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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Dilve books

This module integrates the information service DILVE books.

DILVE is the largest catalog of books published in Spain. http://www.dilve.es/
DILVE uses the international standard ONIX, based on XML.


  • Import indicating isbn book.
  • Import indicating Title book.
  • Bulk import indicating several isbn, with Batch API.

The book contains information fields:

No cookie session

Helps you bypass cookie based session management on your Drupal site.


Adds Magnetise registration integration.

Configuration options are available to disable integration for specified exclude paths.


This module allows you to speed up the loading of the page. The entire node object is stored in a single field nodes (serialize).

Download and install module.


Username to Personal ID

The module changes the username to Personal ID element.
Depending on a new form element where the user selectes his country of residence the module checkes with what kind of document the user may register in the default installation country. There is the posibility to add validation on the documents number (implemented with chilean RUT).

Webform cURL Integration

Webform cURL Integration adds an option in the Webform configuration to allow posting of Webform submissions to another server via cURL. It allows you to enter a username and password, which is used with the CURLOPT_USERPWD cURL option, and allows third party developers to modify the fields before transmission with hook_webform_curl_submission_alter (this can be used to attach a checksum or some other security measure prior to transmission).

Plupload uploader

File uploader screenshot

Allows you to upload files using HTML5, Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms, providing some unique features such as upload progress, bulk upload, drag-drop upload option and chunked uploads.

It can be assigned to file field as a widget and supports any file extension which can be set from file field settings.

In order to add bulk and instant files please download the plupload javascript plugin and put in your drupal installation libraries folder.


ArenaNet is currently developing an API to expose game data from their Guild Wars 2 game. This module will provide integration for displaying game data on a Drupal website.

Please visit the issues queue for development discussion.

More information about the API is available at https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/community/api/API-Documentation/fi...

Field Group Implosion

This module provides a field group for use on entity displays, which "implodes" all of its contained fields into one. Most common use is to display two fields on the same line, such as in the case of first name / last name. You can control the "glue" which is used to connect the fields (eg, a space, a semi-colon, the word "and", etc.). It can also be used to do the same to all members of a multi-value field. And yes, you can have nested implosions. :)

This module depends on the Field Group module.



WARNING, this module is not yet stable! Do not use it!

Honeywords is a module that will generate fake passwords ("honeywords") for
every user on the site. The main use of this module is to make it harder for
an attacker to penetrate your site without being detected (and notifying you
of data leaks that may otherwise have gone unnoticed). It has the side benefit
of making the password database generally less useful for hackers targetting
your users.

Bean Scald

uses features module to add a bean block type for embedding with scald

Belgian Postal Codes

This project provides the user with a Belgian postal code field. When the user enters a postal code or the name of a Belgian city, a list a possible postal codes is displayed from which the user can choose.
This module differs from other modules like Postal code or Postal code validation in that it not only validates the form of the postal code (4 digits in Belgium) but it checks against the list of Belgian postal codes.

Rules Math

A contrib for rules to add a math expression action (as it is known from the views math field).

External tables and fields invoked views with custom module

Step 1) Create module info file " mymodule_views_table.info ".

name = mymodule_views_table
description = Create external table view.
package = Custom Drupal 7 Development
core = 7.x

Step 2) Create module file " mymodule_views_table.module ".

function mymodule_views_table_views_api(){ // Register view API information
$view = array();
$view = array('api'=>3,
return $view;

function mymodule_views_table_views_data(){ //Describes data tables
$table = array();

$table['custom table']['table']['group'] => t('custom table');
$table['custom table']['table']['base'] =>array(
'title'=>t('Courses'), //Courses is Custom external table
'help'=>t('Contains courses, departments, and descriptions'));

$table['custom table']['title']=>array(
'title'=>t('Course name'), //Custom external table field
'help'=>t('Course name'),
'field'=> array(
'handler'=> 'views_handler_field',
'click sortable'=> TRUE,),


This is a temporary repo as none of the patches from http://drupal.org/node/1954912 will apply with drush make. This repo incorporates those additions.

ScalD Brightcove

New ScalD provider supporting Brightcove Videos and player.

Features :

  • Import Videos from embed code or video Id.
  • Configure a default player for your videos (under development).
  • Configure Rss import lists (under development).

custom module add drupal_add_js and drupal_add_css

Step 1) Create module info file "mythemescript.info" .

name = My theme Script
description = Developed by gajendra.
core = 7.x
engine = phptemplate

scripts[] = mythemescript.js
Using a preprocess_page function

To conditionally add js to the theme, you can use a process_page function:

Step 2) Create module file " mythemescript.module ".


Screenshot of the Sidr JS jQuery plugin showing a mobile menu.

This is a Drupal module that utilizes the sidr.js jQuery plugin developed by Alberto Varela. http://www.berriart.com/sidr

Views Result Context

This is a Context plugin which allows you to set a condition when a chosen view returns any results, because sometimes you use the context module, and some of those times you maybe use views, and perhaps some of those times you want to set a context condition when a given view returns a result. This is a module for those times.

Slider Popup

This is a joint Educational project of the Drupalista's group to implement a panel that 'slides' out from the left or right, over the content of a page. In the initial version, the content of the panel is entered through the administrative panel and there is one trigger block that can be positioned in a region. Later versions will support multiple trigger blocks and panels. The Link below describes our initial project. The feature to implement the animated buttons within the panel will be implemented in a separate CKeditor plugin.

Term Value

Term Value provides a new compound field type allowing entry of term reference and textfield pairs. The use case for this is to use a vocabulary to define types of values that can be provided, leaving it up to the content author to choose what values are provided.


Currently we only have a select list for term reference and textfield for value. This module could potentially support autocomplete term reference and textarea etc but not at the moment.


This is an integration of Westpac's PayWay gateway as a method for the Payment module.

Currently it only handles PayWay Net (Not PayWay API).

UC Simple Bank Transfer

Simple Bank Transfer payment method for Ubercart

Current Version:
- Multiple account from one single settings

- Create capability to support multiple bank account
- Create bank transfer report page
- Create bank transfer confirmation page

Payment Arbitrary

A standalone form for creating arbitrary payments with the payment module.

  • Very useful for a webmaster who needs to log payments against users (sponsorships, taken cash, etc).
  • Also good for donations.

Demo meetme sandbox module

This is a demo sandbox module for my test