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Commerce PagaMasTarde


The extension provides Paga Más Tarde ( https://www.pagamastarde.com/ ) payment integration for DrupalCommerce which enables payment processing using financing.

= Benefits for your customers =
Diferenciate with competition via financing payments!

Paga Más Tarde offers the way to finance your sales, allowing customers split the payments and boost the sales.

= Features =
- Provide fractioned payments
- Boost sales
- No technical configuration

Lazy Loading Ad Slots

- Provide a context reaction which allows you to provide the CSS selector(s);
- Loading the Ad(s) support the following configurations:
-- Multiple selectors:
--- On scroll;
--- Instantly;

-- Single selector:
--- On scroll;
--- Instantly;


Commerce Ajax Cart Form

Another Commerce Ajax Cart Form module.

Stripe Managed Accounts

This module provides an integration with the Stripe Managed Accounts feature from Stripe Connect, so you can build a payment platform, allowing your users to have an affiliated Stripe account and receive payments using the Stripe APIs, under your platform control.

The module includes a submodule Stripe Managed Accounts User that easily integrates a Stripe Managed Account with a Drupal user.

Commerce Payment Select

If you are using Drupal Commerce and more than one payment method, the top payment method automatically becomes the default. The user may submit to the payment stage without mentally making the decision of which method to choose.

Normally this is fine, but if you have some conditional fields involved, or some legal reason to FORCE the user to select a payment method this module is for you!


Exposes BlockAdBlock plugin through the Libraries API. This is intended to be used by other modules or by any custom code you write.


Recommended usage is in the #attached property of a render array:

function mymodule_preprocess_html(&$variables) {
  $variables['page']['page_bottom']['#attached']['libraries_load'][] = array('blockadblock');

Alternate usage is via libraries_load():

Commerce Behat

This module contains Behat contexts for the Behat Drupal Extension to make testing with Drupal Commerce.


Avanser admin config form

Integrate with Avanser call tracking functionality.

Avanser is an Australian company providing a technology to track calls made from a website. This module outputs the tracking code required to track these calls.

Commerce Wechatpay

weixin payment icon

Wechat (Weixin) payment solution for Drupal Commerce

This module is currently under maintenance and keep updating in Github


  1. SDK package overtrue/wechat


    Please download SDK package and put inside "libraries" folder before install this module

Facet API Color Swatches

Provides a facetapi widget plugin for color swatch facets links - see screenshot.

Wirecard Checkout Page

Wirecard Checkout Page

Module for Ubercart.

Wirecard Checkout Page is designed to meet the ambitious demands of merchants offering a wide range of payment methods while at the same time fulfilling PCI DSS compliance.

Wirecard Checkout Page offers:

Braintree Integration

Braintree module provide basic integration with Drupal and Braintree.

  • payment method form wrapper function
  • vault integration
  • subscription integration
  • webhooks integration

The initial release can be found in GitHub: https://github.com/cityreader/braintree

MLM Unilevel Plan

The unilevel plan is one of the leading Multi level Marketing plan. This plan is very helpful to increase the sales of a product. A distributor may have 'n' number of sub distributors and top distributed will get the profile share if a sub-distributor completes a sale. Plan, commission level, commission percentage are configurable.

The module can be integrated with Drupal commerce

Commerce Product Queue

Commerce Product Queue will be used to get Commerce products in a queue. User will have the ability to adjust and change the order of products in Commerce Product queue. This can be further used with views to set order according to Commerce Product Queue.

Project Issue Link - https://www.drupal.org/node/2619864

Booking and Availability Management API

The BAT API provides generalized API (REST) access to Booking and Availability Data.

If you are a Rooms 7-x-1.x user you will want the 7-x-1.x version while if you are a Rooms 7-x-2.x or BAT user you will want the 2.x version.





This module integrates the Taboola service with Drupal.

The module provides:
- Taboola blocks.
- Taboola DFP Native (sub-module)


Commerce Shipment Message Integration

This module adds order shipment notifications to Commerce Shipment. It provides an order-based email that can be sent automatically with a rules event that triggers when an order's shipping numbers have been updated or changed.

It creates a rule for sending the message, a default message type, and a view that shows the tracking numbers on the order.




This module integrates the Sourcepoint service with Drupal.


  1. Grab the form API key from your Sourcepoint account.
  2. Enable the module.
  3. Go into /admin/config/system/sourcepoint and enter your API key in the required box.


Commerce Manual Payment

This module provides a payment method that is accessible via the admin terminal used to manually add payments and associate them with notes and remote payment id's.

If you are looking to add custom offline payments, you may want to try Commerce Custom Offline Payments.


Commerce Cart Link

Commerce Cart Link provides a new field formatter for Add to Cart fields attached to Commerce products and product displays.

By using a link instead of a form element such as a button, performance and caching can be improved, and instances where a store admin wants to provide a way for users to buy a product without invoking the full Form API may find cart links a better alternative.


Alexa Rank Service

Provides a PHP API service for looking up website rankings through Alexa.

Example Usage:
$alexaRankApi = \Drupal::service('alexa_rank');
var_dump($alexaRankApi->getGlobalRank('amazon.com')); //returns int(6)