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Commerce pay on collection

An offsite payment method that allows the user to specify where he will pickup his order and pay for it.

Previous/Next Navigation

This module provides a Previous/Next type of navigation for node entity type. It integrates with Weight module.

To use it simply:

Helper Tools

This module contains some useful functions for Drupal developers.

Views order form

Turn a view into an order form.

  1. The module adds a field in Views which adds a checkbox so that nodes in the view can be ordered.
  2. The second step is where the user fills in contact information.
  3. The order is sent containing the nodes picked in step 1 and the contact information from step 2. It is sent to an email address that is configurable via settings page.
  4. The user is redirected to a "Thanks for your order" page.

Development is on GitHub.

Media 23Video auth

Drupal 7
Module integrates with the 23Video service

You can have the API notify you of object changes on 23 Video through pingback notifications. This is done by configuring you OAuth consumer with a Pingback URL. A common usage for this approach is to both listen for new uploads to a site and to track the transcoding of an uploaded video.

OG Vocab Single

Instead or providing multiple vocabularies per organic group as OG Vocab does, OG Vocab Single provides a single vocabulary -- for the entire site -- that each group has it's own section in this Vocabulary.

Inspired by https://drupal.org/project/og_menu_single

OAuth 23Video

The module provide a functionality for Media 23Video

Required by:
Media 23Video

Analytics reporting

Methods for creating and managing albums and channels.

/api/analytics/report/event: Report an event to the analytics engine.
/api/analytics/report/play: Report a playback to the analytics engine.

Albums or channels

Methods for creating and managing albums and channels.

/api/album/create: Create a new channel or album
/api/album/delete: Delete a channel or album
/api/album/list: List and search through channels or albums
/api/album/update: Update the meta data of a channel or album


Methods for managing and querying video files attachments.

/api/photo/attachment/list: Return a list of files attached to a video.

Methods for listing and managing comments.

/api/comment/add: Add a comment
/api/comment/delete: Delete an existing comment
/api/comment/list: List or search for comments
Coordinates (or maps)

Methods for managing and listing geographic coordanates and maps associates with photos or videos.

/api/photo/coordinate/add: Add a new geographic coordinate to a photo or video.

CallFire SDK

This module loads CallFire's PHP SDK into Drupal, and provides a configuration interface and helper functions for creating REST and SOAP clients.


Releases of this module are available through the GitHub repository as zipballs.

Copy the link to the version of the library you would like to install, and paste this in the appropriate text entry on the module installation page of your Drupal project.

Alternatively, download and extract the zip file into the sites/all/modules/ directory of your Drupal project.


The SDK client can be configured from the administration interface of your Drupal project by navigating to Administration -> Configuration -> Web Services -> CallFire.

From there, you can enter your API login and password.

Basic Usage

Having successfully configured your API credentials in your Drupal installation, you can make use of the callfire_sdk_rest_client and callfire_sdk_soap_client helpers to create REST or SOAP clients, respectively. The first parameter to either of these functions is the type of client you wish to create, e.g.:

$client = callfire_sdk_rest_client('Broadcast');
$request = $client::request('QueryBroadcasts');

Biblia API

This module integrates with the Biblia.com API.

Not sure where it is going yet.

Playground sandbox

A simple module for quick code testing.

IMP (alex)

Mirrors Commerce

Mirrors Entites and Fields for Drupal Commerce.

Capture plus

A Capture+ (by Postcode Anywhere) integration module.

Enriched options field

Illustration of the activation processus

The module proposes an alternative rendition for list fields.

When the option is activated in the field settings of a field using the widget "Check boxes/radio buttons", the module makes the list of options scrollable, applies alternate background colors on list items, and highlights checked options (see screenshot above).

It could be viewed as an alternative to the module Hierarchical Select.

Apache SOLR Multisite Filter

This module enables restricting the Apache SOLR results to the current site only. This is useful for drupal sites that use a shared SOLR index.


Taskit ("Task It") is a Notifications-style framework API meant to assign actionable tasks to users & roles.

Placeholder project page until code is ready to be released.

modbootcamp sample module

This is a sample module for modbootcamp

Views User Login Link

This module provides a Views plugin to display a one-time-login URL or link for a user in the context of a View.

Together with Views Data Export, this module can help a site owner to export and mail out welcome messages to the user base of a new/migrated Drupal web site.

Field collection plus

Provides additional settings for field collection fields. You can now set the path and the label for field collection entities in the field settings form. The label supports tokens.




This module catches mail and forward them to an pre-configured email-address
At the admin-page the user can configure which modules should forward the mail to
which emailaddress. Also could the user set an prefix which will be added to
the subject.

If the user set the prefix to "123", the subject will be "(123) %subject"
This can be handy when there is a development street. You can add, for example,
the environment.

To test the module add the mailredirect7 module to selected modules and go to the
testpage 'mailredirect7/testform'


Copy the folder mailredirect7 to your module folder and then enable it on the
admin module page. To configure the module go to 'admin/settings/mailredirect7'.


- To who will the redirected mail(s) be send
This is a list of emailaddresses where the mails will be redirected to.
In this textfield you can add more addresses separated by comma's
- Modules
This is the list of modules which implements hook_mail.
You can select which modules should redirect their emails. You can choose to
unselect modules if it's not necessary for some reason.
If you want, you can let the mailredirect prefix the subject by the subjectprefix.
For example, You filled in '123'. The subject will be '(123) {subject}'

Locale Hide

This module allows you to manipulate the links that are shown in the language switcher block (as provided by the Locale module) and hide specified locales from the switcher block.

Use case:
You want to activate a new language on your website, but not advertise it yet (e.g. you are still finishing up the translations). If you would leave the new language totally disabled, you wouldn't be able to see the translated content in the proper interface.

SIF for Drupal

SIF: Schools Interoperability Framework

This module suite allows interaction between a SIF 3.0 server and a Drupal site. SIF stands for Schools Interoperability Framework. For more information read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schools_Interoperability_Framework

This module can work with the the SIF REST Sandbox (a.k.a. SIF-RS) located at http://rest3api.sifassociation.org/jsp/index.jsp

See https://www.sifassociation.org for more information.

This module is in development. More info coming soon.


Entity API


This suite of Drupal modules is provided as a framework for Drupal sites to build their own integrations with SIF Service Providers. It does not make any assumptions as to how you wish to build your application, it simply provides the tools needed to do so.

SIF Data Objects

"SIF Data Object" is a provided as an Entity Type. Each Data Object Type is defined as a Drupal entity bundle. The sif_data_object.module defines the entities and the bundles for all SIF Data Objects that are supported by the SIF-RS: Environments, Zones, Queues, Subscriptions, Alerts, and Students.

Other SIF data objects may be defined by implementing function hook_sif_data_object_types(){ } .


Comment verify

Forces anonymous commenters to verify comments via email before they can be published.


Site Clone

Drush command to clone a site: