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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce coupon date

This module allows limiting coupon validity by date, requires the Date and Features modules.

Adds a date field to the commerce_coupon entity, which will be validated by custom rule included in the module.


This is a small helper module, to pass data from a panel page to an embedded webform node via tokens. The module provides a pane type, in which you can define multiple key/value associations. Those keys, will get available as global tokens in the tokenpane namespace.

Coderwall Block

a simple D8 Block Module experiment for showing coderwall badges.

currently no connection to userprofiles, if i figure those out this wil become a patch for https://drupal.org/project/coderwall

Form keeper

Form keeper will save the values you have in a form as a URL so that you can share it with others, and save it for a later viewing.

Entity reference extra formatters

Provides a few extra formatters for entity reference fields.

Hook Refresh

Hook JS is a opensource option for adding scroll up to refresh on many web applications and mobile web applications. This project has been updated to be stand alone with a dependency on jquery 1.7+.


This module provides direct access to Hook JS on every page where the code will be used in. Hook JS is used to quickly refresh pages.
This can be used to integrate quickly with jquery on many smaller sections very useful for mobile application development.

Silverpop Tracking

This module integrates Silverpop's Web Tracking API and XML API to allow tracking a user through various flows and levels of engagement.

An anonymous user is assigned a unique cookie value, and any custom events they trigger will be stored in Silverpop's Engage database.

When the user converts by filling out a form providing their email address, a Contact is created in Silverpop Engage, and their event history is now associated to that user. They can now be queried for their user score/level of engagement and messaged separately.

OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each

IMPORTANT: this is an experimental, educational, object-oriented tutorial module

This module currently offers no significant end-functionality to users, although the (incomplete but quite extensive) object-oriented bridge API for OOE could already be used by other modules.


Features 8.x

NOTE: This sandbox code no longer works with the latest D8 beta version and has been replaced with new code that is actually part of the 8.x-3.x branch of Features itself. So for work on Features 8.x please see the normal Features project and issue queue.

Previous original text of this sandbox is below:

This is an experimental rewrite of the Features module for Drupal 8. The architecture of configuration management in Drupal core has replaced the guts of Features, but the module will live on to expedite and automate the tasks of configuration sharing and distribution-building.

Our goal is not to recreate the previous Features module on top of CMI. It is to identify how some of the same goals can be realized from the Contrib perspective.

Current Mission

  • Identify capabilities needed in Features-style* site-building and distribution maintenance.
  • Determine if those capabilities exist and implement first-pass automation with Drush wrappers.

More Thoughts

Like configuration but maybe not Features? Please help improve Configuration Management in core with the CMI initiative.

Media:Youtube Preview Image Link

Provides Youtube Preview Image Link formatter.
Temporary solution while #1908758: Show Vimeo Preview Image as URL is not fixed.

For Vimeo see https://drupal.org/sandbox/Leksat/2057775

Context HTML Head

This is a context reaction plugin that modifies the HTML head array to add / alter elements.

Simple non-hierarchical select

All services

This module creates a simple non-hierarchical select views filter and merge repeated children. This module is based on https://drupal.org/project/shs module.

Use case

Assume that you have a vocabulary named 'services' and has structure like this:
-Paris (1)
---Restaurant (2)
---Hotel (3)
-New York (4)
---Restaurant (5)
---Hotel (6)
-Other location (7)
---Restaurant (8)
---Hotel (9)

Suppose you can't change this structure (e.g. separate this vocabulary into 2 vocabularies, make a term child of multiple parents...)

What if you want to find all services in Paris? What if you want is find all Restaurant services?

This module provide views filter like https://drupal.org/project/shs module does, but it shows parent and children dropdown at the same time, so you can select 'Restaurant' in the child dropdown to find all restaurant services, or select 'Paris' in the first dropdown to find all services in Paris, or specify 2 dropdowns to find all restaurants in Paris.

Views (exposed filter)

  • add a new filter "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth; Simple non-hierarchical select)"
  • use "Simple non-hierarchical select" as selection type
  • select "Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it"
  • enjoy :)


    Field Encoding

    This module make integration video with API www.encoding.com, only upload video this module send the video render of encoding.


    PP Demo

    Framework for test content using uuid_features module.


    OfferIt Affiliate Integration for Ubercart

    This module provides integration between OfferIt.com's Affiliate System and Ubercart. The main functionality is handled via rules.

    You'll need an account with OfferIt.com and, of course, a Drupal site with Ubercart.

    New Relic Drush plugin

    This plugin reports all drush commands as background jobs to new relic, it has build in support for barracuda/octopus but works without it as well. All drush commands and arguments are reported excluding all options.



    Prerender, prefetch, dns-prefetch, helper with visitor flow knowledge provided by Google Analytics.

    Rental Inventory

    Rental inventory categorization.

    jQuery Bxslider

    This module to use the bxslider jQuery plugin. It is provide the option in the views display setting.
    It’s also a responsive slider.


    • Built-in Views support.
    • Responsive slider
    • Responsive Carousel
    • Control options

    Required modules


    Meeting Manager

    Meeting Manager is a project to manage meetings into a organization.

    This projects allow you store information about:

    • Resources
    • Members
    • Dates
    • Documents
    • Email notifications

    Is based in the use of entities.


    This module will help you generate the "Google Product Listing Ads" feed file. By the way, "Google Product Listing Ads" is the same as "Google Shopping".

    This module brings multifold benefits. Many "Shopping Engines" will give support for the "Google Product Listing Ads" feed file so you will be able to list your products with them as well.

    CKEditor Exclude

    Disable CKEditor for certain forms.


    1. Goto edit Global CKEditor Profile — admin/config/content/ckeditor/editg
    2. Add in Exclude settings form id and input name in format: form_id|input_name. Example — disable CKEditor in Page Body field: page_node_form|body[und][0][value]

    Taxonomy Sort




    Librivox Search

    I intend to create a module that displays search results of free audio books from Librivox.org using Librivox API and ajax. Wish me luck.

    Date Formats

    Screen capture of date field format settings for age and zodiac sign

    This is a simple module that implements a field format for the datetime field type.

    It currently displays the date as an age in years or as a zodiac sign.

    In the future this module will support multiple field formats for datetime where there is a need to calculate a value based on one or more date fields, such as: