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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Video Embed Buto

This module provides a Buto handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add Buto videos to their site by pasting the video's embed URL into a video embed field.
In the settings users can set width and height options of the video.
This module also can get thumbnail image from Buto for using it as a teaser image.


Awesome Image Modifier

Awesome image modifier offers many interesting features to modify your image and save it to you local computer or save in profile.


Provides integration with bLazy to lazy load and multi-serve images to save bandwidth and server requests. The user will have faster load times and save data usage if they don't browse the whole page.


- bLazy library:




Connect to your users,
see how others connect to you
site to connect to your friends on the go.....

MD Icon

This module provides integration for icon bundles and icon providers throughout Drupal.


Mason Grid: Paz

Provides Mason integration to create a perfect gapless grid of elements.
This is not Masonry, or Isotope or Gridalicious. Mason fills in those ugly gaps, and creates a perfectly filled space.

The module provides a Views style plugin to return results as a Mason grid.


Video Embed Wideo

Wideo logo

This module provides Wideo handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add Wideo videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.

Video Embed Field

True Crop

This module allows you to generate new images by cropping existing ones. Because the cropped images are first-class file entities, they will appear (and can be reused) anywhere else a regular image file would be.

The module integrates with the Manual Crop module for its user interface.


Static file entity caching

File Static Cache enables static entity caching for file entities.


Video Embed

Video Embed allows videos to be embedded within a textarea using a WYSIWYG editor or stored and rendered via text fields.


Slick media

Provides integration between Slick carousel and Media entity. Slick media allows richer slideshow/carousel contents with a mix of text, image and video.

Slick media provides a Slick carousel formatter for the supported Media entities:


Gist Embed


This is a very simple project that provides a Link field formatter to embed Github Gists.

Vine Pluggin for WYSIWYG

Vine inline

Provides a way to insert vines into posts inline with the TINEYMCE WYSIWYG editor.

Video Embed Dreambroker

This module provides Dreambroker integration for Video Embed Field. The module is built based on Video Embed Ted.


Integrate Picassa tab

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is drupal 8 version of Picasa Tab module which will integrate the picasa image selector into your site. Picasa tab is connect your site from your picasa albums using your username.

This module Adds a 'Picasa album' tab to the media dialog so that you can easily browse images from the Media Selector widget. After you have selected your image, it is copied over to your Files directory so you can still apply Drupal file styles and access control.


Provides an field formatter, who has hidden the path of images.


CesiumJS is an open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps.

This module provides the CesiumJS library integration into your Drupal project.

How to use

Using a function


In a form

$form['element']['#attached']['libraries_load'][] = array('cesium');


CKEditor Youtube Plugin

A module that register a plugin which provides a Youtube embed video button: http://ckeditor.com/addon/youtube.


Install per normal https://www.drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes/modules-8.


Initial development and maintenance by Agaric.


Provides a simple Intense image field formatter. A stand alone javascript library for viewing images on the full screen. Using the touch/mouse position for panning.

All styling of image elements is up to the user, Intense.js only handles the creation, styling and management of the image viewer and captions.



Thumbor is a smart imaging service. It enables on-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images. It features a very smart detection of important points in the image for better cropping and resizing, using state-of-the-art face and feature detection algorithms.

The Thumbor is a Drupal module to create a image styles with Thumbor effects. To use, you will need to enter a Thumbor Server and Thumbor key. See more at: Wiki

OpenLucius Inline Images

Plug and play inline images for Drupal distro OpenLucius.

How to install

Install this module like any other Drupal modules and you'll instantly get an 'inline images' button in the editor, no config needed.

How to use

When end-users click on the inline images button, they can browse for a local file. After choosing a local image, it will be automatically uploaded to the text field. Inline resizing and outlining is also possible.


Live Cricket Score

Live cricket score widget


Live Cricket Score is a simple module which allows users to add a block to their Drupal website to display Live Cricket Scores. It is based on the "Cricket Score Widget" module developed by devsaran which uses flash content to display data, but gives much more detailed information.

The contents of Live Cricket Score module is updated on the fly from cricwaves.com website, so you can be up-to-date with latest cricket news and international scores. The widget is displayed in a block with size of 300x250.

Image Preset View Mode

This module automatically creates a matching view mode on your file entity for each image style. That's really helpful if you use Media module with WYSIWYG, and you need to configure different view modes for all your image presets.

There is no UI, simply enable the module to cause the view modes to be created..