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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Drupal integration for Swiftype search service.

Mandatory Summary

Mandatory Summary: Screenshot of it functionality

Requires the use of the Summary field that precedes the Body field in a standard content type. It, by default, also expands the summary field and makes it mandatory.

(Drupal 7) If using the Body field, you MUST select "Summary input" on the Body field's settings page:
admin/structure/types/manage/[content type name]/fields/body

No configuration needed - simply install the module and enable.

Installation via Drush:


Compassion Logo

The goal of this module is to make it easy for someone to implement the 404gotten.org page not found solution onto their Drupal website to help impoverished children around the world. Just imagine how you will feel if even one child is helped because of your efforts.

Commerce Admin Notification

This module will allow Drupal commerce users to send new order notification to admin and others .

It will provide a form to enter comma separated email id's to send new order notification in "To" & "Bcc" fields.

This is a great module to help users managing their notifications without going into the code structure and configure rules.

For any customization regarding templates for the mails in notification, please contact Dotsquares


Drupal 7:


This modules allows using another type of logging method/facility using the WebSocket technology to display live debugging information in a web browser.


Adds support of Anychart library.

Update Exclude Unsupported

This module adds an option to the core update module that will prevent e-mail notifications from being sent for unsupported releases.

Sandbox test of D7 upgrade





Even with the advancements in HTML5 there is still no simple way to collect videos from users.

Camera Tag capture videos from users' webcams at resoltions up to 720p.

This module creates a field for capturing and displaying webcam videos.

sandboxes ftw


CurrentCost Client

The following project provides drupal integration of the CurrentCost energy monitoring platform, and allows one to view current reading informaion along with historic data.

The project is still in its development stages but is currently fully functional and nearing completion.

ToDo list:

Bundle Inherit ECK

This module aims to close the gab between the great module Entity Construction Kit (ECK) and Bundle Inherit.

For detailed infos please check out the module descriptions.

IMPRTANT: You need to patch the eck module.

You can select "Inherit from other" while adding a new bundle in eck. See also "Bundle Inherit Node"


В задачи этого модуля входит поддержка соществования на одной странице нескольких (двух) версий jQuery (одновре присутствие и использование). При этом допускаешься загрузка дополнительных библиотек js которым нужна jQuery отличная от дефолтной. Адрес подгружаемой библиотеке указывается через админку.

Commons Follow Message Subscribe Email Frequency

Integrates Drupal Commons Follow UI with the Message Subscribe Email Frequency module.

Moves the 'How often would you like to receive email notifications?' field from the user profile to the Commons 'Notification Settings' page to be consistent with Commons' integration with the Message Subscribe Email module. Also changes some of the language to be Commons specific and makes the field save via AJAX.


Here is a quick and dirty way to add a facebook status provider.
This could be better to use the facebook api but i don't want to work for them now and don't have time to learn it.
It is not well finished but mostly working for my personnal needs so i share it with you.
I don't plan to release a full project module, i just post it here as a backup.
If someone would like to take the code or do anything with it, feel free :)

Active Campaign

Campaigns Page

This module provides integration with Active Campaign, a popular email marketing service offering a industry leading forever free pricing plan.

This module provides intuitive methods for users / administrators to control email lists, campaigns, and contacts, as well as, review the results of marketing campaigns and all previous emails sent from your Active Campaign account. More specifically it aims to provide the most used features of Active Campaign within your Drupal website.

Deny Content View

Deny Content View module allows you to deny displaying a content, whether published or not.

With this module you can view node page about one content type and not view node page about another content type.

For example This module would permit to view node page about Video content type and not node page about Article content type.

After you have enabled the form to go to the configuration page of permissions to perform setup.

WoW Extras

Extra enhancements on top of the World of Warcraft API.


  • Main character block with basic information.
  • Graceful fallback if no characters found for current user.
  • Automated add/removing character gids based on default guild.
  • Minor automation improvements for fetching items and characters.


Auto Abbreviate

Puts abbreviate (<abbr>) tags around admin-defined acronyms. For example, an admin defines HTML as "HyperText Markup Language" and body content containing plain text "HTML" automatically becomes <abbr title="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</abbr>.


Allow users to contact the site supporter trough a support chat.

IP Test

A utility module that determines if a site visitor's IP address is in a configurable range.

Bootstrap Panels Horizontal Tabs

Implemented as a Panels Styles plugin, make the title of each Pane in a Region turn into a tab which toggles display of the pane. This depends on Bootstrap 3 Javascript and CSS, which this module does not provide.

Social Importer

# Social

Drupal module suite for creating social entities and importing social items from web services.

The purpose behind this suite of modules is to create a proper approach to pulling social media content into your site in order that you might be able to use it while utilizing Drupal's content management and building tools. As a result, this module provides a way of importing data into Drupal data structures and then integrates it with Drupal rendering systems.


This module extends the Varnish module to purge caches of multiple configured base urls.

## Installation
You need to have the Varnish module installed and enabled.

Once you have Varnish working, to use the module you need to do the following:

Enable the module.
Configure the following variables in settings.php file: