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Commerce Stalcupbucks

Stalcupbucks currency activation screenshot

You can get 'em if you can find him, but can you spend 'em?

A currency type add-on for Drupal Commerce to price items in terms of Stalcupbucks (BES).

Comment Response

Now that Drupal 8 has made comments into Fields and can include multiple comment fields in one entity, I'd like to explore the idea of building a controlled comment response workflow.

User story

As a Brand Manager, I want to be able to respond to comments so that if someone asks a question, my answer is coupled with their question.

Toolbar Clear Cache

You don't have the latest Drush version available and you want to clear the Drupal cache easier? Here is the solution!

Just enable the module and enable it, you will see the "Clear cache" link :)

git clone --branch 8.x-1.x http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/yan_nick/2100243.git toolbar_clear_cache

InviteReferrals Customer Referral Program

About InviteReferrals
InviteReferrals is the simplest tool to design and launch Customer Referral Campaigns within minutes. Select from multiple campaigns and languages.
Besides on website as referral widget, you also get a Facebook Customer Referral Campaign timeline app.

Christmas Calendar

This module provides your site with a Christmas calendar.

Image in block

This module use to adds the image in block on your Drupal site.

Domain Google Analytics

Google analytics tab in domain

The domain google analytics module is add on for Domain Access which allows you add domain wise Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website.

This module is sponsored by UniMity Solutions Pvt Limited


The module requires Domain Access for Drupal 7.

title translate product

Try to solved problem of title on product commerce kickstart. This module needed install title field.


Send reminder SMS messages using the Clockwork SMS API. The module allows creation of lists, messages and subscribers. Subscribers are per list and can be imported using CSV. Messages are sent using a cron task.


Allows users to annotate nodes.


Use images from your SmugMug account.

Zeest Slideshow

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Persistent Arrays API

This projects provides an API for module developers to store arrays in the database using PHP's serialize function. The following function does just that.

persistent_array_set($name, $array);

The saved array can be fetched anywhere in the code with the following function, which uses PHP's unserialize function.

My Sandbox Module

This is Demo Sandbox Module

Qoony bundle product

This is just a sandbox project, that you can check the code.

Commerce HDFC FSSNET Payment Method

HDFC FSSNET Payment Method for Drupal Commerce

IEF Combined Widget

Provides a widget that combines the functionality of the 'Add New' and 'Add Existing' workflows of the existing IEF Multiple widget. This is useful in cases where the user is trying to reference an entity using IEF, but doesn't know if it already exists, and therefore, doesn't know which option to select.

Views Own Tab

This is a views plugin used on node views to display a views page with a tab meant only for the currently signed in user to see, while viewing their own user profile page.

For example:

Twitter Hashtag

Twitter Hashtag Settings Page (I)

Twitter Hashtag Module uses Twitter Search API to search Tweets with a Hashtag, and create a Block Element with all of this Tweets.



Now weather module already have integration with views.

This module expose the weather data collected by weather module to views. You can create view to display the weather data in different views display. Currently it have only location name, temperature, dewpoint, wind speed as filter. It doesn't have any relationship with other table in future it may have relationship.

Pane reuse

Copy, transform, add, remove panes from one task handler to onother based on some lite configuration.
Export the result by features.

Feedback Or Survey

This module is useful for create the feedback or survey forms.
we can create 3 types of questions for feedback or survey (single, multiple and text based).
Graphical reports implemented

HiDPI Image Field

(Placeholder description) - module that implements HiDPI/Retina Images the traditional way - via up to two images, transformed by DOM and CSS into a div that has both images as potential background, using media queries to differentiate.