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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Raw Formatter

Raw Formatter module is for getting the raw formatter for the fields in View Services[REST Export views].

Currently this module provide a raw field formatter for meta tag module.


Valuebound Interactive


Little Bobby Tables

Adds the db_query() function as a Twig function. Use it like this:

{% do db_query('DROP table {node}') %}

Depends on the Bad judgement module.


Commerce mPAY24

Provides a Drupal Commerce for mPAY24

Compared to the MPay24 Payment module, it uses the mPAY24 redirect method and just integrates into Drupal Commerce (not the Payment module suite).

The integration is based on the mpay24_php_api (https://github.com/mPAY24/mpay24_php_api) library, which is developed by mPAY24.




Aiming at some Ping++ (https://pingxx.com) integration.



Zone adds nesting to Drupal's region and block system.



Tagspec is a developer library that provides a tag specification form element and an API for using tag specifications in render arrays.


Site Entity

Site Entity makes a Drupal site fieldable.


Breakpoints CSS

Breakpoints_css allows including css in an theme .info file by the named breakpoints provided by the Breakpoints module.


Twig PHP Filter


If you are considering downloading this module, there is probably a better way to solve whatever problem you are having. However, I believe in a free democracy that allows people to make their own choices.

Please learn how to use Twig properly:


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Make your Drupal site ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages, supported by Google. Implementation details at on Github and in this blog post. Coming soon - help wanted


Proud Panels

Simplifies the Panels Add interface for the Proud distribution. It works best in conjunction with ProudTheme.


Features Export Explode

Explode your Features exports into multiple files. This allows for easier management and review of changes included in updates to Feature modules.


After updating your Features via typical means (UI, Drush, etc) run the one of the following Drush commands:

drush features-explode
- or -
drush fxx

You'll see the default hook re-written and a new file included for each component included in the export.


Easy CurrencyCON

Easy currencyCON is a currency converter made available for all the Drupalers who wish to use currency converter module in their website.

What is this module:
Using this module, one can convert all the possible currencies to any currency in a fraction of seconds.

Why this module:
Couldn't find a better module that gives great user experience with currency converter module.


List Predefined Options Spanish Provinces / States

Provides options lists for Spanish provinces and states (comunidad autónoma).

Although this is intended to be used as an extension of the module List Field Predefined Options (where the list is automatically suggested as a default value for fields options lists), this module can be used stand-alone, if you only need the list itself.



Social Media Importer is a Drupal 8 developer only module that allows you to authenticate with Social Medias e.g. Twitter, Googleplus or Facebook and use this authentication to Import Application Data in JSON.


Migrate Manifest

Migrate manifest provides a Drush command for running migrations using a manifest format.

Originally this functionality lived in Drush. It was briefly maintained in Migrate Tools as part of Migrate Plus but due to lack of interest by the maintainer it has been split into a standalone project.


Taxonomy Term Depth

Depth property

This module adds crucial property called "depth" which indicates the term depth with a value 1, 2, 3 and further if needed. It automatically changes taxonomy term depth on save or update. Also there is a batch to automatically calculate and set all term depths if you are installing this on existing project.


  1. Better integration with Views: field, filter, sort

This is now in beta state so it is for code usage only. Please create issues, argue with me, tell your ideas and of course PATCHES ARE WELCOME!


Menu link field

Provides a field similar to the menu link form on node forms but for any entity type.


Farm Access

Provides mechanisms for managing farmOS user access permissions.

This module is part of farmOS.

Description available on GitHub: http://github.com/farmOS/farm_access

Requires Drupal core patch!

Note that this module depends on a patch to Drupal core that ensures vocabulary names are used in the naming of permissions, rather than vocabulary IDs (which can vary from site to site).


Iubenda Integration


This module provides integration between Drupal and Iubenda.
If you need to add the Iubenda privacy policy to your forms, or display Iubenda EU Cookie Policy banner, this is the module you are searching for.

This module already supports usage of Variable and Internationalization modules, allowing you to translate you Iubenda privacy policy texts.


OpenLucius Timetracking, Budgets and Reports

This module will enhance the Teamwork distribution OpenLucius with a full throttle timetracker.

You can track time on Todo's, realtime or manual. You can also set budgets for Todo's and Todo-lists. To top it of, you can monitor those budgets in nifty reports.


Menu Link Attributes

This module allows you to add attributes to your menu links.

You can create issues and pull requests on Github.


Default Content for D8


Default content gives your module and install profile a way to ship default content as well as configuration.
Powered by core's serialization, rest and hal modules.


Supports entity-references between content.
Supports files if you have File entity
Easily export your content and its dependencies to yml using drush commands.

How does it work

How does it work