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weixin(微信) public platform


More and more companies create public account on weixin. It will be a good way to communicate between the company and end user.

体验网址 http://www.weidrupal.com/

1, 权限管理方面

2. 消息管理方面
2.1 聊天记录筛选,下载
2.2 可以发送图片,语音给制定客户
2.3 可以推送系统文章给制定客户

3. 增加对自定义二维码的支持
3.1 可以生产推广二维码
3.2 在消息统计界面,可以统计推广二维码的扫描情况


This module will display views date fields in a calendar format via an HTML table element. The goal will be to produce simple html output that can be easily classed and customized.

Why not use the current Drupal Calendar module?

I have found customizing the output of the Calendar module to be frustrating at best, and there may be a better way.

For now it would be a good idea to use that module as it is complete, functional and maintained.

Multiple value field delete button

Multiple field delete button

This module adds a "Delete" button to drag'n'drop multiple value fields. No dummy js and/or css which hides the certain fields. Ajax style.

Usage: select the fields, under module settings, which should get delete button.

Note: The field settings list will show any field types which can actually hold multiple values. Currently, autocomplete fields are not supported.

OATH TOTP - Timebased One Time Password

Form API implementation of oath totp.

This is used by token generators, such as Google Authenticator or hardware tokens.

Used to protect any form with a token field.

Professional Website Test

Professional Web Test



LayerSlider is a jQuery plugin which adds a fully customization element slider to your website.

jQuery plugin for image/text-sliders. It allows you to animate multiple elements per slide. Set different animation methods like fade or (from) left, delays and easing for each element, or simple set some defaults in the plugin options. Its also fully responsive.

Yo Uganda

One image

The main idea with this module is to have just one image shown in multiple images field in any content type that can be viewed in teaser view mode.

It is very small and efficient hook on entity view, and does just that without any administration or dependency.

In (hopefully not so distant future) I may rework it to have the option to select which image will be displayed and support any view mode with this option.

login usb

login using USB is use for extra authentication.For login to site you need user name and password.If you create login USB key from user edit page,then you need to use usb pen drive while login.

Facebook Post to Nodes

A module with a very simple goal: Grab 'official' posts from a particular Facebook Graph Object (a user or page), ensure they're posted by the author (ie. the page or user you're querying) and create nodes from them.


To be added.

Commerce Orphaned Line Items

This module will run a utility on cron execution to clean up orphaned line items that can be created by adding items to an order in the admin interface without saving the order.

Drupal Project Manager

THE project manager for Drupal projects containing

  • project management tools
  • time tracking
  • bug/issue system
  • helpdesk
  • billing system
  • source control
  • deployment tools
  • site surveillance tools

The module should be released along with Drupal 8.


Will follow...

LiqPay Donation

LiqPay Donation module

This module will help organize the following functionality:

Installation anywhere in the site block in which you can make a donation. Namely, the user submits their name, your phone number, e-mail address, amount of donation, which he wants to do for the site, and select a payment system through which it can take a donation. After clicking on the "Donate", the user will be forwarded to a page or votes (if the payment is automatic) or first to the payment site to make a payment, and after that to the page thanks.

External Identity Service

Developed by Capgemini UK. Provides Identity framework used to plug in number of Identity synchronisation mechanism's. Includes OpenAM implementations but it is extensible to include other identity synchronisation mechanisms, like OpenId. Oauth etc..


Open the module configuration page: Configuration >> System >> Authentication service.

Choose a plugin, for example OpenID.


Caching @TODO

Authentication Plugins


Configure settings for this plugin on: Configuration >> system >> Identity service >> OPENAM

User CRUD operations

This section refers to OpenAM implementation as this is currently the only implementation supplied with this module.

You can Create, Delete and Update user in OpenAm or trough drupal interface. Note that openAM is "source of truth" and that users are only updated in Drupal if update in OpenAm succeeds.


Set of tools to make COD7 more useful for conference planning.

In particular, the additions are aimed at making versions alpha2 and higher easier to use. COD 7alpha2 is the line that integrates OG, which brings with it both more powerful functionality, at the cost of some development pain. This module aims to bridge that gap.

Originally developed for NYC Camp website (http://nyccamp.org) with the intent of releasing back to COD community.


This module provides integration with the Vantage Media BrokersWeb EDU Listing service.

Features include:
- search box panel pane
- featured schools panel pane
- category schools panel pane
- featured schools block (temporary)
- search results page callback (must be defined in your own hook_menu()

Settings located at admin/settings/api/vantage

Test results displayed at admin/settings/api/vantage/test

Commerce Tax Canada


Commerce Tax Canada builds on the Drupal Commerce's Commerce Tax module for Canadian retails sales taxes. It deals with simple retail sales taxes and can be extended to support less common ones Canadian tax jurisdictions.

Retail sales tax coverage is not complete, but will cover most situations. For example, the Ontario tax rule that exempts the provincial tax component for sales of food under $4 has not been implemented.

Conditional blocks

Hide some blocks in the page render process and maybe load those with Ajax depending on certain conditions.

Simple Sticky Footer

Simple Sticky Footer is a lightweight module, it allows to promote/advertise on your drupal website as a sticky footer (always on top div).


First of all activate the module.

Step1: Go to the Simple Sticky Footer module configuration page

Step2: Add the content for the sticky footer, set the width of the sticky footer in pixels.

Step3: Define additional CSS rules like: rounded borders, gradient background, shadows, etc ... Do not use { }, just enter the css properties ex: background:gray;border-top:1px;

Step4: Save it, clear cache (optionally) .

Have fun!

PS: If you have useful feature tip related to this plugin please write in the plugins support section.


Why I can't see the bottom part of the page ?
Sticky footer has a fixed position. It's recommended to define padding bottom for your body with the height of the sticky div. Eg: Sticky footer height is 160px. You might define in your themes style.css : body {padding-bottom: 160px;}

How can I customize 100% ?
If it is not enough the customizaton options from the administration panel, you should add extra CSS properties in your style.css from the active theme directory. Of course you can add interactions in your theme's javascript file. Sticky footer has 2 divs:

container: #simple-sticky-footer-container

Cache Actions Fork


Using this fork will change all cache id's! Make sure you backup the database (before you run the updates) if you don't know if you'll keep using this fork!

Fork of Cache Actions that contains some bugfixes and enhancements.
Addressed issues:

Provision Remote Import

This is a port of the https://drupal.org/project/hosting_remote_import module to provision 2.x

Node to DOCX


Node to DOCX allows you to generate word documents (DOCX format) of any node.
It uses the community version of PHPDocX library to generate the DOCX documents out of the content stored in a node.

Table Ruler

Is your admin full of tall tables? Tired of trying to make sure you're clicking on the right row? Table ruler provides some visual clues to the position of your cursor in admin tables.