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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Brightpearl

 Sum of all parts image to ilustrate Brightpearl functionality


Brightpearl an ERP system that exists to help SMB multi-channel on and offline retailers accelerate their growth and profits.

It allows retailers to manage orders, inventory, customer data and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system.
Brightpearl provides real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU and channel, customer purchase behaviour and more.
It allows retailers to focus on what they love - merchandising and growing their business.


User Signature Permissions


The Signature Permissions module provides the 'Allow Signatures' that allows users to update the signatures in user profile.


This module requires none.

Known problems



Signature is a field in the Drupal 8.


Naveen Valecha (naveenvalecha) - https://drupal.org/u/naveenvalecha



CiviCRM and Drupal both place a copy of jQuery on the page, which is inefficient. This module removes Drupal's (older) copy and uses the single copy from CiviCRM for both applications. This results in faster page loads and a more responsive web browser.


Block Visibility Groups

Block Group Listing

Block Visibility Groups allows the site administrator to easily manage complex visibility settings that apply to any block placed in a visibility group. The visibility settings for all blocks in the group can be edited on one administration form.

This modules works in conjunction with the Drupal 8 core's block administration system. It is a simpler alternative to modules like Panels.



Zuora API integration for Drupal.


Commerce Zuora

Zuora payment platform integration with Drupal Commerce.




"Super fast GitHub Flavored Markdown"
This module creates a new Drupal textformat filter that uses parsedown.org library to render your markup.
Parsedown Demo


amoCRM Form

amoCRM Form Drupal module

amoCRM form for Drupal is a module designed to generate leads, contacts and company information directly in your amoCRM account.


Git Clone

What this module does

Clones, manages and synchronizes a specific git repository reference from a remotely hosted git repository. This allows the cloned repository references to be consumed in a Drupal environment. Consumers of cloned git repositories are tools that perform certain functions like parsing or building from several repository references.

An example of a consumer: the API module


OrgHunter Charity Search - Lookup and Donation Module

Charity Search API powered by OrgHunter.com, is the most accurate, reliable and trusted charity datasource on the market today, enabling Drupal developers to quickly add a charity search feature to your Drupal site in minutes. Gain instant access to over 2.1 million US based charities. Charity data is updated daily to ensure your users have access to the most current charity information based on numerous datasources including the Internal Revenue Service.


jQuery Mosaic Flow

jQuery Mosaic Flow is a drupal module implementing the jQuery.MosaicFlow plugin to provide responsive javascript based mosaic layouts using views.


A Pinterest like responsive image grid that doesn’t suck.

This module adds a new Display format in Views that creates a
jQuery.Mosaicflow image grid.


Image Raw Formatter

Image Raw Formatter for Drupal 8. This formatter return URLs absolute of original images or image style if is configured. The default formatter for image doesn't work for REST services because return HTML tags for images.

Install using Drupal Console project

$ cd path/to/drupal/8/modules/contrib
$ drupal module:download image_raw_formatter
$ drupal module:install image_raw_formatter



Drupal 5 migration

Drupal 8 has builtin migration paths from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 - this module will extend the core support for migration from Drupal 5. The initial goal is simply getting the most basic site content - terms, users, and nodes - into Drupal 8, and we will refine from there.


Responsive Image Automatic

This module is a replacement for the Drupal 8 core module, 'Responsive Image'.

While the core module is very flexible, it requires a lot of configuration for each image style to be setup and used effectively. This module makes a lot of assumptions and is opinionated about creating variants of a single image for used in responsive design.


Webform Submission Multiple Delete

This module provides the ability to delete multiple webform results at once using checkboxes, you can either select all or few as per your need.

How it is different from other modules:
1. It provides ability to select from the submission that you want to delete.
2. It provides ability to select all and delete all results at once.

How to install:
1. Login as admin.
2. Enable the module as explained here.


Bad Performance

The bad performance module purposely decreases the response time and increases the CPU load of any Drupal site it's installed on.

For reasons that are hopefully obvious, it requires the Bad Judgement module.

This module was written for Drupal Systems Administrator training hosted by Coldfront Labs Inc. to give new administrators a consistently slow Drupal site to optimize with supporting technologies like memcache and Varnish.


Relation Extras

Relation Extras is a simple suite of modules which add additional functionality to the Relation module.


  • Relation Creation: Adds a new tab on node pages for adding relations.
  • Relation Extra Fields: Provides extra fields on relations that "pull up" and display fields of the relation sources/targets on the relation itself.


Panel pages internationalization via clone and redirect handlers ( i18n_pc )

Created selection rule after adding translation

This project aims to cover a gap in panel page (page manager pages) translation.
There are different approaches like https://www.drupal.org/project/mlpanels and i18n_panels but they can't be used for translating panels in a way of nodes translation.
Current approach adds ability to have different pages templates and content for different languages with URI translated as well.


Code Server

Allows limitless communication between Drupal sites.

Code Server provides a framework for calling PHP functions on a Drupal site from code running on a different Drupal site.

See the live demonstration page for some technical details. That page is generated by the codeserver_test module which is included in the project package.




The DEVINCI module makes your code context aware to make your development process better.

Current Features:

Automatic Environment Switching

Move your code and database between local, development, testing, and production environments and automatically do the following optional things:


WordPress Menu

This is a Drupal module for replacing the existing toolbar / admin_toolbar menu modules with a much more styled and usable interface, which WordPress uses. This module contains initial navigation links, as well as utilizes standard Drupal hooks to preprocess the data to anything you need. This module solves a large problem very simply, use a tried and true menu/navigation.

Installation Instructions

NOTE: This module conflicts with the core toolbar module and it is recommended to uninstall that module.


Views Mobile

Views mobile module provides a mechanism to switch the display of a view when in a mobile device.


In order to the module work you need to clone the display you want to provide a mobile version and update the display machine name to add the "_mobile" suffix.

e.g: If you have a block display named "featured". You have to clone the "Featured" display and update the machine name of the cloned diplay to "featured_mobile".

Having the mobile display set the module will take care of switching the display when the user is using a mobile device.


Lift Igniter

Personalized recommendations.

Make your site respond in real-time to each user action. Each user can have a different experience using LiftIgniter.


Known Issues: