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Commerce PagaMasTarde


The extension provides Paga Más Tarde ( https://www.pagamastarde.com/ ) payment integration for DrupalCommerce which enables payment processing using financing.

= Benefits for your customers =
Diferenciate with competition via financing payments!

Paga Más Tarde offers the way to finance your sales, allowing customers split the payments and boost the sales.

= Features =
- Provide fractioned payments
- Boost sales
- No technical configuration

Shooting Score

Shooting Score defines a special field type for storing shooting scores that consist of points and bullseyes (e.g. 98.4).

Shooting scores are stored in the database as separate 'points' and 'bullseyes' values which means they can be used individually for sorting views (e.g. sort scores by points, then bullseyes). Also, shooting score fields can be displayed as either the combined score (98.4), just the points (98) or just the bullseyes (4).


Similar users by terms

The Similar By Terms module can only support nodes, this "Similar users by terms" support users. Most of the code copied directly from the former.

ECK Chains

The Concept

The short short version is just another entity relationship module.

The long version is this module does things a bit differently. Let us explain.

Replicate Permissions

This module adds a granular access control to the Replicate module. A permission to replicate entities is created per content type. The module will also support per-node permission soon.

ALXS Matrix


Integration with Dropshark monitoring, trending, and alerts service.



Double entry bookkeeping to track the movement of moneys.

Color thief effect

Uses the color thief PHP lib to calculate the dominant color of an image and stores it as a hex code in file_metadata table.

To use it, simply add the "Color thief" effect to your image style.

Ledger Reports

This is a module which produces standard accounting reports from the Ledger module

Disqus Comment Count Block

Disque Comment Count Block provides a block showing current node comment count from Disqus.

TinCanAPI D8 Port

This is a sandbox project for porting the Tin Can API module from D7 to D8. The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements.


Secure your Drupal site with Yubikey two-factor authentication.

Google Drive Uploader

This module provides a field to upload files directly to Google Drive and a formatter to display Download/View in drive link. It uses the Gauth for authentication and implements the "browser upload method" so the file never hits the Drupal file system. It saves storage and no limitations of file size. I plan to provide other features of google drive in later versions of the module.


Lazy Loading Ad Slots

- Provide a context reaction which allows you to provide the CSS selector(s);
- Loading the Ad(s) support the following configurations:
-- Multiple selectors:
--- On scroll;
--- Instantly;

-- Single selector:
--- On scroll;
--- Instantly;



Tagove - Live Chat Software

Today, most of the people prefer to buy things online. From a pen drive to expensive luxury items, one can find everything on the internet. But while surfing for online shopping, most of the people like to talk with the business or sales representative, to make a correct buy and avoid further inconvenience. Do you know that almost 83% of the total number of potential customers would require customer assistance while making an online purchase?




Module to integrate Panel pages into xml sitemap

Animsition Page Transition

A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions

If you use WordPress you may familiar with Page Transition:

Page Transition is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add page transition using CSS3 animations. Show your page with modern animations.



The mulitstep_form module is a module that aims to ease the integration of multiple forms, into a multi-step form process. This process should be trivial for the downstream developer to implement. The aim, is to provide an interface where the the following code is all that's required to create a multi-step form from multiple sources:

ECK Properties Extras

This modules enables some extra property fields for Entities using the ECK module.

  • blob
  • hidden
  • json

Each of the types above further enhance the entity construction kit with some ways of storing extra information with an entity you would otherwise have to do via a field. For those of us who would like to have those fields be capable of being properties and not fields, this is the module of choice.