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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


This module allows to rearange blocks on every page specified by the boxed settings.

Thank You Fix

This fixes premium values and fair market values of Allegiance software thank you data files

BF Notifier

Working title, will probably change title to entity_subscription

Allows users and non-users to subscribe to entity events such as :
- creation of node
- creation of node with specific type
- creation of comment
- creation of comment on specific node type
- updating of node

Registered users use the user profile form for subscription. Anonymous "users" subscribe using their email and a link containing a token.
Notifications are bundled up, and sent out once a day (non-configurable).

Search PDF


Specifically designed to index pdf files, Search PDF in built on PDF Parser, an opensource php library.
PDF Files are parsed and the text is extracted from each page.
The main advantage from this module is that it doesn't required external tool.

ZURB Raptorize

This project implements Zurb's jQuery Raptorize Plugin. Description from Zurb.com:

You're sitting at your desk, coding up a 500 page site, knee-deep in Extreme Cheddar Doritos sipping on a liter of Code Red Mountain Dew when you realize...this page would be: So much more awesome with a Velociraptor!


Flowplayer adapter for the Video module work with the cutting-edge Flowplayer versions, plugins and features.

I'm creating this module to serve as home for a bunch of hacks, preprocessing and processing code to make Flowplayer works with the Video module. The architecture of the Video module does not provide any hook nor any way to provide your custom players of improve the current community supported ones. So it really needs a lot of work to have a decent way to work with these projects on big sites.

Emma Block - Enhancements

I didn't do anything but change it, you know?

Not intending to fork d.o emma_block, but interested in enhancing and contributing back. Let's merge some time!

As of right now, this sandbox project

  • Refactors a bit of the original code a little wherever I trod
  • Now paves the way for adding in arbitrary "member field" definitions in your subscription form


To add a zipcode field, for instance:

Private Message Restrict

Private Message Restrict allows rules to be set which limit a sender to a subset of recipients when composing a message. A rule may be applied based on a user's username, role, or organic group and may restrict the user to sending to only other users with specified usernames, having particular roles, or belonging to particular organic groups. For example a rule could be made which would restrict users with role 'client' to only being able to send to users with role 'firm member'. If multiple restriction rules apply to a sender then the last rule applied will take precedence.

git access test

This project is just to test my #drupal git access

Session ID Token

A simple module to expose the current session as a token (for example, for consumption within the Rules module).

Created to support the gameanalyticscom module as session_id can be passed as a variable.

Email Only Login

This module will allow your users to log in with only their email. No account yet? No problem, we'll create one on the fly.

We live in an age of restrictions and private areas. Web 2.0 caused almost every site to evolve and have some sort of account system. The problem with this is that most of these systems require the users to remember a password to authenticate themselves.

In most cases, while necessary, a password or login in general breaks UX. Users loose their password, they need to wait for password reset emails or they just don't bother in the first place and will never create an account.

That is where 'Email Only Login' (EOL) comes in.

But BEWARE! Only some use cases allow for such a low level of security. Obviously in such a system it's easy to log in as someone else. Only use this module in those cases where this doesn't really matter or where there is enough trust between the users, in a closed ecosystem for example, to allow for such openness. As a rule of thumb this module should only be used for non sensitive data websites where knowing who is currently using the website is more important than make their customized content private. You should also make sure your site makes this clear to the users.


Module to integrate the GameAnalytics.com service with Rules.

GameAnalytics.com recently decided to open up their for free use, so this module is to integrate Rules with their API.

Download and install the module, create an account on GameAnalytics.com and create a Game. Enter the Build Id, Game Key, Secret Key, DATA API Key and API Version into the administration form at /admin/config/services/gameanalytics and you should then be able to create Rules Actions to log events to the GameAnalytics.com servers.

There are 4 types of event :

HDW PLAYER (Drupal Video player & Video Gallery)

hdw player

HDW PLAYER (Drupal Video player & Video Gallery)

HDW Player the world’s best web video player with html5 fallback, is an ultimate video platform that makes the intricate process of publishing videos online comfortable. You would be spellbound with the clarity of the video playback and the sound clarity that you would forget even to blink your eyes. HDW Player is flexible for all forms of videos on websites, blogs, and so on.


1. Support flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov(h.264), sdp, vp6.


Make your world more unicorny.

Project formerly known as Unicorn (singular) but actually has support for UNLIMITED UNICORNS.

Original development by eojthebrave and naxoc.


Media entity experiments

My media entity experiments - will base off https://drupal.org/project/media_entity when that gets going.

Expand Formatter

This Module allows you to expand and collapse a full or summary text field.

Settings you could set:

  • Expand label
  • Collapse label
  • Trim-length
  • Trim after (letter, word, sentence)

Project Tracking

Project Tracking allows users to create publicly displayed documentation of a project's progress. It includes a custom display that has a countdown timer for each project in the form of a airport departure time flipboard with additional information displayed at the bottom.

AddressField Co

This module is a plugin for Addressfield. It provides an user friendly Colombia address form with DANE codes.
After download and install it, please go to field edit to check "Address form (specific for Colombia)" to use.

Commerce Lot

About this Module

Using Commerce Lot, you can create flexible solutions for when you need to sell multiple products together.

Module Dependencies

* Commerce
* Relation
* Relation Add

What Does Commerce Lot (Aim to) Do?

When you create a Commerce Lot enabled product and add other products to the lot, a relation is automatically generated between the two entities. Since Relation module stores relations as entities, we can add extra fields to affect how each product in the lot is processed by Commerce without having to modify the products themselves.


This module is a simple field widget that bridges grande.js with Drupal. Grande.js is a simple WYSIWYG editor that provides content creating/editing experience similar that of Medium.

Commerce Stalcupbucks

Stalcupbucks currency activation screenshot

You can get 'em if you can find him, but can you spend 'em?

A currency type add-on for Drupal Commerce to price items in terms of Stalcupbucks (BES).

Comment Response

Now that Drupal 8 has made comments into Fields and can include multiple comment fields in one entity, I'd like to explore the idea of building a controlled comment response workflow.

User story

As a Brand Manager, I want to be able to respond to comments so that if someone asks a question, my answer is coupled with their question.

Toolbar Clear Cache

You don't have the latest Drush version available and you want to clear the Drupal cache easier? Here is the solution!

Just enable the module and enable it, you will see the "Clear cache" link :)

git clone --branch 8.x-1.x http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/yan_nick/2100243.git toolbar_clear_cache

InviteReferrals Customer Referral Program

About InviteReferrals
InviteReferrals is the simplest tool to design and launch Customer Referral Campaigns within minutes. Select from multiple campaigns and languages.
Besides on website as referral widget, you also get a Facebook Customer Referral Campaign timeline app.