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Salesforce List Mapping

This module was picklists and multipicklists from Salesforce into Drupal as taxonomy terms. It's based on the salesforce_mapping module included in the 7.x-3.x branch of Salesforce Suite.

Relation Weights

Original Issue: #1304196: How should we do weighted Relations?

Problem Overview

Relations need weights. There are three primary use cases I have found for this:

Sailthru API


Integrate Sailthru's platform into Drupal. Requires an account at Sailthru.com

Commerce GGe4

Global Gateway E4 module

Module implements the First Data Global Gateway e4℠ Web Service API
Uses JSON and drupal_http_request

Current state:
Completes authorize+capture transactions in a test account, maybe also in a real account.

pre-authorize for later capture
HMAC Hash for API v12 (

SHOULD BE CHANGED/REMOVED/TESTED: “Test transactions in a live account” (I’m not sure if this is even a possibility with Global Gateway e4)

There are a few features that it doesn't yet have (most prominently: authorization with capture occurring later).

Error handling hasn't been fully tested, but I think it might work to some degree. The response codes in commerce_gge4_response_codes.inc might prove useful here.

Files likely needing the most attention:
Capture form, validation, and submit handling. Especially the submit handling.

Would need to add a capture() method and/or other variables and methods to facilitate Capture. This method would likely be called from the capture form submit handler in includes/commerce_gge4.admin.inc

Helpful links:

Conditional Fieldgroups

Provides a new Fieldgroup type that shows and hides fields based on the values of other fields on the entity form. Currently working only on forms but may be applied to content display as well.

More information soon!


This module facilitates the following things: -
1) Importing Data from .xls file to Database.
2) store the data of individual sheets found in the .xls file as separate node contents.
3) Fetch the data from the database and convert it to json format.
4) Send the data to google through google chart API and draw the graphs.

VBO Search API

VBO Search API allows to integrate VBO in a views using search API index. Be careful, it works only for nodes index.

This is a temporary module until VBO become a backend-agnostic Views field (#1334374: Re-use generic entity views table).

The current working code was first posted by drewish in #1123454: Integration with views bulk operations (vbo).


This is not really out of the box but it works.

Drupal Ladder view

This module is a feature containing a taxonomy vocabulary for the steps of your ladder, a view displaying the ladder and the content type for the people on it. It's used on my personal blog to show the progress of the Drupal Ladder we are carrying on the local community of Valencia: http://davidhernandez.info/drupal-ladder


Forums are terrible and haven't changed in a decade (See rant by Coding horror)

Discourse looks to do forums well, but is not in Drupal for some reason.

This project is an attempt to strap Discourse style presentation and features onto a Drupal forums system...

wish me luck,

Anyone up for helping, let me know.



The HyperComments technology replaces your Drupal comment system with your comments hosted and powered by HyperComments

How Hypercomments work:

Reader selects a word or a fragment of text that caught his attention and comments on it.
The fragment is now highlighted and clickable. And it draws more attention of your readers.
HyperComments will engage your audience in a discussion and encourage them to comment more.

Benefits for web-site owners:

  1. Interactive content
  2. Comments that are in the context
  3. Your readers contribute to your content
  4. Increased commenting activity
  5. "Hot zones" visualized
  6. Comments cross-posted to social networks

Benefits for your readers:

  1. Interaction with the text
  2. Commenting on what got you really interested
  3. Other readers "Hot zones" show where discussions stir
  4. Live Interaction with other readers
  5. Comments cross-posted to social networks

HyperComments Features

  • Commenting on a text fragment
  • Real-time Conversation
  • HyperComments are indexed by search engines
  • Import/Export of existing comments
  • No registration required

Speakerdeck Filter

This module provides an input filter to embed a presentation from www.speakerdeck.com anywhere the filter is accepted.

To add a presentation to your content, just add [speakerdeck:url] with url the url of your presentation. For instance, if you want to add the slides of Introduction to Speakerdeck, just add [speakerdeck:https://speakerdeck.com/speakerdeck/introduction-to-speakerdeck] to your post.


LouderVoice integration.

  • SEO friendly output of reviews as panels pane or block.


A cache backend wrapper which lets you specify multiple cache backends in order of preference.

If one or more of your caching services are unavailable, this module will gracefully degrade to a lower priority cache service keeping your site running in case of a service failure.

This module is tested to work with the following cache backends, but should work with any module:

Custom Date Format Examples

This is a basic Drupal 7 example module of leveraging custom date formats via a module with drupal. These formats can then be used for Views, nodes, theming and more. This has come in really handy for some client projects over the past months so I thought I would share this. I have no plans to release this as a full module, it will just stay here in a sandbox.

Media Embed

This module provides embed code for any image uploaded via media module.

Page Swipe


This module allows users to switch between pages using swipe mechanisms.
It reads previous and next links from


  • Add rel=prev/next links to page header based on Custom Pagers module
  • Allow swipe between pages both on computers and tablets/phones (tested with Android 2.3 and 4.1)
  • "Next" page preload / prefetch on supported browsers (firefox, chrome)


Enable, create pagers with Custom Pagers and swipe.
You can also add prev and next links with your own custom code.



DrupalTide is a Drupal port of WPTide, which is a WordPress plugin for displaying XTide tidal predictions. WPTide is written and maintained by: Fundación Almanaque Azul

This module uses tide prediction data output from XTide in order to allow users of your site to view tide tables and lunar cycles.

IYDR Şirketler

Şirketlerin toplandığı bir havuz sistemi


Tested with DSpace version 1.7.1 only.

Provides a set of default Feeds importers that can be used to import community data and community items from a DSpace repository using the DSpace REST API. Imported items are updated on cron.

Includes submodule dspaced_entities which defines community, item and taxonomy entities that cover both default DSpace fields and Dublin Core metadata fields. Custom fields can be added with hooks, or dspaced_entities can be replaced with different fields and xpath mappings.

Views Job Scheduler

Exposes Job Scheduler table in Views.

OG Better Clone

Clones a organic group and respects gid and node references.