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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

IYDR Şirketler

Şirketlerin toplandığı bir havuz sistemi


Tested with DSpace version 1.7.1 only.

Provides a set of default Feeds importers that can be used to import community data and community items from a DSpace repository using the DSpace REST API. Imported items are updated on cron.

Includes submodule dspaced_entities which defines community, item and taxonomy entities that cover both default DSpace fields and Dublin Core metadata fields. Custom fields can be added with hooks, or dspaced_entities can be replaced with different fields and xpath mappings.

Views Job Scheduler

Exposes Job Scheduler table in Views.

OG Better Clone

Clones a organic group and respects gid and node references.

Drupal 8 Ajax Checkboxes

This is an example module to show how checkboxes are failing in ajax in D8.

Entityreference Machinename

The module contains a behaviour for entity reference that allows entity references to be stored by entity name (the string identifier returned by "entity_id()".

See Entity API for details.

Entity Config Export

Allows exporting of fields on entities to code.


The PSNAPI module allows you to gather and display information from the playstation network, such as users, games and trophies.

Entityreference Tabs

Display entities in tabs.

This module allows for entityreference fields to use a formatter that puts all references in horizontal or vertical tabs. The module is a conversion of the existing References Tabs project.

Future features in the works:

  • Allow for body summary to be displayed as tab summary
  • Enable hovering over tabs to peek at entity display


Designed to be a robust set of features encompassing the common elements used in the creation of brochure style websites.

The majority of features are extensions to the regular page content type which add new fields and functionality.

The page related features are as follows.




Call To Action



Other content related features are as follows




A simple preconfigured contact form


Converts mathematical formulae given in LaTeX code to the corresponding MathML representation using LaTeXML.
The TeX code can be entered in the form <math>\LaTeX</math>
No server setup is required.

work (activity and time)

This module is a "spin off" of my kanban module to be used stand alone.


Menu Block Mobile

After reading through the great http://ivanchaquea.com/creating-responsive-menu-omega-subthemes.html article, I generalized that article's code so that any normal Menu Block can instantly be made into an expandable menu. Expandable menus can be a huge step in the right direction for making a site mobile because it people to easily drill down on a touchscreen to the page they want.

Social profile link

This module provides a field type, that stores links on social network profiles.


Drugen is yeat another Drupal User Generator. It is usefull if you want to prepopulate your Drupal 7 site with user accounts that will (may be) then be edited by real users. The module creates user accounts following some name and e-mail conventions configured by the adminitrator.

8.x Backlog
- Import CSV with emails.
- Send user passwords to defined emails.
- Create view to show up the list of generated users.

Note: We strongly recomend to force the user to change the password at his/her first login.


Ciclo is an ortographic to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) conversor. You can see it running at http://www.coletivo28.org/ciclo

Sandbox Project skjdachlksjdh

This is my sandbox demo

Related roles

Screen shot of related roles

This module allows a user with appropriate permissions to relate a role to a taxonomy term by editing the taxonomy term.

This could be extended to entities of any type in the future.

At the moment the only way you would need this is if another module requires it.

the function related_roles($tid) returns an array of role ids that are related to the term.

Availability Calendars Views Integration

Creates an option for Views that allows you to output a View containing calendar(s) availability data, not as the supplied widget, but with actual control over the various availability data.


Drupal-module met HTTP - HTTP/CoAP proxy - CoAP op PC

Spider Event Calendar

This module is the best Drupal Event Calendar plugin available in Drupal Modules Directory. Spider Event Calendar is a highly configurable product which allows you to have multiple organized events. Spider Drupal Event Calendar is an extraordinary user friendly extension.