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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



Now weather module already have integration with views.

This module expose the weather data collected by weather module to views. You can create view to display the weather data in different views display. Currently it have only location name, temperature, dewpoint, wind speed as filter. It doesn't have any relationship with other table in future it may have relationship.

Pane reuse

Copy, transform, add, remove panes from one task handler to onother based on some lite configuration.
Export the result by features.

Feedback Or Survey

This module is useful for create the feedback or survey forms.
we can create 3 types of questions for feedback or survey (single, multiple and text based).
Graphical reports implemented

HiDPI Image Field

(Placeholder description) - module that implements HiDPI/Retina Images the traditional way - via up to two images, transformed by DOM and CSS into a div that has both images as potential background, using media queries to differentiate.


When enabled, changes display names of all users to Malkovich, and all user profile pictures to Malkovich; that is, how the site would look to John Malkovich if he climbed into his own head.

The module is dedicated to the spirit of recursion.

Publication Date Fork

Fork of publication_date with the following patches: #1613324: Compatible with Search api #3 and #2094395: Allow other modules to alter the publication date #12 (which won't apply together)

sample sandbox module

This is demo sankbox module

Metatag: Commerce

Provide commerce-related metatags for the Metatag module.


A feature to create a basic brochure style website.


Domain Menu Node Links Access

Remove from menus the links to nodes not published on the current domain.

libguides drupal importer

Libguides offers development tools many librarians find helpful. Based on http://patametadata.blogspot.com/2013/07/adding-libguides-to-drupals-sea... this is a feature module that also grabs link descriptions, box descriptions, and automates the publication status of libguides in drupal. It's built with field redirection so that if used in a search program the user is automatically redirected to the original libguide.

Any additions, fixes, changes gladly welcomed.


Adds a minimum TTL in addition to Drupal core's maximum TTL for the page cache's max age.

The max age will then be set to a random number inbetween the two ranges on each request.

This is intended to help smooth out large peaks in traffic but preventing multiple pages expire at the same time.




Allows inspecting a site's components (views, fields, panels) along with the immediate dependants/dependencies.

Adaptive Navigation

Adaptive Navigation helps us easily implement a nice solution for displaying menus on the mobile version of a responsive website.
I have found many ways of doing this out there, but they are not precisely the best solution regarding performance or they need the work of implementing a third party JQuery plugin or having to learn javascript and programming the whole thing.
With this module you may only need to install the module as usual and then out of the box have all that is needed to implement a mobile version for menus, featuring some simple configurations that will let you personalize the behavior of this mobile versions.

Currently Adaptive Navigation only gets along with menus that uses tag < ul > for the menu and < li > for menu items.
Adaptive Navigation module uses some Javascript to clone the current menu of your website and creates a version of it with a diferent behavior adapted to mobile

Adaptive Navigation Settings page

is located at /admin/config/user-interface/mobile_navigation

At the Adaptive Navigation configuration page you can administer Adaptive Navigation settings.
You must set two parameters for the transformation to take place:


    Icon of a Squirrel shape in a circle

    GRC 'Secure QR Login' aka 'SQRL' implementation for Drupal.

    Flag As

    Extension of Drupal Flag module which allows users with permission to flag content for another user.

    Simple module, which allows to flag Nodes as another users. After installation of module it is necessary to configure which flags could be used. Flags are configurable on the operation level (flag / unflag). After The flag has proper setup, the module functionality will appear on node detail.

    ApacheSolr Views Statistics

    Extension for Apache Solr View Drupal module to work with statistics module. Creates fields: is_statistics_totalcount, is_statistics_daycount which are listed in Apache Solr view, after the reindexing process.

    After content is viewed, the module will update its Apache Solr counter-fields for viewed content, and will mark the content for reindexing. Counters will be changed after next Apache Solr index rebuild.

    Contains also disabled example view, which simulates the order by popularity use case.

    Webform formula

    Provides formula webform component. Whis this component you can enter a mathematical formula based on other fields.

    Image Face-detect

    This module provides two new image style effects which attempt to crop faces out of images.

    Node file maintainer

    This module handles the renaming or deleting of files associated with a node. Presently when a node has a status changed from published to unpublished , the files attached to the nodes would still be accessible through the file path .The module aids in renaming the files if the node status is changed.The files would be deleted on node delete.

    Domain Apps

    Offer integration between Apps and Domain Access

    Search API history views

    This module implements search history API for views based on search API views plugin.

    How it works

    Enable the module and select views for which you want to save searches in 'admin/config/search/search-api-history-views/settings.
    This works only for views based on search API views.

    Simpletest PhantomJS

    This module is still experimental and must be used with caution.

    Integrates Simpletest and PhantomJS. Please see the included Example 1 for example usage. If you plan to interact with a page via phantomjs for more than a few seconds, please consider applying the patch at #2104139: Don't hard code 5 second window for simpletest requests, opening the door to tests of Ajax

    Spam Finder

    This module will find spam present on your site.
    Work in progress...