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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Blogging Feature

This is an blogging feature example for Drupal 7.x.

To get this going:

Apache Solr Key Phrases

This module allows you to define key phrases (1 or more words) that may be used in content and which are particularly relevant for your users when they are searching.

Documents with those phrases are identified at indexing time, and a new facet is made available to allow users to easy filter down to those of interest.

Field New Line to Break

Field New Line to Break extends the settings for the plain text formatters for text fields.

By Default - all markup is removed but new lines does not break.

Field formatter settings API module

Github Ribbon

Displays An imageless and responsive "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon on your site. Colors are configurable

DnD Multi Libraries

By default, the DnD module included in the Scald project allows you to choose one library, that will be used for all users. This is all fine, until you want to add a specific View filter except for your administrators for example.

Message Subscribe Email Frequency Block

Creates a block that contains the Message Subscribe Email Frequency settings form, so you can put it anywhere you like!

Migrate Domain Configuration and Domain Theme

This module defines variables in the 'domain' realm provided by Domain Variable
module and migrates the data from the {domain_conf} and {domain_theme} tables
to {variable_store}.

Migrates data from 6.x and 7.x to 7.x.

UPDATE: In order to support Domain Settings module, this module now migrates
ALL variables in domain_conf table, not just those defined in the module
code. See Issue#2574599: support Domain Settings.

See README.txt for more info.

Migrate Domain Prefix to Domain Path


This module assists in the migration from using Domain Prefix 6.x (part of the Domain Access package) to generate unique path aliases for your affiliate domains, to Domain Path 7.x.

CSS Fields

About this modules

CSS Fields is a simple module that provides a custom field type called "CSS." CSS Fields allows you to use CSS very easily for individual nodes by implementing the core function drupal_add_css() while allowing you to keep semantically clean and stable WYSIWYG content. It adds the CSS to the <head> of your HTML document so that you can follow W3C standards without sacrificing your workflow.



Openid go button

Ultra simple module to show a button in a block that you can use to make easy for user to go to his wordpress site.

  • Enable.
  • Go to blocks and enable block and put "open id go button" in your desired region.
  • Go to block settings, and Insert external wordpress site url, and wanted text for the button.
  • Restrict the block display to user profile page only (You can do it as it's recommended in https://drupal.org/node/134433 )

Commerce Merchant

This module defines the Commerce Merchant entity and related features. It allows Commerce Product entities to be associated to merchant entities through an entity reference field, which the module automatically creates. This requirement, where products can be associated to different merchants, is a common element in marketplace-like websites.


Commerce Merchant User

This sub-module currently provides a user reference field to merchant entities that allows users to be associated to merchant entities.


STAC (Simple Taxonomy Access Control) is a module that greatly reduces the time to set up basic access control through taxonomy. There is no other module integration or requirements. Simply download the module, choose a vocabulary, a field, and set permissions.

The goal of STAC is to allow role based permissions to control the viewing of nodes by taxonomy. By attaching a term reference to a node you can then choose the term that best describes the access you want. For example if you have a basic page that you only want authenticated users to see, you can do the following:

OpenOTP Authentication

Extension icon

This Plugin enables strong two factor authentication for admins
and users.


It displays an overlay on Challenge-Response session, after fill in username and password. The plugin supports global, per role and per user settings configuration.

The plugin will transparently handle any OpenOTP Login Mode including LDAP only, OTP only and LDAP+OTP.

Cookie Consent from Silktide

This module allows for easy integration and configuration of the Content Consent cookie solution from Silktide.

NOTE: I am not associated with Silktide in any way.

This module includes:

Core module: Allows for easy configuration of Cookie Consent option through Drupal.

Integration with other modules: Addthis, Adsense, FBLikeButton and Google Analytics.

I will add more options in the future as time permits. Any suggestions / commits are greatly appreciated.

Social status

Module that feeds "activity statuses" from facebook, twitter, pinterest (soon) and youtube. Creates blocks, bean or view.

This is in active development and been modified drastically.

Sponsored by Fabrik Brands and Online Perspectives Ltd.

Commerce CloudIQ

cloud.IQ are a provider of cloud based integrated marketing applications. Only previously available for large enterprises, our applications are affordable and easy to use helping companies acquire more customers, convert more opportunities and engage and build customer value and loyalty.

Addressfield France

This module is a plugin for Addressfield. It provides a user friendly France address form.


This module to use the bxslider jQuery plugin. It is provide the option in the views display setting.
It’s also a responsive slider.


• Built-in Views support.
• Responsive slider
• Responsive Carousel
• Control options

Required modules



This is a integration to support AWS SNS service with the new mobile push.

This module is depends on AWSSDK 2.x which available @https://github.com/drucloud/drupal-awssdkv2

This module currently just support AWS SNS createPlatformApplication and createTopic and publish message to the topic. It is tested with APNS, GCM not yet supported.


Features for wheke distribution.


Deploy Product Kits

Deploy Ubercart product kits using the Deployment framework.


  • deploy
  • deploy_uuid
  • node_deploy
  • uc_product_kit

Ubercart Invoice numbering

Consecutive invoice numbering for Ubercart orders.

Ubercart Attribute Sync

Synchronises Ubercart product options with CCK fields.