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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


testing the signup process for newbies

User Relationships Manage

This module allows any user with appropriate permissions to create relationships between any two users.
The creation of the relationship starts from a user which is considered the requester.
The relationship is automatically approved by the requestee.
This module use a special AJAX widget "Dynamic Select" to select the requestee.
The list of requestees to select from is built from a view

Create a view listing users with the display "Dynamic Select" with some non exposed filters.
Configure the module admin/config/people/relationships/settings under the vertical tab "Management" by selecting the view created previously and the relevant filters.
Specify the labels of the HTML controls used by the widget and the display format.
Assign the appropriate role and permissions to the users you want to use that feature.
Any users with appropriate permission can go to the edit page of any user and create relationships.
Under Relationships tab, select the Management tab. The edited user is the requester.
Filter the list of users in the drop down if necessary with a keyword that will be passed on to the filters selected in the configuration,
Pick up the requestee in the select box and create a new relationship.
Only the requestee(s) are listed in the table, unlike under the Relationship Current tab

jQuery HashBangBoom (Page Transitions)

Utilizing a modified version of the jQuery plugin, HashBangBoom v0.2 and some basic Drupal module programming, users can now easily add AJAX page transitions to their Drupal website.

Using CSS selectors, select links to be "hashified" and then a content pane/div where the content will be refreshed. JS knowledge required for advanced callback functions.

Demo HashBangBoom (my own site, not Drupal) - http://www.james-allen.ca

Use at your own risk, under development.

Mediation XHTML Deltas

Mediation XHTML theme context settings

PA Checklist

Provides a checklist for reviewing project applications.

Source code of http://ventral.org/pachecklist.

PA Rocketship

Issue list

This module is a fork of Gábor Hojtsy Rocketship module modified for showing issues of the project application queue. It also provides a tag-cloud of people currently participating in the queue.

Source as used at http://ventral.org/paissues.


NOTE: MErged with Answers module this module has been merged with Answers module. You can follow development here: http://drupal.org/project/issues/answers?text=&status=All&priorities=All...


Drupal Music

Drupal Music is a set of modules for promoting, sharing, and selling music. Generally it is geared towards building websites for musicians or record labels.

Drupal Music consists of the following modules:

  • Music Content - This module provides two content types: Albums and Songs; as well as some default views for a music page.


An alternative idea for implementing modal_noderef. Not sure if it'll lead to something useful. If so, I'll try and get it accepted upstream.

mbtiles for OpenLayers

This simple module add a mbtiles layer type to the Openlayers Module.

This layer type allows for reverse y-axis order.

INI Meta Tags

Ini Meta Tags allows to define meta tags (keywords, description and copyright) as per the domain and the url, in a INI file. This is very practical in case of multi-domain installations.
All you have to do is to write the desired meta tags in the ini file, base on domain and url or your website. The module will take care of the rest.
I have written this module because I was desperate to set my meta tags accurately in a multi domain installation. I have never found an easy way.

Provision tasks extra

This code extends Aegir back-end with some additional commands.

Supported commands are:

- drush cache-clear -d
- drush registry-rebuild -d
- drush core-cron -d

This is a drush extension. The intended use is in combination with hosting_tasks_extra

KSA Breadcrumb

KSA Breadcrumb as implemented

This module displays the section heading and breadcrumb trail as designed by Karen Lewis in 2011/12. It creates a "KSA Breadcrumb" module, which should be placed in the masthead region of the ksa_ninesixty theme.


In order to use this module, the following two conditions must be met:

Multilingual SEO

Sandbox to work on some multilingual SEO improvements.


Allows the site builder to specify which UI elements should be hideable. Allows the user to show or hide those elements and remember their settings.

To activate, just add the CSS class hideable to any div of your theme.

Module Names

This module modifies the Module List page to show the internal names of all modules. The internal name is used for a variety of purposes, including: what directory on the filesystem the module resides in, what name to use when implementing hooks, what name to pass Drush to enable/disable/install/reinstall the module, and many others.

If you've ever downloaded a module and then failed to locate it on the Modules List page when attempting to enable it because you couldn't figure out what it was actually called in that listing, then this module is you.

Commerce PayPal WPP 3-D Secure

Adds 3-D Secure data to the PayPal message.

Alternate field storage

Alternative implemention of field_sql_storage core module:

Commerce Centinel

Implements the thin client needed to communicate with the CardinalCommerce Centinel 3-D Secure service.

Uses the Commerce 3-D Secure API module.

Note for PayPal Web Payments Pro users:

Commerce 3-D Secure API

Important: This is a testing fork of Drupal Commerce 3D Secure Support. This is for testing purposes and should eventually be merged back pending #1764324: Provide an API for modules to define standalone MPI implementations.

This module provides an API for MPI implementations to process on and return standardized values to the payment gateway.

Realex Real Auth Redirect - Drupal Commerce

Real Auth Redirect & Drupal Commerce

This module has been created to support Realex Payments off-site payment service called "Real Auth Redirect". It integrates with Drupal Commerce and allows the commerce checkout page to redirect to the Realex portal where a customer can enter their payment details. This prevents a site having to store customer's credit card details locally and reduces exposure to risk.

Just Giving

Fund raising complete

A module (Needs to be re-written, code not clean, needs API seperating from module) for displaying details of a fund raising project on the website justgiving.com

This is a port of my original module for Wordpress.

Block Title Images

Replace the block title text with an image.

Provision New Relic

Provision New Relic is a backend Drush module built for the AEgir Hostmaster/Provision system. This is only for use with provision, the backend component of AEgir. It does not provide any front-end tasks to Hostmaster.

New Relic is the all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of application code.

This drush extension adds a small snippet of code to each site's virtual host file, allowing newrelic to identify each site as a different application.


  • The first step is to setup newrelic to monitor PHP application on the AEgir server - https://newrelic.com/docs/php/new-relic-for-php
  • Download and unpack this module into ~/.drush directory for aegir (folder structure will probably look something like this - /var/aegir/.drush/provision_newrelic)
  • Reverify any existing sites to update their virtual host settings. New sites will be setup with newrelic.