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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

ApacheSolr Related Search Blocks

Search different environment using the same key words.

Most of the code is derived from http://drupal.org/sandbox/incrn8/1315802


Allows Drupal to place Reddit a subreddit as block. In the block configuration, the subreddit can be specified by name. The subreddit block output is fully themable using subreddit.tpl.php template file.

If the reddit_oauth module is enabled then a user connected to Reddit can also vote on stories and submit links.

XT-Commerce Session integration

This module adds the ability to use session data from XT-Commerce in Drupal directly. The cart is provided as a block and can be added to each subpage of the Drupal website.

The session data can be globally used on any Drupal page.


In the settings.php you have to set the database connection to XT-Commerce otherwise there will be no session set and errors may occure.

Demonz Features

This module is a development helper module for working with Features module.

It adds drush commands to automatically add all new components of a specific type into an existing features module. It is an update of the scope of a features module. Scope is the actual list of features components present in a module.

HTML5 Local Storage (unsupported)

This sandbox is not supported anymore. Further development will go in this sandbox.

User bundle

This project provides the ability to manage multiple bundles for the User entity type.

It currently depends on the Drupal core patch from #1399798-24: Anonymous user properties are hardcoded .

Sponsored by bantalabs. Developed by Commerce Guys.


FlexSlider Box

Simple baseline entity box that provides a FlexSlider-powered rotator.

Mozilla Open Badges

The Mozilla Open Badges module hooks into the User Badges module to allow
badges created by that module to be connected with the Mozilla Open Badges
framework. It adds some Open Badge fields to the User Badges Module, and
creates a badge assertion that can be passed to Mozilla Open Badges. It
links to the Mozilla Open Badges javascript API, and includes a javascript
file that interacts with it.

Entity Availability

Shows a table describing an "availability rule"


This module uses Entity Referenence relationships and Date fields to flag entities as "unavailable" during specific time periods.

Documentation is available here: http://www.westernascentinc.com/open-source-projects/entity-availability

Flexibility for complex relationships

The idea is to allow an admin to create rules like this:
Date Field A.date-A of Entity A defines a period of time when Entity B is not available.
Entity A connects to Entity B with Entity Reference Field A.reference-B
When Entity C then tries to reference Entity B with an Entity Reference Field C.reference-B and defines a date range with Date Field C.date-A that is set within the time range defined by Date Field A.date-A, a validation error is thrown on save of Entity C, because Entity A has "reserved" or made Entity B unavailable in that time range.

The relationships are all configurable. Entity A and B could potentially be the same entity. The field relationships are all configurable as well, and a ctools multistep form wizard exists to help you get these complex rules set up.

(Obsolete) configuration translation for Drupal 8

This module is available as part of Drupal 8 core as of #1952394: Add configuration translation user interface module in core. The functionality is not backportable to earlier Drupal core versions, use the Internationalization module instead. This project is not developed further.


Rules Panes demonstration at DrupalCamp sthlm 2013

This sandbox holds the features and custom code used at the demonstration of Rules Panes at DrupalCamp Stockholm 2013.

There are videos on YouTube for this demonstration.

You can try this sandbox on simplytest.me.

Menu Perm

This module allows Administrators to set permissions for publishing content under selected menu items for selected users.

Commerce Coupon - Per user redemption

Based on Commerce Coupon, you can now set user-based restrictions for your coupons !

Social Field Formatter

Social Field Formatter provides field formatter for text and link field. You can easy set up to show field value as link to a social page. It is useful for social sites collect data of eg. user's facebook page, gtalk, google+ page, and show as a link with own social icon (maybe without it)

This module uses ctools plugin architecture. It provides a widget plugin to handle providers (icons, link format), and a style plugin define how the widget should be rendered (eg. only image).

Because of ctools, it is easy to extend, add new widgets and styles.

Enterprise Project Management System

This module will help to manage agile projects organizes essential information in one place. In one convenient project management tool you can manage your backlog, plan and track iterations, generate and display burndown and burnup charts, conduct daily stand-up meetings, and conduct iteration reviews and retrospectives.Best suitable for project, product development, Testing projects, Support or maintenance projects in software and engineering domain.


Valkyrie is an opinionated development stack that makes features/git based Drupal development easy.


Field value copy

Copy value from field A to B and save entity. Currently only tested with node as entity (second last argument in drush command).

This project is only a drush command and can only be executed from the command line. This module will not show up in your modules list. After you have put the module inside the modules folder run "drush cache-clear drush" for drush to pickup the new command.

Plupload widget

Project is currently not supported.


This module integrates a modern Plupload library with FileField in Drupal 6. It provides a field widget for image field that allow user to upload multiple images at once using Plupload library.



  • Download module into your modules folder.
  • Create libraries folder in sites/all folder.
  • Download Plupload javascript library and extract the whole archive into libraries folder so the structure will be ../libraries/plupload/js/plupload.full.js.
  • Above steps are in no particular order, meaning you can install libraries and plup module without having Plupload javascript library (the module doesn't check for it's presence so you can download it later)

Ubercart HDFC payment gateway

This is the D6 version for creating HDFC payment gateway with ubercart.

More details here


Working admin section

Acquia Search Shared Index

Sites using Acquia Search typically have one Apache Solr Core/Index assigned to them, shared across multiple environments. To prevent duplicate search results, the Apache Solr environment is configured in "Read-only" mode on all-but-one of the environments (usually the production site).

This can make it difficult to test new Apache Solr-related features or configurations in the development- or staging-environment and can cause issues when content is not synchronized across the different environments.

This module adds an additional field (ss_ah_environment) containing the environment identifier when indexing content, and limits returned query results by that field. This essentially divides an index into sections per (Acquia Hosting) environment.


Enable the module. The module does not require any configuration.


  • By enabling this module, each environment (local, development, staging and production) stores all documents within its own section of the index, causing the index to be larger (typically 2 - 3 times as big) then would be the case if documents would only be indexed from one environment.

Paddle Menu Manager

Paddle Menu Manager aims to provide a user-friendly Drupal menu management UI.

Made with love by Paddle as a contribution to the 'Paddle Drupal distribution' (aka kañooh CMS) for the Flemish Government.


Simple Quiz Multichoice Import

Since qq_import is only compatible to D6, You can use this simple module to import bulk multichoice quiz type only in D7 from a csv file.