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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

CINC Display

CINC Display

Manage display settings with CINC using an entity-specific interface.


Create or update a module and add dependencies[] = cinc_display to your module's info file.

Next, add hook_cinc_display_apply:



Beebox interface used to set up the connection with Drupal



Drupal Beebox automates the full technical worfklow for the translation of Drupal web sites by human translators or translation engines. It therefore substantially reduces the time and cost related to Drupal content translation. It is a European solution, based on European best translation practises.


Views HTTP Headers

Module settings in Views

This module provides a views area plugin that allows you to specify custom http headers that should be output when the view is displayed.

For instance, you can output Cache-Control headers on a view that provides API data via JSON, thus ensuring your API always provides current information.


There are a few other modules that could help you do the same thing:


Multi-domain XML Sitemap

This is a simple module that builds on top of XML Sitemap module (v2.0). It allows generating sitemap.xml for multiple domains that point to the same Drupal site. For example, you might have example.com, example.us, example.io that all point to the same Drupal site. Using this module will allow generating separate sitemap.xml files under each domain that point to the correct domain name. For example, example.us/sitemap.xml will have links pointing to example.us/..., etc.


Features Package Settings


This module provides additional settings for Features Packages, allowing for more sensible administration on sites with big number of Features, especially when some of these Features do not need to get their State checked all the time during the development.


Pathauto Force Regenerate

Ever need to completely regenerate paths per node type or vocabulary based on your pathauto settings and have redirects automatically created? If so, then this module's for you!

Usage is simple. Visit /admin/config/search/path/regenerate, select your desired node types and/or taxonomies, and click "Regenerate". Aliases will be updated and redirects created!

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.


Entity Birds Eye

Example for entity dia

Helper for visualize entities and bundles.


JointJS Page

GitHub project


Sponsored by b-connect GmbH


HTTP Request Cache

Provides a wrapper around drupal_http_request() that will, by default, cache outgoing GET requests. Also defines an alter hook so that other modules can adjust if a request is cached or not.


No additional requirements.


Just enable the module and it will start caching outgoing GET requests. More complex rules require implementing an alter hook.


Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.


Imagefield Info

Screenshot of uploaded image.

This tiny module provides an information about selected image styles URLs to imagefield widget.

It's very handy if you want to insert uploaded images into a WYSIWYG editor.

You can also select what image style URLs you want to display in the imagefield widget.


Panopoly Internationalization

Panopoly app to provide internationalization support!


Drupal Development VM

Drupal VM Screenshot

This project aims to make spinning up a simple local Drupal test/development environment incredibly quick and easy, and to introduce new developers to the wonderful world of Drupal development on local virtual machines (instead of crufty old MAMP/WAMP-based development).

Drupal VM is hosted on GitHub.



This is an API module that provides an ability to integrate SQL views in Drupal.

Check out this guide about SQL Views in Drupal.



This module makes use of the vis.js library. Vis.js is "a dynamic, browser based visualization library. The library is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and to enable manipulation of and interaction with the data. The library consists of the components DataSet, Timeline, Network, Graph2d and Graph3d. "


Field Collection Style

Field Collection styling improvements.


  • equal heights of Field Collection items.
  • start, middle, and end of row clases added to items
    (fc-style-item-alpha, fc-style-item-middle, fc-style-item-omega)


wechat user

Extends the wechat module to supply powerful function for wechat_user.


Ubercart MyClear FPX

Integrates Drupal Ubercart with Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) - Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) payment gateway system.

This module is similiar to Commerce MEPS FPX but this one is for Ubercart.

This module use the MEPS FPX Class by Leow Kah Thong.


Node Export Webforms

This module extends Node Export to work with:


Node as User

coming soon...


Field SQL Lean

This module can potentially reduce the Drupal database size by half.

Restructured field database tables. Use only one table for each field. Removed bundle field column.

Do not install this module on a production site. After lean batch process, it may not revert 100% anymore.

Backup the database before install this module.

Since this module changes the table structure, all contribute modules that query field table directly will not working. Modules that use entity query will still work. Views module is not going to work properly too.


Fraction "Tool Size" Formatter

This module extends the Fraction and Mixed fractions modules to provide support for displaying fractional values as fractions, decimal values, wire sizes, or any combination thereof.

This is especially useful for sites that have listings of specifications for manufacturing tools like drills, end mills, cutters, etc.


Helpful Formatters

A collection of helpful display formatters for taxonomy terms, images, and text fields.

Formatters currently include:



screen shot of attribution block

This module helps maintainers of Drupal modules and themes create an attribution block and an attribution page that can be used to display the attribution information about third party materials (such as code libraries, fonts, icons and images) they use in projects. The attributions is pulled from all the enabled projects on a Drupal site and renders them all in one place.

The attribution information is pulled from the .info-files present on the site.



This namespace will host a GraphQL implementation. This implementation will initially contain an adapter for FETCHing and POSTing entities.

For further information regarding GraphQL and Relay please refer to these blog posts:


Commerce Payment Settings Switcher

This module allows you to use variables to switch payment method settings.

How it works

You should use this module if you want to easily switch payment method settings between your test and production account.

Since those settings are stored in the database as a Rule, this module will check if a configuration is defined on your settings.php or settings.local.php and override the configuration.