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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce DocData

Payment method for the DocData payment gateway.
This gateway uses payment slots which need to be obtained before a customer is redirected to the payment providers website.

This module was created for one of our customers @ Creative Result Communication, they allowed me to share the code with the community for which I am very grateful.

First commit will be available in the first half of february 2013.

Extend comment subject

In some rare cases you might need to extend the length of the comment subject e.g. if you migrate a project from another platform to drupal.

This minimodule does nothing more than to extend the length of the comment subject database field.


Flowplayer Playlist is an integration between Flowplayer playlists and views. With it, you can create a view that will render as a Flowplayer playlist

Block Collapse


This module allows any block to be rendered in a collapsed state; when a user moves their mouse over the title, the content of the block expands below it. The module provides minimal styling; it is recommended that you add your own styling in addition.




Developed by New Signature.

Quicktabs Select


This tab allows you to select a particular tab in a set of quicktabs using code. It provides two options:

quicktabs_select_tab($qt_name, $tab_name)
This will select a tab right away or on the next page refresh. For example, you could put this at the top of a menu callback function to select the tab on that page, or you could put it in a form submit callback to load the tab on the next page.

$qt_name is the machine name of the quicktab set.
$tab_name is either the 0-based index of the tab to select, or it's the name of the tab. Unfortunately, tab names are a bit difficult to determine. For tabs based on blocks, the name will be [module]_delta_[delta]. For others, you'll have to experiment.

quicktabs_select_url_alter($qt_name, $selected, &$url, $options = array())
This will allow you to modify a URL so that a particular tab will be selected on the target page. This uses the standard quicktabs method of adding qt-[$qt_name]=1 to the URL.

You can either pass a string as the $url and an array of options in $options, or you can pass an array to $url, where the first element is the Drupal path and the second element is the array of options. This is a similar format to the $form['redirect'] variable.




Facebook Oauth Services

This module provides integration between Facebook Oauth and
Services. You will find this most useful if you're developing
an iOS Mobile Application, Android App or HTML5 Mobile App with PhoneGap.

Drupal 7.x


Example modules from the talk Managing Code and Configuration with Update Functions (and staying sane), DrupalCon Sydney 2013.

To Dos

This module helps users keep track of their own to-do lists. It's in early development, so
it has very minimal functionality. Once installed, you should see a link to your own to-do lists
and a drupal block displaying your lists.


Short term tasks

  • Add pagination functionality for lists/items
  • Write some tests

Plans for the future

Webform Back 'n Forth

This pic has nothing to do with this project and you are no worse off without it

What it is

Really simple module to address the frustration that users get* when clicking Previous (going backward) on a mutli-step webform and validation errors pop up. It will not stifle errors on Next and Submit, and the form will still be prevented from submitting bogus data or empty required fields. This module works site-wide against all your webforms.



Mass delete materials.
If your site has a lot of spam, you can use this module, you can select the criteria for removal and to remove unnecessary nodes.
Similar work module does VBO.

This only Drupal 6.x version.

test progect

simple test project

Panels Selective IPE

This modules provides a new Panels Renderer Pipeline.

It's actually a more of a "router pipeline".. It will check against an array of regions to be "IPE Enabled". All other regions will render as normal and won't be editable through IPE.

The array of "IPE Enabled" regions can be overriden with a database variable.

Quick Fix

This is a utility module intended to include a collection of scripts useful for batch processing contents on a Drupal site.

Current Utility
- HTML decode node titles

Suggestions are always welcome!

In-network Links

Redirect, add a class, and/or add a title to all links on your site going to designated 'in-network' paths or domains.

When on an intranet site, some links may go to sites which are only accessible to users within a network (designated by certain IP addresses). To avoid confusing users who may click on these links when outside the network, this module can change the path, add a class (for theming) and/or add a title to these links.

It matches all links whether in menus, content etc.


Administration Dialog

Provides administrative dialogs.

