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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Paytabs

Currently this module is under development and would be released soon.

Pay with Pay.jp

This module will help with on the go integration with Pay.jp payment gateway of Japan.

Ubercart Mellat Bank

Iranian Bank Gateway for Übercart: Mellat Bank
درگاه پرداخت بانک ملت


Ubercart Zarinpal

زرین پال

Zarinpal Gateway integration for Ubercart 3

درگاه پرداخت زرین پال برای Ubercart 3

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Recent supporters

This module provides a recent-supporters block (see screenshot) for online-actions. The list of recent supporters is automatically updated using the polling module.


EMI Loan Calculator

EMI Loan Calculator

EMI Loan Calculator


  • This module will be helpful for commerce related project where we need to calculate the EMI for the loan amount.
  • This will add a block which can be assigned to any region and help to calculate the EMI and provide on yearly details for the interest, remaining amount and principal calculation.
  • For developer's help configuration is provided with the help of it developer can control loan amount, interest rates & loan term.


This module integrates Spot.im functionality.

Commerce Avangard

Integrates Commerce Payment with Russian Avangard Bank API.



This module provide a flexible storage for your phone book contacts.


Robax - Callback Online Widget


Robax - live callback widget software and help desk software for customer service. Live chat allows website visitors to contact you in real-time. Help desk software is used to online visitors find what they need before they leave your site.

Try Robax free for 7 days! Sign up for our live chat here: http://robax.oblax.ru

Take a tour to see why you need live callback widget software on your website: http://robax.oblax.ru

Commerce Clearance

Another discount system.

Commerce combo discount

This module provide an inline condition for Commerce Discount.
This condition allows to you to apply discounts to product only for defined ratio of another product is in cart, for example:
you want that Luke Skywalker T-Shirt is discounted of 20% only in combination with Blue lightsaber.
If i buy the shirt and there's 1 or more lightsabers in my cart i have the discount, but if i have only 1 lightsaber, only 1 shirt will be discounted.

You can create 1 on 1 discounts, but this is configurable: discount 1 t-shirt every 3 lightsaber and so on...

Checkout Timeout

Forces users to complete checkout within specified amount of time. If user do not complete checkout withing configured time, order will be removed from his cart.

Commerce Paymaster

Модуль для оплаты с помощью paymaster.ru.

Не тестировался!

Google Currency Converter

Google Currency Converter Block

The "Google Currency Converter" module will help your website to convert currency using google finance calculator. It will give you defult block option to convert currency from one format to another. The "Google Currency Converter" module also provides option to set your default block currency.


Commerce Shipworks Connector

This module integrates Drupal Commerce (D7 version) with the Shipworks shipping management package.
Initally, it is highly specific to one client project, so if you want to use it you will have to edit it heavily.

Campaign Tracker

This module provides Bean block types for various types of marketing campaign. Currently supported trackers are:

* Facebook
* Google Adwords
* Doubleclick

To use this module:

* Install the module in sites/mysite/modules or sites/all/modules
* Enable the module
* Set permissions for the block types
* Create blocks using the Bean interface
* Add blocks to your page using the standard block interface



Fetch share prices for stocks that have been added from Google Finance API and stores them in the database.

Creates an optional (configurable) page to display the stocks and prices publicly.



Phoneword block

Phoneword provides a block displaying a click-to-call telephone link that cross-fades between a phone WORD and its corresponding phone NUMBER e.g. "1800 DRUPAL" to "1800 378275". Clicking the link will launch the user's phone number dialler (if installed).