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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

PP Demo Beans

Beans for demoing bean_wysiwyg module. Used in PP project profile.

Creates two bean types: Content and Gallery.


Optime is an efficient Drupal Module which will make your site load faster by setting different HTTP Headers. Help you add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN). (This module works best for anonymous user site only).
Note : Don't Enable Cache control header via this module on a protected content page.

Dropbox Download

We address the following requirements.

- Admin should be able to fill accountdetails of the destined Dropbox
- In the admin dropbox should be a folder called 'Drupal'
- In the Dropbox folder 'Drupal' the admin can add folders with names identical to a Drupal Role
- A block in Drupal should be able to present the files of the folder(s) based on the roles the person has
- Person should be able to view the listing and download any file from those folders, as long as there is a match in roles and folder name

Admin Panel

Admin panel actually is a brief site management module, for unprofessional admins which has widgets like:

_Site administration shortcuts
_Support and tutorial links
_Site statistics

Also developers can simply write and add their own widgets to this module.


  • Has three default style for showing panel
  • Ability to creating new widgets just by writing a single php file
  • Ability to activate and deactivate widgets
  • Ability to change widgets display order


Provides integration with Factual API using their official PHP Driver.

The Factual module for Drupal is supported and maintained by the Larks at Exaltation of Larks.

One Click Login

This project allows the end user to login just with the help of one button, This will be highly useful in the case of demo sites. Instead of having a login form, this one click login form will make the end users to login into the site directly without any username and password.

Image Auto Preview

When ever we have a image field, we use upload button to upload the images to the server. But layman or end users will find it hard to see the file name. This module will list the image instead of the file name.

Note : This module has not been tested, Use at own risk.

Node Access Code

Node Access Code helps to grant users temporary view permissions.

Scald JWPlayer

Adds JW as an available video player for scald video atoms

Magento Bridge

Magento is currently one of the most powerful e-commerce opensource platform.
Combined to Drupal, for the CMS part, this couple generates the most amazing result.

Magento Bridge provides a set of tools to use Magento API REST in Drupal allowing access to:

Accessible Errors

Makes form validation error messages more usable, by linking the error message to the relevant field. This probably makes form validation errors suck less for screen readers.

Ergaster Test Project

This is a test project

Vocabulary access extra

Vocabulary access extra

This is a very simple module that lets you hide the tabs (like Manage fields or Manage display) from the administration screen taxonomy terms for particular roles.

Pepino710's 1st Demo Sandbox

This is a demo sandbox module for testing purposes.

Commerce Checkout Register

Checkout | register

Commerce Checkout Register module provides an user registration functionality for Drupal Commerce on checkout page.

Module extend the feature of Commerce Checkout Login where it provides an inline registration form via AJAX. If the e-mail address, when an anonymous user enters is not associated with any user account, then the checkout form will expand with a username, password textfield and sign up button for immediate registration and login.

Drupal connect

Let's think on the next scenario: You have a site. Huge site! And you want to create an API for your site - like Facebook or Twitter. You say to your self - RESTWS! Let me tell you something - you'r right! But wait! How can you make this secure? How can you make sure that only the people with the permission can access the JSON output? you think again and you say - OAUTH! Let me say to your something: You right again! But how can you connect them both?


Pull Instagram pictures into Drupal.

Views style autoload

Automatically load stylesheets files for views based on it name and display id.

Commerce Parsian

Commerce Parsian


Commerce Parsian provide Parsian Bank (an Iranian bank) integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

File Rules

The File Rules module provides File based actions, conditions and events for the Rules module, from copying files to finding and replacing a string in the contents of all files inside a specified directory.


We have an event that people register for as a group. In this case the group is families but it could be other groups like co-workers. When any person in the group registers for the event, they will be presented with the ability to register everyone in the group for the event. There are options that need to be specified for each individual. Each person has a PIN (Personal Identification Number), there is also a family number (address ID).

OpenAdStream jQuery

This module allows easy block level configuration of ad slots and a colorbox based interstitial implementation for Open AdStream.

To enable the interstitial you must make sure to install the colorbox module.

Delete quick


Module allows you to delete nodes of specified types without confirmation screen.

It might be useful for nodes of simple and 'not important' types (tips, messages e.t.c — nodes that should be easy to create and to delete).




PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server. It empowers programmers and data engineers to build smart applications. Machine Learning is about attempting to teach computers to predict future, or otherwise unknown events, by applying computer science or statistics techniques to analyze existing data. It can be seen as a transformation from existing data to improve insights about the unknown. PredictionIO is useful for any web and mobile apps.

Commerce Refund

Extends the Drupal Commerce payment API with the refund process.