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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


A small feature to set up a new http://api.aegirproject.org based on the DrupalAPI distribution.

Google Analytics Statistics Module

This module replaces the core Statistics module using data collected by Google Analytics.

One major change in how it operates compared to statistics is that it does not directly relate to nodes, but can be used with any entity which has an entity view page.

Combo Image Formatter

This is a combination of the Image Delta Formatter and the Image Class modules, providing both modules functionality into one.

Thus, it enables to define one or more delta values of images to display, or 'all' to display all values. Additionally it enables to define one or more classes to apply to the img element.

It is entirely based on the code of the image delta module.

Twig routing integration

Provides some helper functionality to integrate routes into twig templates to generate urls.

Data Competitions Module

This module allows a drupal instance to set up a data competitions platform similar to kaggle.com.

Metatag: Custom

Allows for the creation of custom metatags which can be utilized by the metatag module.

Poll Panels


This package is meant to be a set of small add-ons that provide useful functionalities for better integration of polls and panels. Following functionalities have been added so far:

  • Custom content pane that prints the poll form or the poll result depending on the poll state.

Feature requests

More functionalities are likely to be added. If you have an idea what we should add, please open an issue..


- This module was sponsored by Amazee Labs


This module is intended to act as a middle-man between worldoflogs.com and your Drupal website. Doing so the module creates a node type "worldoflogs" labeled appropriately "Epeen" for users.

From here, you can configure how often to sync worldoflogs.com with the nodes on your website.

Planned Features

  1. Analytics and graphing per user on their profile.
  2. Views integration to list all and filter records.

Tableau Server

The Tableau Server module allows you to integrate the display of interactive reports into your Drupal site.

It is implemented as a field in which you can configure the parameters for a report.

Nodequeue Taxonomy Add

This module provides the ability to add nodes into nodequeues automatically when the node has a certain taxonomy term in one of its taxonomy reference field.

The configuration is very easy.

1. Go to the nodequeue.
2. Under the NODEQUEUE TAXONOMY field set, select the vocabulary and then taxonomy term.


Once this configuration is set, any new content with that term will be added to the nodequeue

Role Expire Notifications

Role Expire Notification is a module that complements the module Role Expire.

Its main feature is scheduling email notifications to users whose roles are near to expire.


Integration with janrain SSO


POC - Provides integration with the Lync 2013 UCWA library.

YaDUT - Yet another Drupal Update Tool

This module provide SQL script to copy node content between databases.
You may need this module when upgrading your older* Drupal installation

Sample code:


Role Helpers

Very simple functions to help assign/remove roles to/from users.

Independent Cache (with delayed removal)

What is?
A delayed to clear cache.
An implementation of a cache to be used selectively on Views and Blocks so that they don't get cleared when a Drupal Clear cache is issued or other triggers that would other wise immediate clear the cache and cause a regeneration of the data/content.
The concept behind this cache is that by choosing which views and/or blocks are too heavy to generate (causing the server performance to go down on high traffic sites), allowing them to be generated some time after and not at the same time, doing a redistribution of the work during time.

At some events the cache is cleared and therefore all data needs to be generated and processed again, if this happens for some heavy processes on a high traffic site you may end up running several heavy process at the same time plus all the small process and you may bring the server down temporary, similar to what happens with a DOS attack.
If we can delay the most heavy parts to be processed after all other caches are ready and meanwhile we use "old" caches for those parts until we get those processed again it would allow to redistribute the processing during time and not all at the same time.



Migrate Block

This module will bring your blocks and associated configuration into a D7 site from a D6 site. It will also migrate nodeblocks into regular D7 blocks.

On the new site your blocks will be placed in the same region, with the same visibility settings, as where the block was before.

To setup the migration you will need to set a source theme from the old system and a destination theme on the new system. From there you will be required to match the block regions.

It also supports the following sub-modules: block_access, block_class, and i18n_block.

Turnip ryan sandbox

Turnip is OpenSourcery's Drupal starting kit. Using a Drush Make workflow, only custom modules, features and themes are committed to the repository, which allows for teams to quickly get up to speed and collaborate on the important parts of the project at hand. It includes a starting framework for using Behat for behavior driven development. Each site is built as an installation profile.

Views Field Join Node Revision

This module adds a condition on the node-id as well as the revision-id when joining the node_revision table with the field_* tables. This can make MySQL utilize the compound primary key better.

It might be better to actually make a patch for the Views module instead, but at this point I'm not sure about all the implications that adding the join handler will cause.

Commerce coupon date

This module allows limiting coupon validity by date, requires the Date and Features modules.

Adds a date field to the commerce_coupon entity, which will be validated by custom rule included in the module.


This is a small helper module, to pass data from a panel page to an embedded webform node via tokens. The module provides a pane type, in which you can define multiple key/value associations. Those keys, will get available as global tokens in the tokenpane namespace.

Coderwall Block

a simple D8 Block Module experiment for showing coderwall badges.

currently no connection to userprofiles, if i figure those out this wil become a patch for https://drupal.org/project/coderwall

Form keeper

Form keeper will save the values you have in a form as a URL so that you can share it with others, and save it for a later viewing.

Entity reference extra formatters

Provides a few extra formatters for entity reference fields.

Hook Refresh

Hook JS is a opensource option for adding scroll up to refresh on many web applications and mobile web applications. This project has been updated to be stand alone with a dependency on jquery 1.7+.


This module provides direct access to Hook JS on every page where the code will be used in. Hook JS is used to quickly refresh pages.
This can be used to integrate quickly with jquery on many smaller sections very useful for mobile application development.