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ajax check email address is not valid

user register form,ajax check user email address has been taken.

Project page:

The project page can be found here: http://drupal.org/sandbox/meadhu/1778580
The git repository: git clone http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/meadhu/1778580.git email_ajax_check

Statuses Karma

Enables positive and negative tracking of words and phrases for status messages posted using Statuses (Social Microblog) module.

D8 Sandbox 1

My experimental sandbox for D8

Registration Add

  • Provides a multi-step registration add form for administrators.
  • Provides a reconcile author action for registrations that were created during anonymous checkout (Commerce Registration).
  • Provides a modify author action for registrations.



Opus is designed to be a module for the storage and management of data collected from Books, Research Papers, Textbooks, Manuals etc...

The data will be stored via user upload or linked from external sources.

Long term plans include making pages from these imported entities nodes, integration with References and/or Relation, "Opuses" as Entities and validation of source format.

Bukkit: Ban Management

Integration with the Bukkit plugin Ban Management.

Based on the shipped PHP program with permission from the author.

Commerce Product Lock

A supplement to Commerce Stock; Whenever a product is being added to cart deduct it from the product stock, but if the order is not finished after a while, cancel it and return the product to the stock.

Module Drupal Links

Creates additional links on the admin/modules form linking to the Drupal.org project and issues page for each contrib module.

Known issues:

  • Doesn't work with module_filter module enabled

Do not waste paper


The do not waste paper module displays a message on the print page in browser. Our days there is no need to print a whole website with all its graphics, sidebars and colors. If you like to print data from a website, copy and paste the needed data to an office text editor and continue with further editing and printing.

Login by URL

Module implement special urls with tokens, via this urls users can login to site without entering username and password.
Optionally you can set path destination for redirect after successfull login.
You can use this module for sending mail to users with automatic login links.

URL have limited life time, configured via variable_set('login_by_url_expiry', $seconds);
Default expiry time is 30 days.

This is API only interface at now.

You can get link url via API function:


Piecon module allows site administrators to generate circle diagram in place of favicon.
Additional settings allow to set the color of the main region, background color and color of the icon shadow on the circle diagram.
Also the following options are available:
- showing percents on the right of circle diagram;
- showing only the circle diagram;
- showing only percents without circle diagram.

After enabling this module you can change settings on the configuration page (admin/config/media/piecon-settings).

MediaWiki Users

The MediaWiki Users module allows using an existing MediaWiki users table to control user login and management.


Adds AJAX functionality to Quiz module.

AJAX feature reduces page load time and enables users to scan through the questions in a flash. This module is compatible with the latest version of Quiz 6.x-4.4.


1. Completely unintall existing AJAX Quiz module

2. Remove AJAX Quiz folder with files inside from Quiz Module (location: quiz/includes/ajax_quiz)

3. Before installing new AJAX Quiz module modify a line no.3670 in quiz.module file. (location: quiz)

PubMed Field

formatted field content

PubMed Field provides a simple field to automatically import and display scientific publication from the PubMed Database.

Hands On Table Field

CCK table field that adds easy to use JavaScript interface.

It is using jQuery's handsontable plugin.

Project sponsored by Design & Creative studio Asketic Labs



The Reminder module sends messages to user at specified intervals. For example, if you have a node with a date field, this module can be configured to sent emails at certain intervals leading up to / following this date, i.e. -5 weeks, +2 days, etc. This module overlaps a bit with Node Announce, however this project attacks the queuing process differently and also supports multiple entities. There are also some other architectural difference that were required to satisfy my specific use case.


Movico is a framework for helping web developers create well organized Drupal modules and web applications using OOP techniques and the MVC design pattern. Developers can use powerful objected oriented PHP features. Movico allows developers to take more advantage of popular IDE tools for creating better software.

IP Pay - API

I am currently in development of a module for the IP Pay API. IP pay is an alternative to authorize.net.

Currently this is in development and I am planning on doing extensive testing before uploading it. Anyone interested in contributing is welcome. I have a php script already and a extensive list of hooks already and a good amount of documentation for development.

Monster Menus Panels Bridge


Monster Menus Panels Bridge allows a Monster Menus "page" to be panelized (via the Panels Module) similar to panelized nodes.


Currently, a user may only interact with a Monster Menus page through the Panels IPE.


Users with the "Administer all Monster Menus menus" permission will see an MM flag called "create_panel" under the flag section of each Monster Menus page. Upon activating the flag, users with the "Use the Panels In-Place Editor" permission will see the Panels IPE bar.

NOTE: The IPE bar will ONLY display if the create_panel flag is activated, and the user has the "Delete/Change settings" permission for that Monster Menus page.


There are a couple "to do" items documented in the mm_panels.module file. These items in no way prevent a user from using this module. The additional items simply provide additional configuration options.

    GDLC Migrate

    GDLC Migrate

    OneLogin SAML Plugin for Drupal 6

    OneLogin SAML Plugin for Drupal 6

    This SAML plugin eliminates passwords and allows you to authenticate Drupal users against your existing Active Directory or LDAP server as well increase security using YubiKeys or VeriSign VIP Access via OneLogin. OneLogin is pre-integrated with thousands of apps and handles all of your SSO needs in the cloud and behind the firewall.