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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Un projet bidon, pour s'entrainer avec git et github

Webform Draft Remind


This goal of this module is to send reminder emails to users that have started a draft and not submitted it, 3 days before a specific deadline.
For the purposes of defining a deadline, it also adds a field to the Webform content type for Start and End date.


A drupal develop assistant.


This will be module for managment realty ojects.

Fetcher Backups

A drush powered backup system integrated with Fetcher.

More information to come.


Flip Page

This module displays a set of images as an HTML5 flip page.

Blog Archive By Creation Time

Drupal out of the box supports blog functionality. But like other blogging platforms, it does not provide a archive, based on creation time.
This can be easily done using views to have a monthly archive, but creating a monthly archive group by year or creating a archive
which shows title (as a link to the content) group by month and group by year is not possible.
This module creates a block for blog archive. Options are there to configure whether to have a monthly archive or monthly archive group by year
or blog title archive group by month and group by year.

Exit on unsaved form

Alert window example

It works, but it is still under intensive development

During the development phase:
The module checks whether the currently form has been changed before process of leaving / closing the overlay / form. When the form is not saved confirmation window is displayed with the text defined in it.

it allows to set up css class for changed elements, and (feature) revert element state.

Co-maintainer wanted

I do this in my spare time, an extra co-maintainer would be welcome. If you're interested in helping, please contact me or open an issue in the this module issue tracker.


  1. Download
    git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-1.x http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/ajtis.pl/1934834.git exit_on_unsaved_form

Role Manager


OG extra rules

Sandbox module that provides three rules:
*Get group id from membership entity
*Get target node from membership entity (if og is related to another entity it does'nt work)
*Get all group members from group membership ( Get the group members the group membership belongs to)

Geocoder custom locations

This module allows admins to specify custom locations which will then be recognized by Geocoder. This allows for specifying special names for locations that would otherwise not be recognized, for disambiguation of common city names in a way specific to your site, or for optimizing performance for often-entered locations.

Furthermore this module allows users to easily add autocompletion to form fields where locations can be entered. The returned suggestions will then come from the specified custom locations.

Colorbox Node Js

This module extends the colorbox node module by providing cached ajax output and running a different bootstrapping method. It improves performance currently by aprx. 40%. Due to Drupals ajax handling I cant serve the ajax callbacks straight from boostrap level DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_CACHE - if I could the performance increase would be somewhere around 1400% (tested this already).


The Feeds MSSQL module provides a Feeds Fetcher plugin which connects to an MS SQL server and returns the results of the query as a CSV. This was originally created as a way to distribute automated test data to various stakeholders from within a Windows dev/build environment. The module is dependent on the Feeds Module.

Commerce invoice types

This module allows you to specify multiple commerce invoice types, so you can make real invoices, but also other types of 'invoices', like proof of payment.

Node User

Nodes are people my friend


Node User is intended to allow nodes to act as users. It does this by creating a user for each node. This functionality can be configured by node type.

This module differs from Content Profile. Content profile is designed to extend a user profile with content from a node. Node User on the other hand is intended to extend a node with a user. The node can still be authored by a different user, and indeed, this is kind of the point.


Wunder Fine

Some plugins as examples for Drupal 8.


Administration UI


This module allows site administrators to control access to specific pages
by configuring a passphrase. This module makes it easy for site admins to share
private content with anonymous visitors. Access control is done by path.

This module makes it possible to not force visitors to sign-up or register and
still be able to access private content.

This module will only protect pages that are accessible to anonymous users. It
will not have any effect on authenticated users.

Has no effect on cached pages either.

Sample use cases:

  • Picture gallery accessible by invitation only.
  • CV or Resume available online to anonymous visitors by invitation only.
  • Investor Proposal that should only be accessed by invitation only.
  • Products catalogue for VIP clients only.

To handle these special cases you need to control access to those pages. This
can be done with this module.

Installation Instructions

  1. Enable the module as usual.
  2. Go to Configuration -> Passphrase Protected Pages
  3. Enter the path to your page, the passphrase that you are going to share with your trusted visitors and the session duration.
  4. Save

EntityReference setlineage

This module adds an option to an entity reference taxonomy term field to save term lineage. When a node is first saved it adds all the parent terms for the fields flagged for set lineage. After that users may remove terms if required or there is a checkbox to regenerate the term tree.


This module defines a new permission "administer module locks" to control which users or roles have sufficient privilege to lock or unlock a module, or to enable or disable a locked module.

This module will allow a user having the "administer module locks" permission to:

Feeds Email Registration

This Module allows you to extract user name from email while importing users using feeds.

steps :-

1. Install the module
2. Map Email field of CSV file to username
3. Save
4. Import users

Myadmin Menu

Menu admin for customer.


Provider block Timer of location for website.
You can see in http://www.dulichnao.com

Feeds Simplenews Subscription Processor


Feeds Simplenews Subscription Processor provides support for creating and updating Simplenews subscriptions with the Feeds module.