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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce VirtualMerchant


Commerce integration with the VirtualMerchant payment processor.


This module was forked from an old GitHub repo belonging to deggertsen.


Commerce Checkout Password


This module adds a password field for anonymous users to the "Account information" pane on the checkout step of Drupal Commerce. When the checkout process completes, the user is automatically logged in.


Commerce Entity+


This module aims to wrapper around the Drupal Commerce entities and simplify working with the entities and entity wrappers. It provides new classes to represent the entities returned through the Drupal Commerce entity controllers. This means your orders, products, line items, customer profiles, and payment transactions will resemble structured objects.


Commerce Auto-Checkout

Automatically redirect visitors from the cart page to the checkout page. If the visitor does not have an order already in progress an initial order can be generated along with a default product added to the cart. Designed to work with Commerce Cart Form Checkout Pane, but it isn't a requirement.


Commerce Direct-to-Cart

Have you ever wanted to provide a link to a customer that drops one or more
products directly into the cart? Here's your magic bean!

For example: http://example.com/product/magic-beans/dtc?color=green&size=small will
select the small green magic bean variant and add it directly to the cart. And
it works with bundles!!


Stripe API

stripe logo

This module provides a simple abstraction of the Stripe PHP SDK. It does not (and will not) provide any additional functionality. This module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.

You must download the Stripe PHP library from GitHub.

Download the library in /libraries/stripe/ such that init.php is at /libraries/stripe/init.php.


Simple AdSense


This module brings Google AdSense AD units into Drupal as responsive block(s) simplely.

More implementation details see: http://ranqiangjun.com/node/408832 (in Chinese).


Commerce Views

The views that come hardcoded with Drupal Commerce cannot be exported to features. To do so, you need to clone these views, then disable them, and use the cloned views instead.

This is a small module to disable all the views that come with Drupal Commerce.


Commerce Product Display Attribute Selection

Have you ever wanted to link a customer to a product page with specific attributes selected? This module provides that capability. Simply include the attributes in the querystring on the product display page and the attributes will be selected.

For example: http://example.com/product/magic-beans?color=green&size=small will select the color and size on the add-to-cart form of that product display.


Commerce Deploy Core

The core component to Commerce Deploy. Please file all issues in the profile's queue.


Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link

The Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link module allows Ubercart Discount Coupons to be automatically redeemed by users upon visiting the page at

This allows for a quick and easy method of automatically applying coupon codes for users, negating the need for them to remember the coupon code. Users can simply click the link provided and the code will automatically appear on checkout. Very useful for advertising/emails, etc.


Simple Currency Converter

Convert all the prices on your site to any currency for better user experience.


As an example add the following mark to you page.



This module provides a block for the YPlan affiliate widget.


Install in the same way as any other module, see http://drupal.org/node/895232 for further information.


EE Commerce

Extends the Enterprise for Everyone Distribution with Commerce Features



MoneySuite provides a set of modules for Drupal sites that rely on the sale of memberships and/or content for revenue. This project is differentiated from the existing commerce modules in that it requires no special adaptation for the sale of memberships and handles one time or recurring payments through a variety of payment gateways.

Included in this release:


Stripe Checkout

Provides a field formatter to format an integer field into a simple Stripe Checkout payment button, following the docs at https://stripe.com/docs/checkout.

It has a callback that will set the field to 0¢ when the payment is successful. For this reason we often call the field "Balance due" and we render the display price using a separate field.


Congratulations on Anniversary Order

Congratulations on Anniversary Order module allows you to congratulate client on
his anniversary order.
Namely, this module allows you to set anniversary order number at it's admin
page, and when an order with a given number will be completed by one of your
customers, module will show custom checkout pane with congratulations to the
customer. It is also possible to send e-mail with congratulations and additional
data to the client.


Dynamic widget for commerce line item field

Dynamic commerce line item widget settings

This module offers the missing connection between product types and line item types.
In this case Products serve as a blueprint for line items.
A product is referenced and all fields for the line item are prefilled with the data from the product.
But you are still able to edit and customize the line item. This will not affect the product in any way.



YellowCube is a warehouse solutions offered by Swiss Post that is specialised on fully automated storage, picking and packing of small parts.


eps Online-Überweisung

This project integrates eps payment standard into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. The eps Online-Überweisung is an off-site payment service of Austrian banks. It is based on the technical eps e-payment standard which is an open and standardized XML interface between online-shops and banks to initiate irrevocable online payments. Extensive documentation can be found here, current version v2.5:


XMLCharts - Industrial and Precious Metals Prices

XMLCharts is a Drupal module that consumes, caches and produces blocks to display industrial and precious metal prices from the XML Charts free XML price feeds. If you're looking for a method to place precious and/or industrial metal pricing on your website, this is probably the solution you're looking for.

At this time XMLCharts provides pricing information for:

  • Precious metals: Gold, Platinum, Palladium & Silver
  • Industrial metals: Nickel, Copper, Zink, Lead & Aluminum

The metals are priced in 13 currencies.


Commerce License Cancel

This module provides a few ways for users to cancel Commerce License licenses. It provides a URL for cancelling licenses associated with a product, and a URL for cancelling licenses associated with an order. The user will see a "confirm cancellation" form (just a checkbox and a submit button) when they visit either of those URLs.

View the documentation for more details.


Commerce Payment Split

This module allow user pay multiple time for an order.

Ex: When user book a trip $10000, user can pay first time $2000 and then pay multiple time ultil enough.

Version 7.x-1.0 just have feature for this. It missing the hook for other module intergate and also if you need to pay more for an order, you need to change the status of order manually.

Use 7.x-1.x-dev to resolve the change order status. It have a menu to pay more for an order.


Commerce POLi Payments

The Commerce POLi Payments module adds the POLi Payments payment gateway to Drupal Commerce.

Initial development was sponsored by The Wilderness Society Inc.


Required modules



Commerce Reset

While a site is in development or testing phase we create hundreds orders, transactions and customer profiles.
This module allows you to reset commerce to a near blank slate.

At the moment we only support commerce core.


1. Delete orders and reset order number.
2. Delete payment transactions.
3. Delete customer profiles.
4. Delete product variations.

Basic Installation

1. Download and enable the module.
2. Go to Administration > Store > Commerce reset (admin/commerce/reset/batch).