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Privacy Policy

We all need a privacy policy on our sites, but on the list of things we want to tackle, it ranks near the bottom.

Our clients don't know what to put in there, either. As developers, we create a Privacy Policy page node and then tell the client to go figure out privacy themselves.

Services are starting to require mention in privacy policies as part of their terms of service.

Users, when they bother to read it at all, have to read and understand a new policy for every site they use.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a better way to set up and manage a privacy policy? Wouldn't it be nice if there were some default policy snippets we could string together to form our policy? We didn't invent cookies, and 99% of the time we're not doing anything new or interesting with analytics or comments or anti-spam services, but their use should be disclosed.

Meet the Privacy Policy module.

This module creates a default page with a list of privacy policy bullet points that are grouped in sections like "General" or "Analytics" or "Marketing." In addition to the policy text, each item can include a icon and a name. Other modules can add items to the list via hook_privacy_policy.


Module Logo


Module Yandex Map for Drupal 7-x
Module Yandex Map - allows display Yandex Maps and map marker or balloon everywhere YOU want!
Module Yandex Map use Yandex map API version 2.0.10

Pushlib Publications

Part of Pushlib Distribution

Pushlib Publications is a way to display an author/publisher/book seller's bibliography (publications) in a manner that is not only informative but also pleasing to the eye.

On the publications we are displaying the following information

Pushlib Management

  • enables core toolbar
  • enables core dashboard
  • creates shortcutset
  • Creates a Role for site maintainers so management doesnt have to be made by uid1

part of the Pushlib Distro

Pushlib Pages

  • provides a basic page contenttype that can have a menu (not featured by default, no comments)
  • contact form
  • about page with subpages

part of the Pushlib Distro

Pushlib News

creates news contenttype and a view with menu and a block display that shows news on related publications. News types (taxonomy) include bookreviews
part of Pushlib

Last Modified Field


This module allows you to add a field to nodes that shows the last modified date of that node.


The modules allows site wide or per-page customization of

  • The displayed text
  • The date format
  • Text color
  • Font style (italic and bold)
  • Horizontal rules before or after the text.


This module does not require any other modules except the Drupal core. This module only works with Drupal 7.

Site Guard

Site Guard is an alternative UI for shield module that enables the shield behavior to be enabled/disabled and configured from a settings page. With Shield module on its own, the only way to disable or enable the behavior is by disabling/enabling the module.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud module can be used to easily collect data entered by users through online forms and then automatically incorporate that data into PDF or Word document templates. It’s a convenient method of generating standard documents where user-specific details are required to be filled in for each individual partner/customer (for instance, quotes, contracts, invoices, etc.).


Webform iDeal Payment

A light weight iDeal integration for the webform module.

It creates an extra webform component called 'iDeal Payment'. With this component you can make iDeal payments using webforms. You can select a field where the component should get its amount from and it supplies you with the iDeal payment options.

After you've succesfully paid you get returned to the website and it will return the user to the original webform redirect url.


Situs is a drush command for (re-)building a site from a make-file.

It aims to be as simple as possible (in the UNIX tradition) and do one thing only, but do it well. It's both suited for one-command rebuilding of site codebase for developers, and being used as the codebase building command for more advanced setup/building/syncing tools (such as Drake).

See the readme for usage instructions.

Developed at Reload!.



Yet another site-building/rebuilding/stuff-doing tool for Drush, this one taking much more inspiration from the likes of make(1) (and rake, pake, phake, ant, phing, etc), and other more or less general purpose building tools, but with Drush Flavour (TM).

Apart from site building, Drake can be used for running various housekeeping associated with Drupal development, such as running CI tests or running deployment procedures.


Atomic Node Permissions


The "administer nodes" permission is often considered too powerful to be used in a site. An administrator may want to allow a category of users to be able to administer (meaning (un)publish, set authoring, etc.) nodes, but only articles, while another group may do the same on another content type (pages).
This module tries to provide a solution to this problem by providing atomic permissions by content type. The list includes (Un-)publish content, (Un-)Promote content, (Un-)Set as sticky, and change authorship, applied on each content type.

Restaurant News

News system for Restaurant Distribution based on Panopoly News.


Appixia Drupal Commerce Integration

Appixia is designed to be a mobile storefront to your existing eCommerce store.
Appixia has invested a great deal of time in making the storefront be in complete sync with your actual store and backend systems, so any new products that you add to your catalog, or any discounts you place on existing items, will immediately show on mobile.

Chosen Field

Adds a Chosen field widget for use within Drupals Form API.

There is an existing module which applies the Chosen select field on every select element that matches a specific jQuery selector. My implementation is for Drupal form fields only and is coded much more in the "Drupal Way".

You will need to download the Chosen files and place them in sites/all/libraries/chosen.

Drush Lastlogin

This is a Drush extension that can be used to quickly see which users last accessed and logged into your site. I wrote it to give me a bit more information for planning the best time to carry out scheduled maintenance on on a multisite configuration that has users spanning several timezones.

Note: you should grab the 7.x-1.0-alpha1 or 7.x-1.0-dev branches rather than master.


Functionality useful to Yale University, and possibly the larger Drupal community.

Apachesolr Rate

rate apachesolr

This module integrates the Rate voting results with Apache Solr sorting.

Note: for now it boosts search results only using first Rate widget.
If you have more than one widget per content type - module will take only first for calculating.


A way of managing and displaying information using the bunny pattern.


The addressfield_email module adds an e-mail field to the addressfield module



Services Merge

Allows merging a view on a field for use with services. Lets say you have an auction website and you have items for sale. Multiple bids area created that reference the item. You might need all of that data combined so it can be returned in one call to a resource.

The format will be:

[view1] merged with [view2] as [somefield] where [field_in_view1] = [field_in_view2]

The second view won't be conditional on the first.

Admin links D7

Admin Links D7

Drupal 7
This module provides Drupal 7 version of Admin Links.