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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Pane Node by Title

With this module you can define a node-pane by its node-title.


Allow users to contact the site supporter trough a support chat.

IP Test

A utility module that determines if a site visitor's IP address is in a configurable range.

Bootstrap Panels Horizontal Tabs

Implemented as a Panels Styles plugin, make the title of each Pane in a Region turn into a tab which toggles display of the pane. This depends on Bootstrap 3 Javascript and CSS, which this module does not provide.

Social Importer

# Social

Drupal module suite for creating social entities and importing social items from web services.

The purpose behind this suite of modules is to create a proper approach to pulling social media content into your site in order that you might be able to use it while utilizing Drupal's content management and building tools. As a result, this module provides a way of importing data into Drupal data structures and then integrates it with Drupal rendering systems.


This module extends the Varnish module to purge caches of multiple configured base urls.

## Installation
You need to have the Varnish module installed and enabled.

Once you have Varnish working, to use the module you need to do the following:

Enable the module.
Configure the following variables in settings.php file:

Field manager

Field manager is a module which provides a Role based field access API to show entity fields in custom defined contexts.

Similar to field_permissions module, but extended to have more than just the 'view' context.

D8 Stats

Display graphs about D8

Kgb people wow factor

Verify your site to kgb people account with the wow factor.

This works also with kgb people by other languages


Field formatter of Muses radio player.

Address Field Extra

Extra settings for Address Field:

  • Hide City
  • Hide Address 1
  • Hide Address 2
  • Hide Postal code
  • Hide State
  • Remove fieldset wrapper
  • Disable AJAX

Patch Backports

Place for backported patches that can not be uploaded to issue queues.

Webform Queue

The concept behind the Webform Queue Module is to provide an add-on to Webform that would allow submissions to be shunted to an external queue for processing later, rather than processed as they are submitted. This is intended to address problems seen in high-traffic events where high rates of Webform submissions lead to performance degradations.

test sandbox 1


AddThis D8 Sandbox

D8 Stab for AddThis.


Testing the hacked module for D8. Once is ready, will merge it back to the module https://drupal.org/project/hacked.

Search API Range Field

Provides range fields to search API.

There's still some work to do, but fields are correctly indexed, at least, I think.

Fancy Form

Fancy form help you to enhance your webform look & feel.

Role by Device

Delivers content based on device. ex. if you have a block in footer that needs to be different based on devices. That's something which can be handled with help of this module

Enhanced Glossary

Glossary Enhancements
If you see, the default glossary view, it provides limited feature for existing content only.

We are trying to enhance glossary search here, by showing disabled characters, for which no content title starts with.
Also, user can search for content with number in title.

This module will plug glossary for any content type.


Site Audit report

Blogging Feature

This is an blogging feature example for Drupal 7.x.

To get this going:

Apache Solr Key Phrases

This module allows you to define key phrases (1 or more words) that may be used in content and which are particularly relevant for your users when they are searching.

Documents with those phrases are identified at indexing time, and a new facet is made available to allow users to easy filter down to those of interest.