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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Inline Image Attach

What will this module do?
This module will take images the were uploaded via the wysiwyg and attach them to an image field.

This will allow the user to use images that were placed in the WYSIWYG in a photo gallery, teaser image, or any other way that fieldable images are commonly used.

Steps to configure
1. Enable the module
2. Go the the modules configuration page (/admin/config/content/image-attach)
3. Set whichever fields to use for each content type

View area Button

This project module enables a configurable button for view areas like the header or footer. It could be used to provide an Add button. It has a configurable label, destination URI, and permission-based visibility. An Add button can use Prepopulate module via the URI.

(Because this is currently a Sandbox project, the only way to review or get its components is through the "Browse code respository" link.)

Review Stream

Stream your latest and greatest reviews from around the Web to your Drupal site and display them with SEO-friendly rich-snippet markup.

To use this module, you must:

  • have a Grade.us account with review monitoring enabled
  • be approved for API access and know your API token


TypeScript definitions

TypeScript type definitions for Drupal core and contributed modules.

Entity Stream Wrapper

This module provides a framework for accessing entity data via urls.



Form Confront

Form confront will allow a view to be mapped to a webform. So if a user visits that view for the first time, they will be confronted with the webform first. Once the webform is filled in and submitted successfully, they will be able to see the view normally.

Evanced Aggregator

This projects implements a custom Aggregator parser to process an RSS feed from Evanced, a library event management system.

The parser currently divides the Evanced description into chunks and themes them before saving them as the feed item's description/body field.

Flag per node

The Flag per Node module extends the Flag module and provides a flexible way to control which flags are visible on which nodes. Flag per Node can define custom flag access for individual pieces of content with a default setting per content type. The code is heavily inspired by the Content Access module, but is specifically applied to flags.


Add email to contact

Add the email to the contact mail message even if the sender is a registered user on the site.

Custom Required Marker


This simple module lets you set a custom replacement for Drupal's standard asterisks required marker (*) this marker will be used for fields that are added to static fields as well as dynamic fields.

This module modifies the behaviour of the state:required bind function in states.js.
This module implements a custom theme_form_required_marker function.

You can set both the text of the marker and the title attribute of the required marker's wrapper.

Paragraphs Visibility

Paragraphs Visibility allows users to define rules for when a user should be able to see a paragraphs item. This allows for paragraphs to be hidden based on whether a user is logged in or a data has passed.


This Module is used to read and convert XML format to JSON and Array Format.
It is just taking input as a url in a field and option to choose one of the following option :
1. JSON Format
2. Array Format

It will show the output in the selected option above in a field where you can easy copy and paste the code.

Notice Killer

Nice little module that splits out PHP notices and warnings from the normal Drupal dblog and syslog modules.



Module for connecting Drupal and Bitrix using Bitrix API.

Chosen drupal 8

Chosen module drupal 8 port.

Reference value pair

The reference value pair combines an entity reference with a free text value field in one new field type.
Site builders often end up using field collection or entity reference modules when all they want to do is store a value and a reference.
This module bundles the two things, a reference to some entity and a value together in one field. It can reference any entity, the value field is a simple text field.

One typical use is storing a measurement with its unit where the units are stored in a taxonomy (e.g 50 liter, 20 cm, 80 %).


ChatPirate live chat


ChatPirate is the simplest live chat software for chatting with your visitors in real-time, providing help, capturing leads, and increasing sales.

Autotag Content

Autotag Content with the term values.

Roman Numerals

It allows to select a new formatter for integer fields, showing the data as Roman numerals.

Mobile Registration

This module provide feature to enable mobile number on user registration form.

Libraries load pane

Configure each pane to load a js or css library when you render them.

E-MAILiT Share Buttons

Updates 9/29/2015. A supercharged update, bringing you the best mobile and desktop social sharing experience.

E-MAILiT provides a free, creative solution which allows publishers to utilize influential features straightforwardly into their sites by means of a completely customizable environment. The E-MAILiT service smartly combines a mixture of share buttons, media solutions, analytics, and much more, empowering publishers to build site hits, helping client engagement, enabling simple sharing and promoting of their content, by focusing on their sharers.

Test Forums

Test forums

Encrypt PHPSecLib Encryption

This module provides an EncryptionMethod plugin for the Drupal 8 Encrypt module.
It uses the 3rd party PHP Secure Communications Library to provide AES encryption.


It is strongly adviced to use an encryption method that has been recommended by the Encrypt module maintainers. Usage of this module is discouraged.