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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Contributing to IMP

or how I helped move Migrate into Drupal core

The main gateway for current priorities for IMP can be found at http://groups.drupal.org/imp

D6 and D7 activity in the core queue now

Ubercart Auto SKU

Based on http://www.ubercart.org/project/Auto%20SKU (may contain fixes, idk).

This had been used on a client site several years ago, stumbled on it, posting here. By webmasterkai.

Simplenews Feedback

Extends Simplenews by providing a user feedback when unsubscribe.

Addition Module

This is a simple module that adds two numbers.

Jquery Event Calendar


This module based on jQuery Event Calendar will display an event structure with date field in calendar formats.
Previous and next navigation is provided for switching between months .

Upon installation of the module , a content type "event" will be created with title,body and date field.

Dont forget to report on any problem as this project is under development


Sandbox for updating OG Statistics to D7 and OG 7.x-2.x

Estonian ID card integrations

The module provides
- Authentication support including mobile-ID.
- Digital signatures provided by DigiDocService

Bild Content Selection

This module provides a view page where a user can choose content from the view and reorder it.

Other modules can hook into it by adding their own submit handlers - that way they can do whatever they want with the selected and ordered nodes.

Using views means that you can change the path of the page, access permissions, exposed filters, fields..

Superfish D8 port

This is port of Superfish module to Drupal 8

Field acoord

Lightweight field module that provides a Google map interface to look up lat and lng coordinates from the input address.

Namely: Address coordinates via Google Maps

Extensions are views and proximity search regarding those values.

Minecraft Console

example of module working

A console which allows full access to a specified minecraft server, via using jquery to dynamically read server.log and shell_exec to send console commands to a specified screen session.


This module is for solving quadratic equations and is currently in it's initial development phase

Field Login

Provides the ability to login using the selected field from the user (eg. phone number, nickname ... etc) and the password .

TODO: patch unique field module in order to make it work for user fields .


Drupalate - Drupal Automation Tool

Converts Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8 or can be used to scaffold out a new Drupal 8 module.

May be folded into Coder Upgrade as per Battleplan.

No longer being actively developed: superceded by Drupal Module Upgrader.

Leaf Blower

Simple Leaflet implementation module

Pending Account Notifications

I needed for the user to have the ability to enter a custom email-address in the UI for receiving user registration notifications. So, I created this module.

You can modify the email address here: /admin/config/system/site-information

Trying to uncheck Sandbox, but I can't


Entity expire

Entity type with functionality of Node expire module.


The nodeblox admin page, where you create the blocks.

Nodeblox lets you create blocks in a UI that someone else can admin: choose a node to display in that block. The block always stays the same, but the content might change.

Every block has its own settings: a reference/selection view, view mode, title etc.

Workbench Extra

Administration settings page

This module extends the workbench suite of modules by providing extra functionality:

Aramex Shipping

Shipping module for Ubercart that uses the Aramex Rate Calculator API to get rates instantly from the Aramex.

Database Content Management

This module is designed to display and manage content from alternate database tables, rather than using the main Drupal database.

Managed by: The Desk Jockey Network

Google Analytics Form Tracking

Adds the ability to track partial form completion in Google Analytics.

Development of this module was sponsored by Opsview.

Color Thief

Drupal wrapper for 'Color Thief' by Lokesh Dhakar.


An event calendar system

Load and save

This module does a very simple task : it loads all nodes from a selected type and saves them, using the batch API.
This is mainly used to run the _save hooks on a specific type of content.