OverlayNG. Or: Overlay on steroids.

Commerce Gallery

This module allows you to combine images from several image fields into one field and display them in popup window (Ctools modal). Pluggable , based on Ctools plugin system.sponsored by магазин рюкзаков

TODO: better description

Column Break

Creates multi column content areas on page nodes by using the string "<!-- column break -->"


  1. Install / enable the module
  2. Go to input filters and enable "Multiple Content Columns" on any input formats you'd like it to work for
  3. Whenever you want to split a content area into multiple columns just enter the string <!-- column break --> in your text
  4. You can have as many columns as you like. The module takes care of ensuring they all have the same width.

Mail Manager


Mail Manager is first of all an API that wraps the drupal core mail functionality in an Object Oriented approach.
It aims to make custom mail functionality more intuitive and flexible by making definition of a custom mail a one step procedure rather than the more cumbersome and counter intuitive way of drupal core.

But Mail Manager also integrates with other modules like Tokens and Mail Edit allowing your content managers to easily access all defined email in an UI provided by Mail Edit and make any changes to the text of your emails using this UI and aided by the tokes integration giving you access to all the default drupal tokens as well any custom tokens you define for your emails or tokens provided by other 3rd party modules.

PHP Execute Extended Tools


PHP Execute Extended Tools is meant to be an extension to Devel's PHP Execute page (/devel/php)

PHP X Tools adds History section to the devel execute page as well as a Saved Script section.

Optionally it integrates with the 'CodeMirror' library (http://codemirror.net/) transforming the plain textarea into a lightweight code editor supporting syntax highlighting, code formatting, code folding, matching brackets and some more. (You need to manually install the codemirror library, see README.txt)

Commerce Est

Est gateway module for Turkish Banks for Drupal Commerce

This module allows you to set Credit Card payments using Est Gateway for Turkish Banks: Akbank, Finansbank, Halkbankası, İşbankası, Anadolubank for Drupal Commerce.

1. Download and install the module
2. Go to admin/commerce/config/payment/est to enter your merchand data.
3. Enable this payment method under admin/commerce/config/payment-methods

And the credit card information will automatically appear on checkout.

Salesforce Object Inspector

This module works with the 7.x-3.x branch of salesforce and requires devel. It's a tool for looking at the details of Salesforce Objects that exist in a connected Salesforce instance. Built to help during development.


Uploadcare Drupal module adds a field to be added inside your project structure. This field is a widget from http://uploadcare.com/. You can upload files or images and use different operation within images (https://uploadcare.com/documentation/cdn/).

Module uses official php implementation to work with Uploadcare API (https://github.com/uploadcare/uploadcare-php)

CKEditor Adaptive Images

CKEditor image properties dialog

This module has been replaced by the patch I wrote for the Picture module

This project was motivated by two goals:

  1. Make the entire inline WYSIWYG image insertion happen in one dialog. This means the image alignment, size, choice of file... etc. should all be consolidated in one place. Also, get rid of unnecessary stuff on the dialog.
  2. Images should be 'adaptive' for responsive web design


Approach taken by this module

The CKEditor image dialog is modified, as shown in the screenshot at the right.

  • The 'link' tab is removed since editors can use the regular 'link' button to make images clickable, and the 'advanced' tab is removed since all that stuff seems extraneous, with the exception of the 'title' attribute field.

Content Type Histogram

Content Type Usage Histogram Generator

This module will generate a timeline of usage statistics for each content type over the life of the Drupal site it is monitoring.

A histogram is the number nodes published over a certain period of time per content type.

- produces spreadsheet data

Domain 8

Moved to GitHub

For easier collaboration during early development, the repository and issues have moved to GitHub.


Please go there to find tasks, to-dos, and code for testing!

About the module

This is the rewrite of the Domain Access module for Drupal 8.

Biggest changes:

  • Domains as entities.
  • Domain Access as an optional module.
  • Remove 6 years of code cruft.

More info to come.