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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

PHP Filter Usage Report

This simple module provides a report showing where (in which entities) the PHP code format (from the core PHP filter module) is used.

By default this searches the revision table for each text field, as well as the block_custom table's format field.

Simply install, then view the report at Admin » Reports » PHP filter usage.

There are permissions for this module so you can extend viewing rights to specific roles.


ALXS Matrix Rain

About This Module

This module simply creates a block for displaying an effect similar to that found in the popular film series The Matrix. The block can also have an overlay containing basic text content.

All of the options for the block are configurable within the admin panel.

Facets Pretty Paths

Sandbox for pretty paths functionality testing in drupal 8, for the Facets module

This code will either move into Facets later, or a separate module as follow up for Facet API Pretty Paths

Captiontor Caption

Captiontor Caption

It's been very simple add on module for Mediafront module with functionality for .srt subtitle support for video files.
issue related to :

Image Opacity Overlay

This module allows you to add to any image field a semi-transparent overlay (or background) with a configurable color.

This can be activated / configured per field instance.

Usage instructions:
- Install the module
- Go to the field settings and check "Enable Opacity Overlay / Background"
- After uploading the image when creating content, you will now see 3 new properties:
* Filter type (Overlay or Background)
* Filter color (an hex value such as #DFDFDF)
* Filter opacity (a number between 0 and 1)

Bootstrap Blocks

This module transform blocks into bootstrap components.
It is based on a set of templates that include:

  • Modal
  • Dropdown
  • Cards (Bootstrap 4)

For Visitor

This My First Module

Term name validation

These is very light weight module, and helps to validate term names with min/max characters, Blacklist special characters/words and unique term names. Current version only works in the taxonomy term pages (admin/structure/taxonomy/%/add or taxonomy/term/%/edit).

Validating the term name by

  1. Special characters/Words blacklist
  2. Length (optionally specify min and / or max length)
  3. Unique term names (for specific vocabulary)


File Upload notification

This module provides an ability to send a notice Email to a node owner, user, site administrator as a new file is uploaded and save to a node or an user profile.

This is module requires the File module

view_unpublished for Drupal 8

Updating view_unpublised for Drupal 8. DON'T TRY TO USE THIS YET, IT'S NOT DONE. Assistance from experienced folks and fellow foolhardy beginners is most welcome!


Drupal integration module for Kalastatic: a static site framework for prototyping, style-guiding and building out CMS-less websites.

See https://github.com/kalamuna/kalastatic

Agular Chart

Angular Chart and Chart Js integration, this is a sandbox project.

Entity Revision

Allow work with revisions independently of actual content.


The easysitemap module helps to create, update, view your sitemap.xml of your website.

Commerce Redsýs

Commerce support for Spanish banks that use Redsýs systems.
Full list of banks managed by sermepa: http://www.redsys.es/wps/portal/redsys/publica/acercade/nuestrosSocios

Please use Commerce Sermepa module, it is the previous system name and the module works with Sermepa and Redsýs clients.


Moderation State

wip, lightweight workbench moderation for d8

see @todos in code for what needs to be done - but basically:

- More tests
- UI bits from https://www.drupal.org/node/2429153
- How to remove the live version (i.e. published => draft without new revision) - i.e. unpublish
- Make starting state configurable per node-type
- Some DI cleanup
- Some phpdoc
- Validation constraint

Session Guard

Session Guard is a module to control fishy behaviour of users. Is useful for sites that want to limit the access to the site to one person per user. It detects multiple sessions at the same time and different sessions in a short period of time and from a different location (based on the IP).

It depends on the core Statistics module as it uses the data from the access log table.

Even if you use modules like session limit, that doesn't mean there are different people using your site. Session guard will help you to detect them and take messures.


We are working on the Anonymous User API in Drupal 8 and this module will provide CRM support in Drupal.

We are just getting started, so if you want to get involved:

#drupal-crm in IRC


Migrate UI

This module provides a UI on top of the Migration entities in core. See the roadmap: #2624666: [META] - Migrate UI Roadmap


This module allows Drupal to send emails through an SMTP server with optional authentication It is designed to have just the minimum required functionality to do that.

Note that for most hosting environments you do not need this
module. Hosting environments like Pantheon require use of modules like
this though.


All My Views

  • Export views to files on server.
  • Load views from export files saved on server.

FBOAuth Extras

FBOAuth Extras provides additional functionality to the Facebook OAuth module, including:

  • Facebook dialogs (feed, send and share)
  • Facebook Friend List Import


Last Tab Logout

Logout a user once the last browser tab is closed.

Date fields


A simple Form API widget for entering date data using separate text fields for day, month and year. The format of the field uses the site's configured date format in exactly the same way as the default date widget does.

The field supports a #mindate and #maxdate attribute for server side validation. Support for clientside validation, including ensuring dates are valid (e.g. 2015-02-29 will not validate) will be added soon(ish).

Configuration example