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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Body Readmore

Hides read more links if a node has a body field that is not trimmed.

Mimics Drupal 6.x teaser "read more" link behavior for Drupal 7.x:

  • If the body field is empty or short enough to display in full, display no "read more" link.
  • If the body field is trimmed due to character limit or page break, display a "read more" link.

In Drupal 7, in part because body is now just a field like everything else, node teasers will always display read more links, even if they would display a shorter (trimmed or summarized) body.

Commerce Product Expiration

Track the expiration of product purchases.

This is a work in progress, at first it is simply be a field to be added to product entities.


The WimTvPro module enhances your Drupal website by converting it into a full video asset management and publishing platform. This module is particularly useful on portals where video plays a major role (Web TVs, news portals, etc.), simplifying, improving and speeding up all video management and publishing operations. Editors can upload videos directly from their Drupal site to the www.wim.tv video platform, publish them on any node having a Body field, and stream them to the visitors directly from the cloud.

Analytics Bot tracking

Track bot activities to Google Analytics


This module will enable frontend, inline editting using the HTML5 Raptor editor.
Raptor is a HTML5, JQuery UI enabled editor with a GPL licens.
See http://www.raptor-editor.com for details. It's currently under heavy development.


  1. download VERSION 0.0.27 from raptor-editor.com and place raptor.min.js in the /js/ module folder. Not tested with any other.
    for example: /sites/all/modules/raptorize/js/raptor.min.js
  2. make sure you use JQUERY version 1.7 using the jquery_update module
    settings are available at admin/config/development/jquery_update
  3. Make sure you have the permission checked to use the editor.
  4. Create a node. Goto the full node and hover over the body. You should see a message "Click here to edit".


This module is mostly a proof of concept, needs testing.
See various @TODO markers in code.

Made by Albert Skibinski (@askibinski) - www.merge.nl

  • only node fields are supported for now
  • node title field not yet supported (because it's not a real field)
  • assumes all fields are (filtered)html
  • only works in the frontend, not a wyswyg editor in edit screens
  • bug with dissapearing content after save (page refresh needed)

Site Redirect

Redirect users to another site based on their I.P. address and country code.

User Case

A .com site has bee closed down, all traffic to that site is re-directed to a .co.uk site

Redirect rules are set up so that:


goes to:


This module then detects the country code of the user based on their
IP address, and redirects the user to the site appropriate to their
country, if a site exists.

UC Payza Integration

This module adds the Payza payment gateway integration with Ubercart.


This module adds the Payza payment gateway integration with Ubercart and requires Ubercart module.

DruStack i18n

DruStack i18n

BDD Testing - d.o. releases

This project exists to test that releases on Drupal.org work after new code is deployed.



Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover digital assets using a best-practices framework. Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community.


rules_form_alter - rule in action

This module allows you to to do use your favorite hook_form_alter techniques using rules

Provide site developers access to all the power of the hook_form_alter through rules so they can store business logic along side other rules.

Currently provides:

  • An event rules_hook_alter
  • A condition to check the form id (option for contains or exact match)
  • An action to set a form element value using three parameters [name][key] = value
  • An action to set a form element [name] = array(...)
  • Works with commerce_stock: all actions are available from the add to cart validation event. Can be used to create additional form actions like 'download product image'

You can set multiple properties of a form elements using multiple actions like #markup, #weight & #default_value.

You can create new form elements or modify existing once

You can reference nested elements for fieldsets in the format of:
{fieldset}/{fieldset}/{form element}

Also check out Rules Forms Support for similar functionality.

Commerce Gift Certificates

Built off the commerce coupon module, this module creates a gift certificate product, which, when sold, creates a single use coupon code to redeem the certificate.

Webform Feeds

This module adds the ability to use Webform submissions as a source for a Feeds importer. It adds a new fetcher (“Webform Fetcher”) and a new parser (“Webform Submission Parser”). It requires the Feeds module and the Webform module.

Mobile Menu Toggle

Mobile Menu Link, Menu Collapsed

This module creates a block with a "Menu" link that, when clicked, initializes a jQuery slideToggle effect to hide or show the Menu Zone of the Omega Theme.

This is beneficial for initially hiding a large menu on mobile and allowing the user to slide it open.

To Use:
After installing and enabling the modules, go to the blocks page and find the block called "mobile menu toggle". Add this block to any region *except for the Menu region*, like Branding.

Then be sure to place your menu block itself, like "Primary Links" inside the menu region. If its not there, go to the blocks page, find your menu block, and place it in the menu region.

If you are using the Omega theme, be sure the menu region is enabled and is inside the menu zone.

Example site:

4/5/13 Update

- Refactor of code was rolled into 7.x-1.x today and now allows user customizations. This release rips out the default CSS in favor of letting the default hide/show of menus and media queries be handled by the individual theme layer.
- Menu to hide/show is now customizable via UX on configuration page.
- Optionally a CSS selector can be provided to hide/show instead of a menu.
- This release removes dependency on Omega and should work for any theme.

Leaflet Draw

This module adds a leaflet draw widget to the geofield.
For now you can add a marker, when leaflet.draw becomes more stable I will try to add more types of WKT.
See for more information.


Download leaflet.draw and put it at sites/all/libraries
Leave the folder structure intact. You should have


View MySQL OrderBy

A sort handler add-on module for Views 2 which provides a views configurable sort option for MySQL's ORDER BY FIELD() function.
It requires to choose from the pre-populated option of already active fields in the view and then specify the value in a free-text field.

Geolocation Cloudmade OSM

Creating a report with Mark-a-Spot

This module extends the Geolocation Fields with several widgets based on Cloudmade's leaflet/OSM Maps. Geolocation is integrated with the help of Bing Maps REST Services. Before geocoding will work, configuring the field-settings with a Bing Maps Key is necessary.

Infojobs listing module

This block module gets all job openings by a specified company from the well-known site Infojobs.net, one of the most popular job search portals in Spain, Italy and Portugal.



This module provides a "sticky" flag for comments, in the "threaded" comment ordering. Comments flagged "sticky" show up at the top of comment threads, along with all their children (sticky or not).

TODO list

  • Act only on comments when "threaded" ordering is enabled
  • Add documentation
  • Integrate flag creation: hook_flag_default_flags()


This is a simple module that creates a block with the QR code of the current url.

I wrote this when I got tired of dealing with typing in long urls on a dev server.

You need to install libraries and install PHP QR Code in sites/all/libraries or similar.

This is a lightweight module, that caches the qr codes to save cpu load.

Element UI

Provides UI to developers to create custom form elements and export/import them.

Commerce Econt

This module will provide shipping with Bulgarian shipping shipping carrier Econt. This module will also provide Econt's COD payment method.

Deploy actions


With this module, you can create deploys for your website. Each deploy contains multiple actions. Deploys are triggered by an URL (with optional password) or with drush.

This module contains the following deploy actions:


  • Run new module updates from update hooks.
  • Flush caches.