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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Star voting

-This module allows you to use and save node rating in your database.
-This module is also compatible with oracle darabase.
-Once activated star voting will create a new bloc in BO, that you can use with any content type you need.
-Star voting is very easy to use.


This module is for solving quadratic equations and is currently in it's initial development phase

Field Login

Provides the ability to login using the selected field from the user (eg. phone number, nickname ... etc) and the password .

TODO: patch unique field module in order to make it work for user fields .


Drupalate - Drupal Automation Tool

Converts Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8 or can be used to scaffold out a new Drupal 8 module.

May be folded into Coder Upgrade as per Battleplan.

No longer being actively developed: superceded by Drupal Module Upgrader.

Leaf Blower

Simple Leaflet implementation module

Pending Account Notifications

I needed for the user to have the ability to enter a custom email-address in the UI for receiving user registration notifications. So, I created this module.

You can modify the email address here: /admin/config/system/site-information

Trying to uncheck Sandbox, but I can't


Entity expire

Entity type with functionality of Node expire module.


The nodeblox admin page, where you create the blocks.

Nodeblox lets you create blocks in a UI that someone else can admin: choose a node to display in that block. The block always stays the same, but the content might change.

Every block has its own settings: a reference/selection view, view mode, title etc.

Workbench Extra

Administration settings page

This module extends the workbench suite of modules by providing extra functionality:

Aramex Shipping

Shipping module for Ubercart that uses the Aramex Rate Calculator API to get rates instantly from the Aramex.

Database Content Management

This module is designed to display and manage content from alternate database tables, rather than using the main Drupal database.

Managed by: The Desk Jockey Network

Google Analytics Form Tracking

Adds the ability to track partial form completion in Google Analytics.

Development of this module was sponsored by Opsview.


Color Thief

Drupal wrapper for 'Color Thief' by Lokesh Dhakar.


An event calendar system

Load and save

This module does a very simple task : it loads all nodes from a selected type and saves them, using the batch API.
This is mainly used to run the _save hooks on a specific type of content.


Twitter + Facebook + Google Plus Share Button

Twifago is a simple, light, flexible, and good-looking share button implemented by block. Thanks to Carrot for his code that make this module posible.
You can see a demo here.

Language Sections Box Titles

The module adds Language Sections title support for Boxes module.
This works the same as for blocks created by the core block module.

This is related to the following issue:
#1081184: All blocks disappearing

Development of this module was sponsored by Opsview.

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This is testing prooject...

Deployment Extras

The module consist of 3 modules which extends Deployment module:

- menu_parent_deploy
Module fixes menu parent hierarchy issues by using the menu and node services to discover the correct remote parent item to select when deploying nodes.
This code could be included directly in node_deploy.module but it was easier to keep it separate during development.
This still has issues when sending over new parent and child nodes as part of the same deployment; if the child nodes are sent first, obviously the parents don't yet exist, so the lookup fails and the items are incorrectly parented. However, this seems difficult to solve fully, especially if you are sending a large menu tree with more than two levels of parent/child items in a single plan - the plan item weight system can't easily cope with this level of complexity, especially if some of those nodes have further dependencies on other nodes. There are seemingly impossible chicken-and-egg corner cases if a parent menu item has a nodereference field to a child menu item, for example.

Read more: #599420: menu parent hierarchy issues

- upload_deploy
- upload_service
upload_deploy module deploy uploaded file attachments using the Deployment framework and upload_service provides a node attachment upload service.

Cache Tools

This module is designed for high traffic sites that make heavy use of caching.

Disables the ability to clear the entire Drupal caches through the admin interface and forces the user to use the multistep version of drush cc instead of drush cc all.

Exposes a number of core caches: module-implements, bootstrap, block etc as well as all the entitycache caches to drush cc. This allows users to avoid clearing all caches when a single cache would have been appropriate.



Webform Extended (Ext JS) Table

This project adds a new tab to the Results of a Webform. It provides an Ext JS-based grid to view and directly edit Webform submissions.

As of now, I have only tested this module on Drupal 7.x using Webform 4.x. It might work on Webform 3.x, however.

To use this module, obtain the module directory (webform_extended_table) and contained files and directories (via git) and place in your sites/all/modules directory.

Since this module also requires Ext JS to render the table, you must download that separately from the Sencha Ext JS site. I have only tested the module against Ext JS ver. 4.2.1. The download from Sencha will contain a top-level directory named ext- (or some equivalent). Place that directory in your sites/all/libraries folder, and rename that top-level directory "extjs".

Once the module is enabled, create a Webform with submissions. Then in the admin, go to the Webform and click on the "Results" tab. There you will find a new sub-tab named "ExtJS - Table". Click on that sub-tab to view and edit the submissions in an Ext JS dynamic grid. You must be logged in with proper permissions for viewing and editing to use those functionalities.

Stash sandbox

Node type, node alias, unit, support, omnipresent static asset management on a by-theme basis. Honors the most recent versions of files with cache busters on concatenated, minified JavaScript files.

Offers the option to turn compression on and off.

Requires YUI Compressor


My sandbox

City Autocomplete


City Autocomplete is a Form API simple autocomplete textfield with Google Places API integration.
You will need a Google Maps API key.