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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

modbootcamp sample module

This is a sample module for modbootcamp

Views User Login Link

This module provides a Views plugin to display a one-time-login URL or link for a user in the context of a View.

Together with Views Data Export, this module can help a site owner to export and mail out welcome messages to the user base of a new/migrated Drupal web site.

Field collection plus

Provides additional settings for field collection fields. You can now set the path and the label for field collection entities in the field settings form. The label supports tokens.




This module catches mail and forward them to an pre-configured email-address
At the admin-page the user can configure which modules should forward the mail to
which emailaddress. Also could the user set an prefix which will be added to
the subject.

If the user set the prefix to "123", the subject will be "(123) %subject"
This can be handy when there is a development street. You can add, for example,
the environment.

To test the module add the mailredirect7 module to selected modules and go to the
testpage 'mailredirect7/testform'


Copy the folder mailredirect7 to your module folder and then enable it on the
admin module page. To configure the module go to 'admin/settings/mailredirect7'.


- To who will the redirected mail(s) be send
This is a list of emailaddresses where the mails will be redirected to.
In this textfield you can add more addresses separated by comma's
- Modules
This is the list of modules which implements hook_mail.
You can select which modules should redirect their emails. You can choose to
unselect modules if it's not necessary for some reason.
If you want, you can let the mailredirect prefix the subject by the subjectprefix.
For example, You filled in '123'. The subject will be '(123) {subject}'

Locale Hide

This module allows you to manipulate the links that are shown in the language switcher block (as provided by the Locale module) and hide specified locales from the switcher block.

Use case:
You want to activate a new language on your website, but not advertise it yet (e.g. you are still finishing up the translations). If you would leave the new language totally disabled, you wouldn't be able to see the translated content in the proper interface.

SIF for Drupal

SIF: Schools Interoperability Framework

This module suite allows interaction between a SIF 3.0 server and a Drupal site. SIF stands for Schools Interoperability Framework. For more information read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schools_Interoperability_Framework

This module can work with the the SIF REST Sandbox (a.k.a. SIF-RS) located at http://rest3api.sifassociation.org/jsp/index.jsp

See https://www.sifassociation.org for more information.

This module is in development. More info coming soon.


Entity API


This suite of Drupal modules is provided as a framework for Drupal sites to build their own integrations with SIF Service Providers. It does not make any assumptions as to how you wish to build your application, it simply provides the tools needed to do so.

SIF Data Objects

"SIF Data Object" is a provided as an Entity Type. Each Data Object Type is defined as a Drupal entity bundle. The sif_data_object.module defines the entities and the bundles for all SIF Data Objects that are supported by the SIF-RS: Environments, Zones, Queues, Subscriptions, Alerts, and Students.

Other SIF data objects may be defined by implementing function hook_sif_data_object_types(){ } .

Comment verify

Forces anonymous commenters to verify comments via email before they can be published.

Site Clone

Drush command to clone a site:

Active Record

Active Record for Drupal

Tired of using the anonymous arrays Drupal loves to slosh around? Give this a whirl.

Ships with some default models for users, role and users_roles

Objective Forms

A slightly less hateful implementation of form handling for Drupal.

Because we all know drupal forms blow.

Support many form field types:

Bonus features:

Data Tables.

Site Inventory


Site Inventory is a module that stores a repository of important content on your site such as:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Documents
  • Media Files

Using this module will help you search for key content that may need to be updated or removed.

Drupal WinCache

A sandbox project clone of https://drupal.org/sandbox/microsoft/1441326 with the goal of inclusion as a full project.

Panel adyax_test

Example adyax_test

Radioactivity Image Tracking

This module provides a way to track radioactivity actions for the content that is loaded and can't trigger actions through javascript.

The problem

For example if we have indexed the whole node page in solr and we serve that page directly from solr without further processing (as Search API do) then radioactivity actions are not triggered.

The solution

The solution is to track the actions with an 1x1 transparent tracking PNG file.

Webform Orders

The module add a entity component that you can use like product, but you do not need to install a large commerce module.


A method to authenticate users against Services, built on the Remote User API.

This is similar to Services single sign-on client in that it authenticates against Services, but it doesn't actually intend to be a SSO solution, just a method to authenticate against services (ie. there will be no cookie sharing magic).

UC Garanti

This module provides Garanti Bank Turkey's virtual POS terminal integration for Ubercart credit card payment gateway. http://garanti.com.tr

It is in development state.



output any views by js: document.write($views_content);

so pages of remote site can use: script src="...", to display views output.

OG Subscriptions


OG Subscriptions is a plugin to the Subscriptions module to allow users to subscribe to Organic Groups (OG).

Maintenance Statistics

The main goal of this module is to provide statistics about the structure of the site, the data, the theme, etc. for the third party applicative maintenance.

PP Demo Beans

Beans for demoing bean_wysiwyg module. Used in PP project profile.

Creates two bean types: Content and Gallery.


Optime is an efficient Drupal Module which will make your site load faster by setting different HTTP Headers. Help you add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN). (This module works best for anonymous user site only).
Note : Don't Enable Cache control header via this module on a protected content page.

Dropbox Download

We address the following requirements.

- Admin should be able to fill accountdetails of the destined Dropbox
- In the admin dropbox should be a folder called 'Drupal'
- In the Dropbox folder 'Drupal' the admin can add folders with names identical to a Drupal Role
- A block in Drupal should be able to present the files of the folder(s) based on the roles the person has
- Person should be able to view the listing and download any file from those folders, as long as there is a match in roles and folder name

Admin Panel

Admin panel actually is a brief site management module, for unprofessional admins which has widgets like:

_Site administration shortcuts
_Support and tutorial links
_Site statistics

Also developers can simply write and add their own widgets to this module.


  • Has three default style for showing panel
  • Ability to creating new widgets just by writing a single php file
  • Ability to activate and deactivate widgets
  • Ability to change widgets display order