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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Views RSS: JW Player Elements

Extension module for Views RSS 2.x, providing an additional set of elements from the JW Player namespace.


This is a library module. It provides no out of the box functionality other then providing a single point of contact to the ODataProducer library.


The ODataProducer module requires the following libraries and modules:

The module requires PHP 5.3 or higher to be installed because the third party ODataProducer library uses namespaces.


In order for the ODataProducer module to work you need to perform the following steps before installing:

  1. Download and install the Libraries 2.x module.
  2. Download the ODataProducer library.
  3. Copy the folder library/ODataProducer from the download in step 2 to sites/all/libraries. The ODataProducer library in Drupal should now be located at sites/all/libraries/ODataProducer.
  4. Enable the ODataProducer module.



The Bug Genie for Drupal

The Bug Genie connector module, with TBG JSON API.


  • API module (low-level functions)
  • Assigned issue list in Drupal user page
  • Remote, fieldable entities: attach additional data for TBG issues, projects
  • Views support
  • etc…

Primary versions: Drupal 7.x and TBG 3.x

A lot of work to do, but I try to move around.


Sandbox Test JChan

Just a test

Book Slider

Many Drupal sites, particularly in education, organise content in Books. Have you ever wondered if you could navigate these books just like in an e-reader?
That is what this sandbox is for. Book Slider is a module that replaces the standard book navigation with a touch compatible, ebook like slider at the bottom of the page. Tapping, or clicking in the content area brings it up or hides it. You can slide back or forward through all the pages of the book, seeing the title and page number, and the selected page will load when you lift your finger or mouse up. Additionally tapping/clicking in the book margins will move forward and back between adjacent pages.

Book Slider details:
A small module that implements a touch/mobile friendly navigation for Drupal books, similar to an ebook reader.
The configuration allows for removing the standard book navigation elements i.e. the pref/up/next links.
Book slider currently uses JQuery Mobile and so you need to first use JQuery Update module to update to the latest JQuery library.
Currently jQuery Mobile is included in the module directory, later it will get moved out to the libraries directory.
If you want a book-like experience then design your site without sidebars and keep each book page to a normal page length.

Simple Invoice

This is a module that allows users the ability to generate and keep track of invoices.

User Avatar Styles

Adds tokens for all available image styles to display the user avatar.


Context Megamenu

This module add ability to create flexible megamenus for main menu using context editor, context_panels_layouts, bean modules

Download Views as PDF

This module allows you to generate the printable versions of any view.

You can :

* Download your view as a PDF
* Directly print your view by sending it to printer

By editing the style.css, it is possible to change the look of the output page as per your taste.

Dependencies :


Forms example text

Using the jquery form example plugin adds a field to the forms api which will display the text as example text.


Shake it
You are probably familiar with this : [Harlemshake video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hpEnLtqUDg

This is what the module does: [Drupalshake video]

Migrate Test

Whale by Ranjith Shenoyr

Experimental suite for testing data migrations made with the Drupal Migrate module http://drupal.org/project/migrate


This module provides GIT integration for ERPAL Projects using GIT Lab. GIT commits with an ID placed in the commit message are directly added to the task with the given ID.

This module requires the ERPAL project module. How to get the maximum benefit using ERPAL with this module see read in our blogpost describing a "GIT workflow using ERPAL for your project management"


DrupalSecure Code Sniffs

DrupalSecure Code Sniffer (secure_cs) is a secure coding validation tool for Drupal built on PHP_CodeSniffer and modeled after work on DrupalCS in the Coder module.

Installation instructions

Vertical tabs default hidden

Hide the vertical tabs replace with a link which says Adminster content, if click shows vertical tabs, makes building as admin easier.

Field collection table (fork)

Fork of drupal.org/project/field_collection_table

Internal Path Relationships

This is a sandbox project for now, which attempts to maintain the integrity of rich text content containing internal links.

Hamster timetrack sync

This module allows to upload timetracking data from hamster to Drupal.

For now this is a code dump.
It does work, but I may decide to do big changes any time.

This is D6 only atm, we are preparing a D7 version.

Use case / prerequesites

We suppose that you have

  • One or more websites based on Drupal that you use for project management and issue tracking. Esp, such a website should have one node type that acts as "project."
  • One or more Linux machines where you do time tracking with Hamster.
  • The desire to make some of your timetracking data available on one project management website, and some other of your timetracking data available on another project management website.
  • The desire to associate hamster timetrack categories with Drupal project nodes.


On your project management website, a "source" is one of those machines where the timetrack data comes from. Each source belongs to exactly one user, but one user can have more than one source set up. Sources could be named like "andreas-desktop", "andreas-notebook", "andreas-netbook-ubuntu", etc.

On your local machine, a "destination" is one of those websites where the timetrack data is sent to.

Put Site in Git

Warns if the site is not in git.

Menu Origin Default

If you go to a node form and come from a page with a menu item, the page you came from will be set as the default parent item.

This can be very useful if you have a site with many menu items. Instead of going through a long list of menu items in the parent item select you just navigate to where you want to create a page.

Date Repeat Sequence for D7

This is a port of the Date Repeat Sequence module for Drupal 7. It is mostly a direct port, with very few bug fixes, however there needed to be a good number of changes in order to get it to work properly.

I am leaving this as a sandbox project for the time being, because the original project seems to be dormant, but may not be, and also to solicit feedback.


This module provides integration with Mailigen, a New Generation of Integrated Marketing. It is an email and SMS delivery service.
Among paid plans there is a free plan with all the same great features as paid account. With Epic Free Email Marketing Account send email newsletters to 5,000 subscribers forever free so you can focus on growing your business.

Watch the introduction video for more information about the service.

Zen Form

Zen Form disabled - node add form


Zen Form plugin provides you with a distraction free mode that you can add to your forms or single inputs, textareas and selects.

Wrapper module for the Zen Form plugin, created by Idered. Unfortunately, Drupal 7 core includes a rather old version of jQuery and the plugin expects at least jQuery 1.7 (usage of certain functions, namely: .on() and .prop()), so I have created a fork of the plugin on Github, in which I replaced the functions with their "deprecated" counterparts.


  • Makes plugin available as a library (via Libraries module) - easy to use for developers.
  • Adds toggleable distraction free mode to certain forms (defined in hook).


The module is helpful for importing meta tag content for different different languages.
This module is for Drupal 6.x version specially useful for the sites under maintenance and needs i18n upgradetion.