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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Imports data from DEA’s EMS application's SOAP API interface into nodes/ taxonomy.


website for 4th Guinness world record attempt by COEP.

Registration waitlist fix

The registration module does not automatically promote waitlist users to available spots and the proposed patch #2258117: Waitlist doesn't automatically change 'waitlist' registrations to 'complete' when slots become available has not received maintainer attention.


The thermometer module provides a block to allow you to create a simple thermometer widget, useful for fundraising goals, without relying on an external third-party service, etc. It also uses CSS and Javascript, and not any Flash, etc.

Enable the module. Go to the blocks page and configure the "Thermometer" block. Place it where you want to see it!

The output is themeable, but beware that the JavaScript depends on the markup to a certain extent.


TimelineJS API

Developer API for generating and rendering data using the TimelineJS3 library.



Registration transitions

Adds Transitions to Entity Registration, because States are fun, but not very user-friendly without Transitions.



Add custom events to Drupal, CCKEVM

Book an Appointment

Appointment is a highly customizable module that allows your customers to book appointments via the web.


The module was designed to be flexible and reliable so as to be able to meet the needs of any kind of enterprise. You can the read the main features of the system below:

Event Outlook

The event will add to outlook calendar.

FranklyMe Widget

The Frankly.me plugin for Drupal adds Frankly.me social plugins to your Drupal site and optimizes the experience of your audience through easy ask buttons and social widgets. Associate your Drupal site with side pane widgets and embed shortcodes for frankly.me ask button and social widgets. All features are deeply integrated with Drupal APIs to make building your webpages and administrative features as easy as possible with the extensibility you expect from Drupal.

Video Comment FranklyMe

Use this plugin to spice up your posts with video comments instead of boring text comments. Simply start by creating a new post, the video comment feature is added automatically at the end of the post.

This plugin places two-set widget. First, a sleek 'record video' button, and a video carousel at the end of all of your posts. Official plugin from FranklyMe.

It'll be shown to your audience once your post goes live, where they can take a video selfie (velfie) that'll be viewable by everybody on your site.



Working days

Working days is a module that allows to calculate working days between 2 dates or the final date given an initial date and an amount of working days.
It also can calculate which days in a month are free or working days.

It enables an administrative interface to indicate which days does not be considered as working days.

Single Date Time

Single date time module extend date module UI experience feature. For example you have selected end date in configurations and you want to add end time only for single date event instead of to date section for more details see the screen shorts.
When Uncheck "Show End Date"
Single Date Time Screen short

When checked "Show End Date"
Single Date Time Screen short


Outlook Events

This module is used to fetch Calendar events from Exchange outlook accounts.


1. You should download https://github.com/jamesiarmes/php-ews library and place it in sites/all/libraries folder. So that all files inside it are listed under sites/all/libraries/php-ews.


Changed Fields API



External Logger

External Logger

TamTam External Logger module for Drupal is a module that utilizes hook_watchdog() to catch all log events on a Drupal based site. And send the events to a compatible backend. The module is designed to center log messages of multiple environments and sites in a single location. All environments can be grouped to form a practical overview. Saving the developer the time of looking up multiple logs and/or multiple machines.

Required Modules:

Composer Manager

RNG Quick

Provides a faster method to register for RNG events.

The modules primary purpose is to provide blocks supplementing the event entity being viewed. The blocks provide faster (one click etc) registration for the current user instead of filling out the standard registration form.


Commerce POS Registrations

This module serves as a bridge for https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_pos and https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_registration. It essentially adds the registration forms to the checkout process in the point of sale system, and saves the registration on successful payment.

Remind it

Remind it
This is a timesheet plus reminder management system which seeks to provide the best way to keep a track of our daily tasks.

Prediction IO

A module to integrate with Prediction.IO which is a well known open source Machine Learning Server and a recommendation engine. The purpose of this module is a to build a scalable solution to get user recommendations within the data model of your website. The module will have the following features
1. Collect user ratings and statistics
2. Predict and Recommend other nodes/entities in your website that the user might like

Ajax throbber

mschudders ajax throbber fading circle

Displays an Ajax throbber in an overlay on every ajax request.

So user interaction will be blocked until the request is completed.

So this is not tied to one component like views or webforms.
But usable for everything.

The animation of the throbber + overlay is all CSS


variable_set('ajax_throbber_selection', 'circle');
Choice between:



Designed originally for a craft fair style site, this module adds a field type for setting up a grid. The intent is to design a floor plan using the grid and sorting it so the values of the grid is where you would like to add your users. Once done a floor manager tab is added to allow for adding users to the grid.