBlur so you have a good looking page while it is loading. Library is space optimized, with gzip it is less than 2kb.

Gridster widget

manage display

This module adds a field widget, enabling Gridster.js functionality for image fields. With this module you can arrange images in a Gridster grid.

NP Media Flickr

A cheeky fork of the Media_Flickr module, so that I can get some fixes stored somewhere whilst I work on them.

The plan is to:

  • Make OAuth work enough to allow one global Flickr account to be used by the site
  • Create a basic Media Browser Plugin, so that we can browse (and search!) Flickr photos in the Media popup
  • Allow selection of photos from the browser plugin
  • Make importing of private photos via URL work, by using the Rest API with OAuth

ImageCache Punch

When using modules that allow you to focus or crop images you may find that the image dissapears or the changes are not immediately visible to everyone. This can be caused by other external caching such as Varnish, or browser caching outside of immediate control, because by default ImageCache does not generate a new URL for each iteration of the image. Depending on how your environment is configured the old rendering may stay in browsers for weeks, causing much confusion for your content editors.

CKEditor Media Widget

The project started out as trial to understand and use CKEditor Media module. After many hours of learning I found myself rebuilding this module. This is using all the work what has been done on Media WYSIWYG and uses CKEditor widgets support.

This module is NOT duplicate of Media CKEditor module since it uses WYSIWYG module approach.


IMCE Download

Adds a download operation to the user interface of the IMCE file browser.

Image from Word

This module allows to copy content with the images from the MS Word and similar editors and pasting it into the Drupal fields with WYSIWYG.

You can copy and paste images with text or just images separately.


Media: Auto

Media Auto: Account settings screen

Media: Auto utilizes the Drupal Media module framework and extends it by adding automated aggregation, node creation and media embedding from YouTube and Vimeo media collections. Media Auto automatically creates nodes for individual media, page views for video collections, and blocks for “Featured Content,” “What’s New”, and “Recent Collections.” Video collection pages organize the created nodes into a “video wall” by collection (album, playlist, channel, etc).

Responsive image batch

Responsive Image Batch

What Is This?

Responsive Image Batch is an opinionated helper module for Drupal 8 to speed up creating responsive image styles by providing a single interface for the following tasks:

  • Calculate image sizes in various breakpoints and multipliers.
  • Name and create multiple image styles and assign image effects to them.
  • Map image styles to a "responsive image style". This maps image styles to the breakpoints and multipliers of the picture element.

This module is opinionated in the following ways:

CKeditor Image Style

Simple module to extend the editor (CKeditor) image dialog so that images can be used/placed inside the editor with a image style applied.

IMPORTANT: Currently the module (output of the module) only works if the "Restrict images to this site" filter inside the textformat is deactivated.

Scald IPTC data

This module provides IPTC data extraction for Scald Image atoms.
Here is more information about IPTC data : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPTC_Information_Interchange_Model

Client Hints

This is in the inspiration phase right now after reading a lot about Client Hints. I'm thinking about writing a module that will:

  • add the meta tag to pages
  • provide admin page where the site builder can define a list of image styles and css/js files
  • work with the provided hints and return the appropriate response

Media WYSIWYG Embed

Media WYSIWYG Embed module adds support for embedding media using client-side WYSIWYG editors. This module is similar to the Media WYSIWYG module, but the difference lies in the ability to specify formatter and formatter settings for each media item instead of specifying a view mode.


Auto Retina


Extends core image styles/effects by providing retina versions of any defined style, by simply adding @2x before the file extension, e.g. some-great-file@2x.png. The resulting image is double as wide as the width defined in the image style effect.



This module provides a Drupal field type and field formatter for displaying PBS programs, clips, and promotions within an embedded video player. It is intended for PBS member stations and program producers who wish to embed COVE videos on their websites, and will likely not be useful outside of the PBS.org ecosystem.

This module was developed by 4Site Studios on behalf of WETA for Washington Week.

File Entity Browser


This module provides a default Entity Browser that lets you browse and select your files in a nice-looking, mobile-ready Masonry based interface, and upload files using the Dropzonejs module.


Flickr Album

Display Flickr photosets as a gallery.

Dropbox Share

Whitelabel Dropbox for mass distribution.

We've used a few of the other Dropbox modules, but none have been capable of handling our large scale projects.
This module aims to provide solid mass file distribution for both private and public needs.

CKEditor Media Embed Plugin


The CKEditor Media Embed module adds support for CKEditor plugins Media Embed, Semantic Media Embed, and Auto Embed to Drupal core's CKEditor.