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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Jenkins Viewer

Jenkins Viewer is a Drupal plugin that creates a token that will be replaced with a Jenkins build page, giving a list of builds as well as downloads for specific job.

drupalorg_pbs and project_browser_server

This is a sandbox for these two modules to get them ready for d.o

OH Tax

The module provide schema to import and store OH sales tax data.
Data source: https://thefinder.tax.ohio.gov/StreamlineSalesTaxWeb/Default.aspx

Direct url for import tax data:

Features Annoyment

An annoying module telling developers to keep features in default state!

Node Custom Theme

A module containing helper functions for Drupal developers and
inquisitive admins. This module allows the specific theme instructions
to be created for each page/node. Giving the option to choose what style sheet
and/or page template file to be created inside the given theme.

Advance Tealium

The Advance Tealium module goes beyond then just providing the interface to enable Tealium analytics tag management on Drupal site, it provide a Ctools plugin integration and uses tokens and token substitution to empower module to programmatic ally derive value for the data points

Massively Change Node Authors

This module changes massively the author of nodes, from one user to another, by node types, using a batch process.


Curation is a project for managing lists of content.

This project is inspired by work I have been doing extending the nodequeue module. The nodequeue module does many things well, especially in that it integrates with views and in turn panels and so on.

The ultraqueue module will be intended to be more of it's own entity without all the integration to the heavy hitters like views, panels and context.

Commerce Clear Cart

This small module just adds a page that when visited will empty the current users Commerce cart.

It also adds a link to that page to the Commerce cart view.

The idea was posted by Clive here:

And the Views link is by bob.hinrichs her:

QuickTabs ZURB Foundation

QuickTabs ZURB Foundation provides a new renderer plugin to the QuickTabs module, allowing you to display any Quicktabs using the ZURB Foundation 4.x Sections component.

This module is similar to the ZURB Section module, but instead of using fields as its content, it uses Quicktabs making possible to use any content supported by the QuickTabs module, like Views blocks, nodes, etc...

Domain dynamic background

Domain dynamic background settings form fieldset

Main description

Add the ability to set a site wide background using the theme settings form.
This form can be found under Appearance and than clicking the settings link of your selected theme.

This module allows to set a site wide background for both single domain websites (normal Drupal installation) and also supports usage under multi-domain websites made with the domain module.

No coding is needed in your theme to add a background to your website(s).

Taxonomy matrix field

This module provides a field type for Fields in D7.
It provides a table that collect and store combinations between two chosen vocabularies.

Video Embed Field Migrate

Port of patch https://drupal.org/files/migrate-support-2007194-1.patch to a module. Allows for easy migration of Video Embed Field fields using the Migrate module.


Hardcopy is a Drupal 8 rewrite/rearchitecture of the print module.

Installation (Temporary Solution)

Add the following to the require section of the composer.json:

"wa72/htmlpagedom": "dev-master"

and then run composer update to download the new dependencies.

For the PDF integration the PDF API module is required: https://drupal.org/sandbox/splatio/2117169


Adds module enabling per machine environment to the env project.


This is an actively-maintained version of ISBN2node.

Commerce Checkout Complete Page

"Checkout complete page is viewed" event on the Rules dropdown box

Add a "Checkout complete page is viewed" event, so a Drupal Commerce 7.x site builders can trigger various actions exactly at this point of the checkout process.

Creation of this module is prompted by the fact that built-in Commerce Checkout sub-module "Completing the checkout process" or "When an order is paid in full" event does not always stay alive when a user returns back from a payment provider site. That`s because these events are triggered BEFORE redirection to a drupal site and this is the right behaviour in order to make sure the order is paid and we can proceed with the checkout. But the problem is that payment providers may differently handle redirection process and do it in a multi-step manner making events in the question dead for the moment user sees our "Checkout complete" page.

ElasticSearch API

Provides an API to deal with ElasticSearch



It's a simple rating widget with emoticons, readers can provide quick feedback. It also helps readers to engage with blog by reading more recommended articles based on emotion and share blog again driven by emotion. Its an easy to use and **free** widget for blogger
MyEffecto helps in increasing engagement and drives traffic of your blogs via a simple feedback plugin.


Compare permissions held by two roles.

Could potentially integrate with https://drupal.org/project/permission_report


Replace every latex equation definition provided between [mathtex] and [/mathtex] by the corresponding image computed by the mathtex library

This module is doing more than just call mathtex. It first check if the LaTeX code corresponding image already exist on the server, and, if not, call mathtex to create it, and then provide it to the page content as a clean img tag, allowing compliance to other modules as print.

Ilias release block

Show information on Ilias E-Learning releases in a block.

Select to slider

Small module to add support of SelectToUiSlider library.

This module implements slider widget for List fields.

Field Max

Allows putting tons of fields on bundle.

Just for testing out the maximum number of field a bundle can handle before slow down.


Commerce pay on collection

An offsite payment method that allows the user to specify where he will pickup his order and pay for it.