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Parse API

Provides integration with your Parse.com applications via the REST API. For example, if you wish to send push notification(s) when certain content type has been created execute

$push_message = new parsePush('New Content Available at Example.com');
$response = $push_message->send();

The Parse PHP Library is provided by https://github.com/apotropaic/parse.com-php-library/

Conditional Scripts and Styles

This module allows to include css and javascript files on specific pages only

Variable JS

This module exposes all variables defined with Variable API to JavaScript API.


  1. Checkout and enable module
  2. In hook_variable_info() define your variables to be exportable to JavaScript
  3. Access your variables from Javascript with code like:
    Drupal.settings.variable_js.variableName (note that changes will not persist).

Example handler

function mymodule_variable_info() {

  $variables = array();
  $variables['mymodule_info'] = array(
    'title' => t('Info text'),
    'description' => t('Sample variable with information'),
    'type' => 'string',
    'token' => TRUE,
    'multidomain' => TRUE,
    'js' => TRUE,
return $variables;

Example JavaScript usage

function($) {
  Drupal.behaviors.mymodule_test = {
attach : function(context) {

Note: examples were not tested on animals ;-).


Requires Variable.

To do

Some ideas for improvement:

  1. Allow exporting to JS of variables from GUI (add a checkbox in variable GUI that enables any variable to be exportable to JS)

Taxonomy Mapper

Allows an administrator to create a mapping between one vocabulary and another, and to bulk add terms onto nodes from the second vocabulary based on on existing terms from the first vocabulary on those nodes and the mapping.

This project was begun at the London Drupal Drop In Sprint in January 2013.

Note this is a work in progress and is NOT yet ready for use.

Google Analytics Cookie Exclusion

Exclude certain visitors from Google Analytics statistics.

Visitors who have been to a secret address on your web site will be excluded from future tracking by Google Analytics on your site.

No JavaScript Info

Screenshot No JavaScript Info

If the browser has JavaScript deactivated, a warning message is shown on the top of the page!

This module adds a block to the system and activates it in the footer if JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

Why it is in the Footer?
When the browser loads the website, the footer is the last and so no time delays!

The content of the block is only a information which is only shown when the browser does not support JavaScript or if it's deactivated.

Via preset css the content is hidden on a browser with activated JavaScript

Ubercart Gate2Play Payment Integration


This module integrates Ubercart v3 with Gate2Play payment gateway.

Media Mover SNS

Media Mover SNS (MM SNS) extends the Media Mover (MM) module by integrating it with Amazon SNS and adding three new actions to MM configurations.

If your site use any of these actions, whenever a file is uploaded, you'll publish a message on Amazon SNS, in the topic that you defined in the MM configuration.


Important: This module requires Media Mover and Libraries.


After installed, MM SNS brings a new configuration page/tab within the Media Mover settings page.

First you must inform the path to the AWS PHP SDK directory, which must be placed inside the default library directory.

Then you have to define the list of Amazon SNS topics that you plan to use.

You must inform the Topic ARN, Access Key and Secret Access Key for every topic.

You also have to inform a friendly name for each topic you define.
This is necessary for the next step: Using the MM actions.


When you create a new MM configuration, you'll be able to pick the actions supported by this module.

The actions are available in the MM "storage" and "complete" steps.

MM step: Storage

  • Publish a message on Amazon SNS

Image Resizer


The purpose of this module is to let you
to resize images to arbitrary sizes.

This functionality is used in many Wordpress theme via the external
TimThumb image resizer, http://timthumb.googlecode.com. Installing such
module is an alien body in Drupal and cradle of many exploits.

This functionality tries to be a better solution. You can

Sliding login

A nice sliding login.

Global Text Search

Provides a mechanism to search fields for strings of text. Example uses are to look for hard-coded absolute domain names, etc.

Embed Form Field

This projects provides an opportunity to create a Field where you can embed other fields attached on the entity. You do this by using provided tokens (which represent form elements provided by other fields).

This way dynamic strings / text can be created, where people will specify parts of the string / text via dropdowns and textareas and the rest will be a static text.

Things like contracts, questionnaires and the rest can be created via this field.

Entity reference preview

Entity reference preview

Adds an option to show entity build modes instead of labels in the autocomplete of an entity reference.

Adds an option to show a rendered entity instead of a filled textfield when holding a value.


Provides a wrapper function around the Geocoder function 'geocoder' that allows requests to be cached.
Before a request is sent, the address is checked against a local table to see if it exists. If it does, lat/lon is returned. If it does not exist, a geocoder call is made and the lat/lon is saved in the database for future use.

To use this module, make a call to geocaching_geocoder($service, $address); in your PHP. It's usage is the same as the geocoder() function in the Geocoder module.


Some text

ergonlogic's clone of devshop_hosting

A clone of devshop_hosting, for use with aegirvps_client.

ergonlogic's clone of devshop_provision

Clone of devshop_provision for use with aegirvps_client.

Design Conversions

Display of Blocks, Navigation & Page with New Styling



This module was developed to assist designers in converting fixed layout designs to responsive ones. Of course, you could use a calculator but wouldn't you rather it was conveniently placed in a block and/or page. This is exactly what this module does. It accepts a value that is converted to ems, pixels, or percent. The result is then displayed on the screen.

Explanation of Conversion Options

  • Px to Ems
  • Ems to Px


Convert pixel based measurements to percent based measurements for layout elements such as column width, padding, and margins.
For example: 300px / 960px = (0.3125) * 100% = 31.25%

  • Px to Percent
  • Percent to Px


Convert pixel based measurements to em based measurements for text elements.
For example: 10px / 16px = 0.625em


Installing the Module





    Paywall Easy


    !! Paywall Easy has been discontinued. !!

    Paywall Easy (http://www.paywalleasy.com) is a free online service which easily adds a metered paywall to any news-based website.

    This module adds Paywall Easy integration to a Drupal site.

    Please see the Paywall Easy website for more information, read the documentation, or check out the demo.

    Panelizer Bulk Update

    This module aims to provide tools needed to update overriden nodes that are "Panelized" through the Panelizer module.

    Usage info in the README


    Temp sandbox version of Highslide.

    Date Enhance

    The date enhance module provides some small tweaks to the behavior and presentation of the date field on forms. Originally this came out of figuring out how to make a date widget more like Facebook's date fields for events.

    Userpoints Vbulliten

    Userpoints VBulliten integrates Drupal userpoints module with VBulliten forum. when users add new posts on vb they get points on Drupal.
    The integration is almost automatic


    The module automatically installs the require vbplugin ,
    You must visit AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products and Enable Drupal UserPoints product.
    Also whenever you update the module you should visit the same page again
    and update the product if there is any update availble



    SoPro est un module qui permet d'accéder grâce à Drupal à son brainstorm en ligne.

    Registration Checkin

    Integrates with Entity Registration to provide an easy way to checkin registrants. Exposes a "checked-in" flag for the registration and then an easy to use UI to manage checkins the day of the event.